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Just Like Any Other Mission


"Come on! When are these guys going to show up all ready?" groaned Kid Flash excessively loud, earning a hissed "Shh!" from both Artemis and Robin.

It had been five days since the team had returned from Bialya. They were currently on a mission to bust up the latest stunt by a new extortion ring. Batman had warned them that they were going to be dealing with contract saboteurs, so they needed to take extra precaution in keeping their operation covert. Robin knew from experience that this meant keeping absolutely quiet and still while on stakeout, something his best friend was never very good at.

The target was a construction site for a new apartment complex. Word on the street was that the owner had been approached by an extremely suspicious insurance agent, whom he forcefully turned down before kicking him out of his office. This hadn't been the first case, and every other incident had ended with some sort of accident. So far, no one had gotten hurt, but the League figured that it was only a matter of time.

Aqualad suggested they split up into two groups. He, Miss Martian, and Superboy were stationed across the street in a dark, unused alleyway. Every so often, Miss Martian would cloak herself with her power of invisibility to get in a closer look. Meanwhile, Robin, Kid Flash, and Artemis were on the other side of the half-built structure, standing on the roof of the building, giving Robin the perfect viewpoint with his binoculars and Artemis the best range for her arrows to fly.

Seriously, I'd rather be studying for that stupid math test tomorrow, thought Kid Flash, knowing the link Miss Martian set up would translate it to the rest of the team. They could have used the communicators, but telepathy offered them the option of staying absolutely silent, which had been extremely appealing.

It has been four hours, said Miss Martian softly.

Maybe Batman was wrong. Maybe they're not going to show, Superboy suggested even as he continued to keep watch of the area.

No, they'll be here, Robin defended immediately. Batman was hardly ever wrong. Besides, he knew how long his adopted father had been keeping tabs on this particular crime wave. By now, Batman probably knew every move they were going to make before they decided to do it.

Robin is right. Batman would not have sent us here unless he was sure they were going to strike tonight, agreed Aqualad.

Ugh! groaned Kid Flash as he flopped himself down upon the cement floor of the roof. This is so boring! Can't we just skip to the part where we get to kick butt?

Wally, you're giving me a headache. You don't hear the rest of us complaining, do you? asked Artemis, sending a glare in his direction.

I can see someone moving on your side, Superboy warned suddenly as his infrared vision picked up on the disturbance.

Make that six someones, confirmed Robin, narrowing in on the men moving in through the entrance to the construction site. Three of them were carrying large bags. Two of them had metal tools. The last one held a smaller box. These were definitely the guys they were looking for.

Finally, said Kid Flash as he sat up and prepared to take action.

Stay alert, everyone. Move in slowly. We do not want to be discovered just yet, Aqualad directed. M'gann, keep us linked.

Got it, confirmed Miss Martian, taking to the air and slowly moving forward, aware the Superboy was just below her.

Aqualad followed behind Superboy, his water bearers all ready powered up. Artemis opted to remain higher up so as not to give herself up right away. Robin fired his grappling hook, instantly swinging out of sight. Kid Flash ran at top speed down to the street and found a place to hide until the action started.

The six intruders had taken the elevator up to one of the middle floors of the new building – the best place to do the most damage. They immediately wasted no time in getting to work. Picking out the three strongest metal supports for the structure was the first step. Then, they unpacked the three bags, revealing the dynamite they had brought with them. It didn't take long to get them placed and secured.

"Okay, now for the charge," muttered one of the goons, the bald one who was setting up a bomb directly across from where Artemis currently had an arrow cocked and aimed at the dynamite sticks.

Now! cried Aqualad.

A child-like laugh echoed through the area, causing the six saboteurs to stop what they were doing and look around, but there was nothing to see… yet. There was no time for them to respond to the laughing voice before the Boy Wonder swung in on the grappling hook. His aim was true and a powerful kick landed on a man wearing a black pinstripe fedora. The goon went flying off the metal walkway and landed on the lift another floor down, Robin hot on his trail.

The other five men swiveled around quickly. As soon as they saw who it was that had interrupted their task, they groaned.

"Oh, great! If Bird Boy's here, then the Bat can't be too far behind," muttered the one in the brown suit and the brown bowler hat.

Kid Flash had just arrived on the scene seconds before and was just in time to catch that comment. "Nope, not today, but don't think that means you're getting off easy." He didn't have room to maneuver on the thin walkways, so super speed was out, but that didn't mean the speedster couldn't still fight the goon squad. His speed could still be used to add power to his fists, with the added side effect that Baldy never saw the hits coming.

Artemis let her arrows fly, taking out the dynamite with the high-density polyurethane foam, rendering it harmless. With that done, she could go and join the fight at close range.

Superboy let out an angry cry as he send out a punch, striking guy with the bowler hat and another of the men, this one in a pale blue suit. Bowler Hat stumbled and nearly fell off the edge of the metal beam, but managed to regain his balance just in time. Pale Blue wasn't so lucky. He plummeted towards the empty road fast, screaming. Miss Martian quickly used her telekinesis to slow his descent and direct him towards another beam several stories down.

Aqualad was currently going up against the last of the hired men, one with scraggly mousy brown hair and a really skinny dude. Both of these guys wielded crowbars and were pretty adept at swinging them. Thinking quickly, the young Atlantean created a strong shield of solidified water, using it as both offense and defense.

"Come on, come on… Come and get me," taunted Robin with a smirk, taking a single step back towards the edge of the lift.

Fedora growled, taking the bait, and stupidly charged right at the Boy Wonder. He jumped into the air and away from the goon, who missed him completely. Fedora fell flat on his face, skidded across the wood, and had to quickly grab the edge of the lift to keep from taking the twenty-eight-story drop.

Robin shook his head. "And Batman calls me impulsive?" he muttered under his breath.

Kid Flash and Superboy landed punches against each of their respective goons, knocking Baldy and Bowler Hat off the metal beams. Miss Martian caught them and, just like before, lowered them telekinetically to join Pale Blue.

Artemis arrived in time to take Mouse off of Aqualad's hands. She fired a trick arrow directly at him, which instantly turned into a bola that wrapped around the mousy haired crook and had him tied up in no time. That left Aqualad able to use his solidified water shield as a battering ram, which knocked Skinny out cold.

Robin, meanwhile, was enjoying his little game of tag with Fedora, especially since Fedora was still "it." Every punch he threw failed to make contact with the flexible gymnast. "Guess you need more work in the keeping-your-eyes-on-the-target department," he quipped. Finally deciding to end this, Robin leapt up to grab onto the metal bar just above him and kicked Fedora flat in the chest. The man's hat fell off his head as he went sailing right off the lift, landing in the elevator.

Unfortunately, Robin had been too busy with Fedora to notice Baldy had managed to climb up so that he was now just one story below the thirteen year old, taking aim with one of the electronic nail guns left behind by the construction workers. Baldy pulled the trigger and let the nails fly up towards the wooden surface that Batman's protégé was standing on. Surprised, Robin glanced down at the guy. He swiftly dodged each of the projectiles coming his way as Baldy aimed higher, actually trying to hit the youngest member of the team directly.

Left with no other option, Robin jumped towards the metal bars. He managed to grip the nearest one with the tips of his fingers. That put Baldy just above him on the same bar he had grabbed, grinning triumphantly and aiming the nail gun in his face. Miss Martian saw this and, as the gun was fired again, telekinetically directed the nails away from Robin before removing the power tool from the guy's hands.

By this time, Fedora had managed to get the elevator working. While the rest of the team was busy, he had been headed towards his escape. He only slowed the elevator down enough to allow Baldy to catch up with him. The two made their getaway as Robin pulled himself up onto the metal support beam and joined the rest of his gathering teammates.

"Hey, they're getting away!" called out Kid Flash as he noticed the elevator was moving.

"Let them go," Aqualad ordered. "We have the rest."

"Technically, we only needed one," said Robin, reminding them all that Batman had wanted a little more than just the sabotage attempt stopped.

They looked over the rest of the captured saboteurs. Pale Blue, Bowler Hat, and Skinny were subdued, Skinny still out cold. Pale Blue and Bowler Hat were only semi-conscious from the blows Superboy had given them. Mouse was the only one who was fully with it. From where he sat on the support beam still tied up by Artemis' bola, he was staring at the teenagers apprehensively.

"We may not have much time. Someone may have heard the fight and called the police," said Artemis.

Aqualad glanced over to the youngest on their team. He normally wouldn't ask him to do this, but Artemis had a point. Besides, he had a feeling that Batman would probably make the same decision in these circumstances. "Think you can get him to talk?" he asked.

"Definitely," Robin confirmed with a knowing smirk. He had been trained by the best, after all. He slowly walked over to the goon to place himself in perfect proximity, should he need to get in the thug's face. "So, tell me, who's behind this little operation?" he started off conversationally, just as he'd been taught.

"I ain't saying nuthin' til I see my lawyer!" sneered Mouse defiantly, glaring up at the teenagers.

Superboy scoffed. Kid Flash rolled his eyes. Aqualad folded his arms over his chest. Artemis placed her hands on her hips and glared. Miss Martian bit her lip tentatively.

But Robin didn't even blink. He stayed silent for a moment before shrugging carelessly. "All right," he said. Then, he turned his back on the crook. "We're done here." He spoke directly to his team as he started walking back towards them.

Kid Flash heard Miss Martian gasp and saw Artemis give her a look out of the corner of his eye. They all knew this had to be done. They were running out of time before the police got there, and Robin had learned intimidation tactics at the Batman's knee. If anyone could get information out of the criminal in a short amount of time, he could.

And if Mouse's instantly panicked expression was anything to go by, it was working. "Wait! You can't just leave us up here! The cops wouldn't – "

"But we're not the police," was Robin's reply as he whirled around to face the guy. "If you really want us to help you, then you'll give us the name of your boss."

Mouse paled even more, if that was at all possible at this point. "I – I can't! He'll skin me for sure!"

Robin's only change in facial expression was the slight smirk, only about half the size of his usual one, that adorned his face. "Then it looks like you're on your own." He started to turn around again.

"Hey!" Mouse called out to the Boy Wonder in terror, but it did him no good. There was a period of absolute silence before he shouted out, "It's Dirks! Simon Dirks!"

Robin stopped in his tracks. Slowly, he turned back to face the guy. "Dirks?" he asked, making sure he had heard right.

"Yeah, that's it," Mouse said raggedly, swallowing past the obvious lump in his throat.

Satisfied, Robin instantly activated the holographic computer on his glove. He called up a map of the streets and sent an anonymous tip straight to Commissioner Gordon's office computer. If the police weren't on their way before, they would be now and with the exact coordinates they would need to boot.

Kid Flash, meanwhile, had approached Mouse now. "And where exactly does Dirks like to hang out?" he demanded.

"No! No, I can't – " stuttered Mouse, freaking out again.

"It does not matter, Kid. We have all the information we were sent to get," said Aqualad.

"Just in time, too," commented Superboy as they heard the first of the sirens when the squad cars rounded the corners down below.

"The bio-ship isn't far. We should go now," said Artemis.

"Yeah, right," admitted Kid Flash. Getting caught up here by the Gotham City PD would mean blowing their covert status, which would result in a very grumpy Batman, and that was something he knew he could live without.

So by the time Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock were rounding up Simon Dirks' men, the Young Justice team was back in Miss Martian's bio-ship heading back towards Mount Justice.

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