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Chapter 19 –

Friday actually went slow for Dave and he got home to find out that Colton's parents had kidnapped him for the night, so once again Dave was forced to spend another night by himself. He considered calling any one of the gleeks, but he just didn't really feel like being entertaining. So instead he spent most of his night moping.

At first his dad freaked out a little, wondering if he had done something wrong. Dave assured him that he was just being a stupid teenager without his boyfriend. Paul's solution to that was to watch an old football game and yell at the tv. By the end of the night the two of them were actually laughing together.

Saturday went by quickly, Dave and Colton hanging out at the park. Before either of them knew it, it was time to get ready for their dinner. So they split up and an hour later Colton had driven them up to the front of Breadstix.

The dinner itself went incredibly well. Actually, the whole night did. Colton and Kurt got along like they were long lost brothers or something and Puck and Dave just smiled at them, amused.

By the time they said their goodbyes Kurt had managed to explain the glee soap opera in such a way that Dave understood and Colton got a taste of the drama. Dave watched the couple return to Kurt's car, the smaller boy whispering something in Puck's ear before the jock practically pulled the passenger side door off its hinges.

Laughing, Dave got into the passenger seat of Colton's truck. They drove to Colton's house in drowsy silence, both having eaten a bit much at the restaurant. It was only nine when they pulled into his driveway, but all the lights were out except the porch light.

"Um… Colton?"

"I convinced my parents to give us another night to ourselves," said Colton, a bit shyly. "I mean, they refused to check into another hotel, but we have until at least midnight."

"I seriously cannot get over how awesome your parents are," said Dave, getting out of the truck.

Colton took a hold of his hand as they walked into the house and up to his room. By the time they reach the bed they lacked of shoes, socks, and shirts.

Dave gently pushed on Colton's shoulders, getting him to lie on his back. "Damn, Colton, I want you," Dave mumbled into his shoulder, sucking up a hickey.

Colton groaned, turning his neck to give Dave more room. "Yes."

Dave chuckled, licking his way down to a nipple and biting at it gently. When Colton whimpered Dave moved on, kissing his way down the older boy's six-pack. When he reached the top of Colton's jeans he stopped, looking up and resting his chin on his hip.

"Can I?" he asked softly when Colton smiled down at him.

Colton swallowed. "Can you what?"

In one swift move, Dave slid up his boyfriend's body, thrusting down to rub their covered erections together. "Can I fuck you? I want you so bad."

Colton took a deep breath, nodding quickly. "Yes, please. Fuck me Teddy Bear."

Dave froze, biting his lip. "Never call me that again. At least while we're in this kind of position."

"Definitely," giggled Colton. "Please, continue."

"Get out of those pants and get your supplies." Dave climbed off the bed, struggling to get his own jeans off. Then he froze, "Please tell me you have condoms and lube."

Colton got up and headed toward his dresser. "I was a boy scout through middle school, I'm always prepared." He tossed both onto the bed, as if to prove it, before practically tearing his own pants off and climbing back onto the bed. "How do you want me?"

Dave paused, jeans still stuck on one foot. "Umm… have you done this before?"

Colton nodded, staring hungrily at his boyfriend's erection. "Only with one other guy though. Why?"

"Colton," said Dave, shaking off the last of his garments and climbing back onto the bed to hover over him, "You were my first real kiss, what makes you think I have any idea what I'm doing?"

"You've never watched porn?"

"I never accepted myself enough until after I met you, then I started using you as fantasy fodder. Porn was sort of pointless."

Colton shrugged, as if everyone used him as "alone time" material (which probably wasn't too far from the truth). "That's fine. I don't care. I'm just happy that I know now." He reached for the lube, "Let me show you, though, because I want you to do it to me someday."

"Hell yes," whispered Dave, watching as Colton squeezed some lube onto his fingers before moving them to his ass.

The blonde's fingers moved up and down, as if searching, before eventually settling in on their target. Colton moaned, as turned on by Dave's rapt attention as by his own fingers. Finally he pushed a little harder, a single finger breaking past the resistance.

Dave gasped, watching as the digit disappeared. "So hot," he murmured, his hand reaching out and tracing the rim of the hidden finger.

Colton jolted, the touch like electricity running through his body. As if on reflex, he used his other hand and grabbed Dave's wrist. "I can't wait," he said. He let go of the wrist and grabbed the lube, jerking his head, indicating to Dave to keep his hand close.

Trying not to make a mess, and failing, Colton spread lube on Dave's fingers, moving his own inside him the entire time. "Like this," he instructed, guiding Dave's hand to his ass and pushing another of Dave's fingers in next to his own.

"Ooohhh, fuuuuck," whined Colton, realizing it was way to soon.

Dave seemed to notice his distress and froze, not moving his hand. Eventually Colton's hips started moving, ever so slightly, along with his finger and Dave joined in, carefully moving his own in and out. At one point he shifted, twisting his hand, hitting something inside.

"YES!" Colton cried, thrusting up off the bed. "God, Dave, add another. Please."

Dave happily complied. This time he started to scissor his fingers and twist, having figured out that the stretching was necessary.

After only another minute of this Colton was begging again. "Please, please, please! There, there, there! Oh GOD, Dave more!"

Dave was about to start working in a third finger when Colton let out a cry of despair.

"Please tell me you know how to put on a condom."

"After Quinn got pregnant? That was practically the first thing taught to every kid in school," said Dave, chuckling.

Carefully he pulled out his fingers and tore open the condom. After slipping it down his rock hard member, he added some more lube, knowing that much already. He carefully lined himself up, squeezing the base in preparation when Colton put a hand on his chest.

"Are you sure about this, David?" he asked, voice a little strained. "I mean, we kind of rushed into this all of a sudden."

Putting a hand to Colton's flushed cheek, Dave shook his head. "I love you, Colton. And if I wasn't ready, then you asking me that would have made me. I trust you, baby. I want this."

Sliding his hand up to Dave's shoulder, Colton grinned, nodding. "I love you, too." He angled his hips a little, nudging Dave's covered erection, "Now fuck me."

Nodding, Dave pushed gently and steadily until he finally breached Colton's tight entrance. When Colton groaned Dave froze, afraid of hurting him. After a moment Colton nodded and Dave continued to move.

Gritting his teeth he managed to make it all the way in, his balls brushing the flesh of Colton's ass. "I'm so close already, babe," he hissed through his teeth.

"Just move," Colton sighed.

Dave did. He managed to keep his initial thrusts slow and gentle but before long he was pounding into Colton. Only the older boy's cries reassured Dave that he wasn't hurting him.

"God yes, Dave. Just like that," Colton cried, his hands on the wall behind his head to keep from hitting it with the force of Dave's thrusts. "Fuck, I want to feel you for days."

Dave grunted, too close. "You will baby, I'll make sure of it."

Just then he angled his hips differently and managed to hit that sweet spot. Colton arched off the bed in near ecstasy and Dave gasped.

He had never seen Colton bend like that and just the sight of the boy pushed him over the edge. Groaning in release and frustration at its speed, Dave thrust through it, pumping his seed into the condom.

Dave barely had time to pull out and throw the condom in the general direction of the trashcan before he collapsed next to Colton, his arm draped over the older boy.

After a minute Colton started rubbing Dave's arm and Dave turned to him smiling and humming. "God Colton that was hot." He moved closer, kissing the older boy gently. "I love you."

Colton grinned. "I love you too."

Dave let himself relax and was just about to drift into sleep when he felt Colton shifting beneath him. Slowly he opened his eyes and frowned in confusion at the look of pain and pleasure on Colton's face. Sluggishly, Dave propped himself up on the arm not around his boyfriend.

"Colton, what–," Dave stopped when he saw exactly what Colton was doing. Dave watched for a moment as his boyfriend jerked himself off before he realized why he was jerking off. "Shit," whispered Dave, waking up suddenly and reaching down to grab Colton's wrist and stopping him. "You didn't get off."

Colton sighed in annoyance but grinned in reassurance. "It's okay, Dave. It happens in the beginning." He fought against Dave's grip and whined, "Please just let me come."

"No," said Dave, shifting to sit between Colton's legs.

"No?" Colton somehow managed to look outraged and upset at the same time… with a hand around his cock. "Dave, you can't do that to me."

Dave chuckled, carefully pulling the boy's hand away and trapping it along with the other, above Colton's head. "I mean… not like that. You gave me the best orgasm yet, now I need to return the favor." Blushing, Dave glanced away before looking back, "Or at least try."

Slowly he started to move his own hand on Colton's cock, trying to gather his courage for what he planned to do next.

"Hmm," Colton hummed, relaxing back into the bed. "Any orgasm from you is amazing, babe."

"Well, I haven't given you one quite like this, baby," mumbled Dave just before leaning down and licking up the side of Colton's cock, allowing the musky flavor to blanket his tongue.

"Oh, FUCK!" screamed Colton, arching off the bed again.

Dave was surprised to find himself hard again, but he ignored it, taking Colton's head into his mouth, sucking lightly.

Colton whimpered, fighting Dave's hand and bringing his own down to clutch at Dave's head and neck when the younger boy let him go. "So close," he managed to push past his teeth. "Ugnh, Dave."

Dave tried to grin, but couldn't, not with his mouth so full. Instead, he took a deep breath and went a little further down. He didn't plan on deep throating him yet, but there was no harm in finding out how far he could go.

Not far, he discovered. Just before his gag reflex kicked in, Dave reversed direction and doubled his suction as he pulled off, ending with a loud 'pop' as he released Colton's member to catch his breath.

"Good?" he whispered, a little nervous of doing it wrong.

His only answer was a whimper and a tug on his neck to get him closer.

Smiling, Dave returned. This time he maintained a steady suction, with a steady bobbing and jerking with one hand down to the base. Keeping up a rhythm Dave found himself humping the bed similarly, but refused to jerk himself off, wanting to make this all about Colton.

It wasn't long before Colton was tugging him away, and pulling him up into a rough, messy kiss. Dave gave one last tug and twist and Colton came, spurting his release onto Dave's hand and screaming it into his chest. Only then did Dave reach down and as soon as his hand touched his own cock, he was coming again, biting his lip to hold back his yell, groaning instead.

He managed to recover quickly and was wiping off his hands with tissues when Colton came back to earth. Feeling his boyfriend's hand on his back, Dave tossed the tissues and lied back on the bed, pulling Colton close.

"Better?" asked Dave.

"Hmm, best."

Dave chuckled but remained quiet, sleep creeping back once again. This time, it wasn't a movement that kept him from sleep, but a whisper. "Hmm?" he sighed into Colton's hair.

"I love you," whispered Colton, his fingers tracing a pattern over Dave's heart.

Taking Colton's hand, Dave smiled, "I love you too."

"No really," said Colton, propping himself up on his elbow to look at Dave. "I really love you. I know I'm your first boyfriend, and you're technically only my third. But I told those other guys I loved them, and I meant it. But you're the first one I've told where I know what it means."

Dave stared a moment, thinking. Then he grinned reached up to kiss Colton on the nose. "As much as I want to say the same, I know I can't. But I look forward to letting you teach me what it means too."

Colton grinned in relief. Lying back down he pulled the covers over them and closed his eyes.

As Dave listened to Colton's breathing even out as the boy fell asleep, he thought about how even though they were covered, their clothes were all over the room, and he was pretty sure he had missed the trashcan when he tossed the condom, and if Colton's parents checked in they'd know exactly what they had done. But it didn't really matter, because they were awesome, and while Colton's dad would frown uncomfortably, his mom would giggle and sigh, seeing that her baby was growing up.

Then he thought about what his own parents would do. His mom would give a speech about how he was still in high school and that he needed to be careful, but that she loved him no matter who he loved. His dad would probably freak a little, keeping it to himself before congratulating him on a good lay and turning on a game. And Dave wouldn't care that his dad would not mention Colton at all for the next few nights, because Dave could tell that his dad was trying, and that's all he could hope for.

That's when he realized one very important thing. His dad had told him to go to the junkyard to get a motorcycle. If he had been a more spoiled kid he may never have met Colton, and who knows what kind of trouble he would have gotten into this year.

If it wasn't for his dad, Dave wouldn't be here right now, the man he loved in his arms, and he couldn't wait to tell his dad that, because his dad would understand. He may not understand the man part, he was still working on that, but he'd understand the love part, because really, as the universal language, love was liberating, no matter who it was for.


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