This is my first story that's completely out of context with a show. I saw a scene from Weeds where Silas pays Shane to help him clear out bees from his closet growhouse, and when Nancy asks what's been going on, they tell her nothing. So, in my story, Nancy is already working for Guillermo, and Silas has been growing and selling product in their territory. Guillermo started hunting for his competitor a few days before, but hasn't found him yet. When the bees get loose in the house, Silas and Shane aren't able to clear them all out, so Nancy finds out what's going on. Like I said, I don't know ho accurate or inaccurate this is to the actual plotline, but I enjoyed writing it. So enjoy reading it.


Nancy smiled at the men who'd finally managed to clear the hornets out of the house, closing the door behind them. There were no words in the spoken language that could describe her right now. She could barely see straight. He had... She couldn't believe he had... She was going to... Aaaaaaagh.

She slowly walked into the kitchen where both of her sons, her brother-in-law, and Doug sat waiting for her. Silas bit his nails nervously, knowing from his mother's face the amount of trouble he was in. Shane just regretted ever going into business with him. If they had managed to clear the bees out themselves, his Mom never would have found out. But, there were so many. What kind of idiot builds his growhouse around a colony of bees? Nancy leaned one hand on the counter and lowered her head, trying to get her thoughts together. She took a deep breath and looked to her oldest son.

"So, Silas... you have been growing product in your closet for the last couple of months, and selling it locally", the boy just nodded, still biting his nails.

"And you got your little brother involved in exchange for helping you get rid of the bees that invaded the house because you built your growhouse around a bunch of hornet's nests"

"Well, he asked..."

"And you did all this in spite of the fact that it could interfere with my sales."

"I didn't..."

"And in spite of the fact that the people I work for would literally kill you if they found out"

"Mom, I just, don't see what the big deal is", Nancy's eyes widened in anger, and she saw her son's widen in fear. He should be scared. He... Aaaagh.

"You don't see what the big deal is", the mother yelled, then looked down mumbling, "You don't see what the big deal is. Okay, you don't... Okay. You know what? I'm going to kill you myself"


"I am going to kill you", Nancy sprang for her son, but the boy leaped up from his seat just in time, knocking over his chair and running for his room. He reached the hallway of his bedroom before his Mom tackled him. She flipped him over to face her, and sat on top of him to hold him down, pinning his arms with her legs.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry", Silas pleaded.

"No, you're not", Nancy undid his belt, and climbed off of him, pulling him up by the arm, "But, you're going to be. Get in the bedroom, now"

Silas obeyed, with a helpful push from his mother. He didn't see what the big deal was? He could have been killed. A few more days and he would have been killed. And he didn't see. Well, she was going to show him what the big deal was. Nancy closed the door behind her, steeling herself for what she had to do.