"You want some grilled cheese? It's gouda with bacon. Fucking delicious", Andy put two plates on the counter for his sweat drenched nephews. They had spent the entire morning breaking down the growhouse, moving plants, taking down shelves and heavy lights. Add in the fact that they'd been sore before they even started, and you got two kids in a very bad mood. Silas plopped down at the counter and shot back up, silently cussing to himself. Shane took the cue and decided to stand and eat.

"So, how did the little unbuilding project go"

"Gmmreaght", Silas said, somehow managing sarcasm with a mouthful of gouda. You had to give it to the kid. That was skill.

"Yeah. Everything was heavy and it took forever", the youngest followed in complaint.

"Not to mention we were already... you know. That's a tight space, my butt kept brushing up against the shelves. It was fucking horrible"

"Yeah, you guys both went to bed before I could ask. How are you holding up? It sounded like you both got it pretty bad"

"I think pretty bad is an understatement", Shane said, picking off his bread and just eating the cheese.

"Yeah, I don't get it. I know it was stupid to try to sneak a growhouse in here, but fuck. I didn't even know she could hit that hard. Or for that long. Or that she could tackle me"

"Ha. Yeah", Andy laughed, not able to stifle a giggle at the image of Nancy Pants flying through the air at her son. He pushed back the smile when he saw Silas glaring.

"No, seriously. This is even worse than when I stole her product to get into the business"

"You really don't see the difference"

"No. If anything, the stealing seems worse"

"Okay, let's assess. With the whole stealing thing, you stole her drugs, lied to her, and put her life in danger"

"Yeah", Silas put a hand on his neck, probably remembering how stupid he had been.

"With this scenario, you stole her business, lied to her, and put your life in danger"

"How was my life in danger. No one knew it was me"

"Yet. Guillermo has been on the hunt for the last couple of days to find out who's selling on his turf. Do you think it would have been hard for him to trace you. You are selling homegrown product door to door. He wouldn't even have to follow a trail", Silas was silent for a moment picking at the crust of his sandwich. Shane also sat thinking about what his uncle had said.

"Fuck", the older brother said resignedly.

"Yeah. It kinda sucks when you know you deserved it, huh"

"Yeah", Shane said, "It was actually... kind of noble"

"Shut up", Silas pushed his brother's head smiling, but Andy knew he had been thinking the same thing. Nancy loved her family, especially these kids, more than anything. And they all loved her. Nancy walked from her bedroom with red eyes and bed head. She'd had a long night last night. Shane walked over to her.

"Morning, Mom", he said giving her a hug before walking back to his room.

"Hey, Mom", Silas followed suit, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Nancy looked at Andy, surprised at all the unusual attention.

"What was all that about", she grinned

"No idea", he said raising his eyebrows, "Gouda with bacon?"