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Chapter 3

The phone wouldn't stop ringing.
Shuji glared down at it. And anxiously willed it to stop.

He had been having a bad feeling about the whole Yoshimori sleeping at school thing. And the last time he had been called during school-time it had not been a pleasant phone call.
So he just stared at the phone and let it ring.
When it finally stopped, Shuji let out a relieved sigh. Then went happily back to work. Those rice balls weren't making themselves you know.
He hadn't even taken two steps towards the kitchen when the phone started ringing again. He froze. And his eye twitched. The ringing piercing his bones. He finally subsided and with a hung head picked up the receiver.

"Hello… Sumimura residence…" Shuji mumbled, he even sounded hesitant.

"Hello, this is Yukio Kurosu speaking again."

Shuji grimaced. "How can I help you?"

"It's about Yoshimori. He told me - and I confirmed - that he does not have narcolepsy."


"You don't sound too surprised…" Kurosu prodded.

"Huh? What? No I am! It's just… Hah! I'm so relieved! So he's not sick. That's good to know. Yes. Very good to know!" Shuji smiled nervously while a sweatdrop rolled off his face.

"Okay… … Well I'm glad I could inform you of this good news. However he admitted that he lied about it to avoid homework. So I think some form of punishment should be in order."

"I see…" Shuji didn't like the sound of that. They had asked Yoshimori to lie. It would not be fair if he would be punished for it.

"I'm suggesting that he gets detention for a week." The teacher continued. "This will also provide him some extra time to actually start doing his homework. He still needs to improve his grades after all."

Shuji frowned. He really could not think of any arguments with that. "I guess that seems fair."

Shuji didn't think Yoshimori would mind this punishment too much. He had to do his homework at some point. His son wouldn't really care where he did it. And to make it up to him Shuji would just spoil him a bit for the next week, maybe buy that special cake again, the one that he loved so much….

"Oh and one other thing." Kurosu interrupted his thoughts. "As his father, I hope in the future that you will know the difference between your son having a serious condition and playing hooky."

Shuji scoffed. "Why… I… "

"Good day Sumimura."

Shuji's face fell as he stared at the phone in his hands.

If only he had just let it ring.

Yukio regretted his words the moment he hung up the phone. But he did stand by them. Parents should know better! Maybe they didn't care enough to pay attention to their children but it was their job to do so. He suspected the Sumimura's just thought it was convenient with Yoshimori's grade dropping and all. Perhaps they had expected Yoshimori to get a free pass this year. It was too bad for them that Yoshimori wasn't the best liar in the world.

Well at least it was over now. And hopefully next week would show that Yoshimori would care enough to at least try.

Kurosu did however file this information about the teen's caretakers away, you could never be too careful.

Yoshimori hesitated.

This might not have been his best idea… Maybe he shouldn't do it… But recess was almost over… And if he had to sit through another class of target practice…

He could just as well get a little sleep while using a decoy right?

He still wasn't a hundred percent sure about his plan, but a big yawn erupted and with that he created the shikigami.

His copy waved halfheartedly. "Hi… Now is not a good time to talk, please talk to me later."

Yoshi nodded in sympathy and agreement and pushed him in the right direction of his class. He would do well… just for the next couple of classes… he needed to recharge before he could face his vengeful classmates again.

And with that he pulled out his big fluffy pillow, created his sound proof kekkai and prepared to take a well-deserved nap on the school's roof.

Yukio had always praised himself for being a patient man. He really was.

Unfortunate it seemed that a certain black haired student of his was really determined to test it to its limits.

What in god's name was wrong with Yoshimori now? He was… well for once he was not sleeping… but you couldn't say he was really awake either. A small pile of crumbled papers was surrounding him, but the other students had finally grown tired of it or maybe they had been persuaded by the few girls who were actually sticking up for the aloof teen. Who sadly did not seem to care either way. He just mumbled and scribbled. But when Yukio went to see what the teen had been scribbling it was unreadable.

The teacher had lectured the teen for writing when he was supposed to pay attention but Yoshimori just mumbled agreeable and continued his work undisturbed.

Yukio decided to let it go since his interfering didn't seem to do much good. Another conversation was bound to happen fairly soon from the looks of it.

He started writing notes on the boards for the students to copy and all the students took their writing materials out.

Sumimura simply continued whatever the hell he was doing.

What could have changed? Yukio wondered as he chalked away at the blackboard, it had only been a break ago that he'd seen Sumimura, talked to him and the teen had been totally alert then. Had the students done something to him? He seemed physically alright. Emotionally could be a different thing, but to be honest Yoshimori had seen undisturbed by his classmate's actions… He rarely cared about other people's opinions, he shouldn't suddenly start over break time…

He suddenly halted in his writing as an idea struck him…
Apparently he paused too long as the class started to murmur…
He quickly finished his sentence to settle the crowd. And put his book and the chalk down.
He took a good look at his most troublesome student…

Hair messed up from the target practice… Didn't care enough to wipe it back or out of his eyes… A dot of paper sticking out of his collar, a few littering his desk.
Huddled behind the desk, almost crammed.
Dead, red eyes that seemed bored and uncaring…

He cursed himself… Why hadn't he thought of this sooner!
The boy must be using drugs!

Kanda sighted happily. Class was finally over. She stretched out her limbs as she leaned back in her chair. Things had gone well ever since Yoshimori left for his nap and send his clone to replace him. She had known it the second she tried to talk to him, recognizing the standard phrase this clone usually used. It took the edge off for her, diminishing the need she felt to help her friend. This even doubled when Kyoko and Ayano started to scold their fellow students when they harassed Yoshimori.

Her friends had told her they knew about her secret message and decided to support her in her quest to conquer his love.

Yurina didn't know how they got "love" out of a note that said "It's not your fault." but she wasn't about to protest, they could use all the help they could get.

The pigtailed girl had written the message hoping it would cheer him up and show that she knew the truth. She did care, it couldn't be easy being a kekkaishi at night. Not to mention seeing all those disturbing supernatural things and have to fight them. She was struggling with just seeing them occasionally. She didn't even want to think about seeing them on a daily basis.

She gathered her things and was waiting for her two friends who were busy harassing the information wizard when she spotted the kekkaishi in the doorway waving to get her attention.

"What's up Yoshimori?" She piped up in her high-toned voice as she approached him. He looked in a sour mood.

"Couldn't read my notes…" He sighed. "Well first I couldn't sleep, which is why I thought it might be a good idea to start on math homework… But I had forgotten that I used my shikigami on math class last time…" He rolled his eyes and started muttering him himself. "And I used him again today, I won't be able to read any of that either… useless shiki… " He returned to her with a miserable look. "Can I borrow your notes from Math class and Sensei's class too?"

"Uhuh. Sure!" She nodded and started digging in her backpack.

"You know Kyoko and Ayano were really sticking up for in class today. It's too bad you weren't there to see that."

"Huh, really?" He looked skeptical at Yuri's friends a few feet away from them, gathering their stuff.

"Yes, and I also think the worst is over, you can come back now. By the end of last class most of the other students were laying off."

"That's good to know. I guess I could dispel my shiki…"

"Oh well speaking of your clone… I think he just left with Kurosu sensei. I'm not sure where they went to but Kurosu sensei seemed to be in a hurry…"

"My shiki left with Kurosu sensei…" Yoshi deadpanned.

"Well yeah! I'm sure you're shiki will be fine…"

But Yoshimori was already sprinting to the teacher's lounge in hope to catch a glimpse of his shikigami and prevent a disastrous outcome.

Sweatdrops had appeared on Yoshimori's face as he was peeking around a corner. Kurosu Sensei and his shiki hadn't been near the teachers' lounge. Fortunately a confused classmate who thought he had a déjà-vu upon seeing Yoshimori made it clear where his clone had been a minute before.

He had arrived just in time to see his clone and teacher enter the nurses' office.

Yoshimori wiped the sweat from his forehead. That had been a long and wild run but at least he found them. Now he really needed to find out what was going on. Kurosu sensei really seemed to be out to get him lately.

Luckily the classroom next to the office had just cleared out and he sneaked in.

Lurking behind corners was fine and all, lots of students did this. But lurking outside a nurses' office too long might raise suspicion especially if a clone of yours is in it.

He checked the window and found that it would open without a problem. Perfect. A quick glance around and he was outside.

No-one was around, since it was the back of the school and even though it was the first floor, that wasn't a problem for his kekkaishi skills. He shuffled further on his kekkai until he was able to see into the office.

His teacher was talking to the nurse and had a firm grip on his clone's shoulder. Who was… just standing there… Yoshi shook his head, he really needed to get better at making them. If only the old geezer was as capable of making them as Tokiko. Then it wouldn't have been a problem. Although he didn't know if he could handle even more training…

The nurse's office windows were closed so he couldn't hear a thing but Kurosu soon left and it didn't take long for the nurse to leave too, saying something and mentioning for the clone to stay put.

This was his chance!

He managed to get the window open quickly, thanks to a tiny kekkai pushing the lever, and quickly swept in to dispel his shiki.

Damn lazy clone… He could have protested a bit louder… At the very least that would have made it easier to catch up with him.

He caught the piece of paper as it slowly floated to the ground and glared at the hounin mark, the bane of his existence.

Then his heart froze as he heard the returning click clack of the nurse's shoes…

He panicked.

He waved the shikigami paper wildly around as if to get rid of it. But the steps were getting closer... In a moment of clarity he realized he could eat the piece of paper but he hesitated… that would be… horrible… immensely chewy… not very digestible. He wasn't even sure he could manage to swallow it down… It was also a bit disturbing to imagine what would happen to him if he were to accidentally set it off afterwards…

Then he realized a second option… The nurse's bathroom was right in front of him. Placed there strategically for students who would become ill and had to make a quick emergency pit stop.

He entered it quickly, just as the nurse entered the room.

He threw in the piece of paper and flushed victoriously.

Uttering a sigh of release he exited the stall…

… only to be met with a super angry, glaring nurse… Her face was slowly becoming all red. In her hands she clutched a plastic cup.

"How dare you! I specifically told you a second ago not to use the bathroom as I went to get the peeing cup!"

"Peeing cup?" Yoshimori muttered confused.

The nurse pushed Yoshimori down in one of the chairs and left again briskly. Yoshimori was too confused and admittedly too scared to do anything in risk of angering the woman even further. She briefly returned with a huge glass of water which she put in front of him.

He almost couldn't find the courage to meet her angry eyes.

"DRINKT IT! All of it! I'll be back in two hours and that glass better be empty and you right where you are now. If not… you'll be sorry!"

All Yoshi could do was nod and stay put.

The nurse nodded, pleased with the student's shell-shocked expression, and left briskly.

For the next two hours all Yoshimori could think off is how badly he had to pee (even without drinking that huge glass of water) and why, oh why didn't he just metsu the shikigami paper…


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