Sorry for the teaser, but this is actually part of the Rising of Atlantis… so enjoy… or go crazy.

The land was a barren wasteland of sand and rock formations. The winds blew either light, or very harsh, creating sandstorms, that would blow away any travelers going through it. Only a sole fellow, riding on a camel trekked through the desert sands, and the sun's blistering heat. His journey is a long one, until he reached the ancient and modernized, but glorious Agrabah.

Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, three dreams and they all could come true.

A young Arabic teenager, climbed up to a podium, covered in glyphs that glowed golden. He cautiously picked up a bronze oil lamp, being lit up by a light.

Imagine if you had the power… to turn back time… to undo the wrongs of events.

Frey knelt to the ground, his face scrunted with a look of amazed curiosity. He then picked up the item in question, carefully holding it, as if it would break in his hands. A mildly long Arabian dagger, with an almost translucent topaz blade. The hilt of the blade was a stylized golden one, with the hanlde being encased in vine like designs. The handle was made of a strong glass, with a ruby red gem on the bottom, and in the glass handle… Frey thought he saw… was sand.

If so… then imagine to use them… to change your fate… and defy the foretold future.

Destiny… awaits you.

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"What are we gonna do?" a small red parrot shouted out a dark, sinister, and ugly man, in a loud and nasally irritating voice, "We got a big problem here. A big…!"

But was silenced by the creepy one as he spoke, in a sly and dark voice, "Yeeeess. Only two may enter. We know where the other is, but we must find this one, this…"

Aladdin slid forward on a clothesline, slamming into a wall, and plummeted down with only whatever was in his way slowing his fall. until finally he crashed into a pile of mixed clothing. Down came a loaf of bread, that would have hit the gorund, but Aladdin's hand shot out, grabbing it, as he pulled himself out, wearing a woman's robe.

"… Diamond in the Rough."

An Adventure Beyond Magic and Time Itself

Frey stood atop of a support beam, overlooking the city of Agrabah, and nervously looking down below. Until finally… he was shoved off by Stitch, who chuckled mischievously. He falls down, screaming in panic, "I HATE YOUR FLUFFY GUTS!"

Aladdin had rubbed the lamp, causing a huge light show to explode all around them, with the lamp jumping up and down. Finally, the lamp spewed out a concoction of smoke, as it got bigger and bigger, taking shape of a brawly figure.

"Oy," the big blue fellow shouted, looking like he had suffered a back ache. "Ten Thousand Years…. will give you such a creak in the neck!"

"I must've hit my head harder than I thought," Aladdin told himself.

"You and me both," Frey nodded, equally dumbfounded by this sight.

Frey looked at the dagger, confused for a moment, and absentmindedly pushed the button.

"I've seen what this thing does."

Suddenly, time stopped, or slowed down to a halt. And then, all of a sudden, the dagger unleashed glowing golden sands that swirled around the area, with golden glyphs appearing on Frey's right arm and part of his chest. Then, all of a sudden, a sand storm erupts around him all in the area.

"Unleashing the sands… actually reverses time."

As he sees it, the events that happened before, go back as if they were being rewound, with only him noticing the reverse.

"And the only one who's aware of these changes is the holder."

"Whoa," Toph exclaimed, even though she couldn't see what was happening, but asked, "How'd you guys do that?"

"Only the lamp can grant the location to the Hourglass of the Gods," Aziem explained, "And only the Dagger of Time can unlock the Sands, both Time and Black, within it."

Jafar anxiously looks within the hourglass in his lair.

Mozenwrath, walks alongside the Sultan in the palace, with his pet eel Xerxes on his shoulders.

The Hassassins, plus the Muktar, are hunting down an unseen foe.

"And there will be those who shall try and seek this power to conquer the world… or destroy it."

The City of Agrabah is now changed to an unknown holy city.

"Soon," Jafar exclaimed as he held the lamp, "Time and power, shall give me what I want."

An unseen figure stabs the Dagger into the massive hourglass. And a massive sand storm, composed of Black Sand and the Sands of Time, over Agrabah, about to destroy the very city… and soon the world.

"It is up to the two of you to stop the lamp and dagger from ever being used by evil men."

"We need to get the dagger, and take it to the Holy City," Princess Jasmine stated.

As Aladdin and Frey made their way up a makeshift ladder of arrows, one arrow nearly took Frey's hand. When it missed, he huffed as he looked at the unseen shooter. "You really enjoy telling us what to do," Frey commented.

"That's cause' you're so good at following orders," Jasmine quipped.

Frey huffed, "Don't press your luck."

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The dark riders ride among the desert, being led by the Muktar, as Genie shrieked in fright, "AAAAAH! MUKTAR!"

"Hanssassins," Aladdin stated, in a look of fear on his face.

One of them throws steak-like daggers at a dodging Frey and Abu.

"They strike terror, into the hearts of all that see them."

One of the other warriors, whip at Aladdin, with dagger tails and claw tipped whips. An impressive acrobatic fight is shown between the Hanssassin and Aladdin.

"For a street rat and a pirate, you two are pretty noble," Jasmine pointed out, "For one a pirate's deeply concerned for my survival, and a street rat leaping to save the helpless beauty."

"I hardly call you helpless," Frey shot back.

When the two boys and girl go on the other side of the roof, they attempt to help Jasmine across. Until she poll vaulted over to them, in the same fashion they did.

"And you're hardly a beauty," Aladdin added.

"Well there must be some reason you can't keep your eyes off me," Jasmine stated.

A moment at Aladdin's hideout, with the two sitting side by side, as they stare into each other's eyes.

"Oooooooh, Burn!" Genie shot out.

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"FIND THEM!" Jafar ordered.

Aladdin and Abu are being chased by the Sultan's guards through the streets of Agrabah. However, they are no match for Aladdin's athletic skills.

The area around Aladdin and Frey begins to fall apart as they make their way down.

Aladdin, Frey, and Abu are making their way out of a falling and collapsing place, riding on a magic carpet.

Once again, Frey activates the Dagger, causing him to go back for a moment, when he and Kida are in each other's arms.

The mighty parade goes through Agrabah's streets, with the disguised genie leading the way. Riding atop an elephant, Frey, disguised as an Adviser, sits on top of the head, while behind him, in the shade, is Aladdin, as Prince Ali.

"WE need those artifacts if we're to find and unlock the Hourglass of the Sands," Mozenwrath vents in frustration.

An Arch of the Rising of Atlantis Story

An army of Black Sand created Efriets charge at the city of Agrabah.

"The High Tower," Toph explained as he and the others looked up. "It's guarded by some kind of beast."

The Muktar holds his arm out, showing a dangerous looking and bizarre snake of sorts.

Walking to the gates of Agrabah, completely disguised, Toph asks Frey on the elephant, "Hey, Frey. Where's the Dagger?"

In a moment, a snake shoots out of the sand, but Frey pushes the dagger's button, slowing time down until it stopped.

"You're welcome to search him for it," Frey answered as he pointed to Stitch. "Though you'll have to be extremely thorough."

In Which one Side Character…

The landscape of the Desert of Death, overlooked by Mozenwrath and Jafar. The Cave of Wonders opening up for the first time in millennium.

"It's finally time," Mozenwrath whispered.

The Dagger is stabbed within the hourglass, unleashing the Sands of Time, as well as the Black Sand.

Genie is massive, ominous, and pretty scary at this moment, as the sky thunders and blackens.

Frey leaps off the roof, with Stitch crawling and jumping down, while the Memlocks are shooting at them.

Becomes his own Main Character.

"I think it's time to say Goodbye," Jafar hissed, his sneer not going noticed.

A strange humanoid creature, resembling Frey, but it's not, as it holds both the Dagger of Time, and a new chain dagger weapon… and smiles evilly at the audience.

The entire room collapses in a huge sand pit, like a Lion Ant's home. The building constructions behind both Aladdin and Frey begin to topple over, as they both are being sucked downward. However, Frey comes up with an idea, and he and Aladdin are surfing on the sand, on two rock pillars. Once they reach the chasm, they leap right at the other side.

The Black Sands and the Sands of Time, are mashing into each other, fighting over power, nearly destroying everything. In the whirlwind, four figures are being thrown into it.

Aquatic Kingdom Hearts ROA: The Sands of Time

"The last time someone mixed magic…" Genie mentioned, before shivering in fear. He pulled off his ponytail and shook it loose of dust, "I'm still trying to get some of him outta there."