Fate's Wings

Author's Note: This is partially in response to the Animagus Accident challenge by Foolish Wishmaker on Potions and Snitches and I thought it sounded like a good story idea to write. This story takes place after Goblet of Fire and the events of OotP are likely to be AU, of course. In this story, Harry transforms unintentionally and therefore is not going to be charged by the Ministry but that's why it's AU. My dad thought up of the title so if it has already been used then sorry for taking it. I hope that you enjoy my new story and reviews are much appreciated. P.s WOOHOO, THE GLITCH HAS BEEN FIXED!

Warnings: Implied child abuse (nothing too graphic), neglect, profanity and violence

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, I never have and I never will, J.K Rowling does and I am only saying this once so I will not repeat it in later chapters.

Chapter One

She knew something was wrong when her boy, the one Harry Potter, came staggering back into Dudley's second bedroom with pain glittering in his eyes. Hedwig hooted quietly in concern in an attempt to get her boy's attention and was relieved when Harry glanced up at her.

"Sorry Hedwig, I won't be able to let you out like I said I would," Harry said softly before he sank down in his bed clearly in pain with the way he flinched as he lied down. Hedwig knew her boy was in pain but the boy was much too stubborn to admit it even to her even though she was always there for her ever since she picked him when he was in Diagon Alley over four years earlier.

And yet Hedwig knew that Harry didn't trust anyone enough to speak to them about the problem with his so called relatives. The snowy white elf didn't understand as to why the humans could be so cruel to Harry, making him do stuff around the house, beating him when he used magic, and generally made his life miserable.

If Hedwig wasn't stuck in the cage that she had to stay in while she was living in the Dursleys household then she would have made the human Vernon Dursley's life as miserable as he made her boy's life. Hedwig hooted again quietly and Harry's eyes flickered open before he turned on his side to gaze at the snowy owl.

"Are you hungry, girl? Or are you just restless" Harry asked pushing himself to his feet and walking over to the cage when Hedwig nodded once in reply to the second. "I don't care what Uncle Vernon says, you deserve some time to fly around."

Hedwig hooted before hopping out of her cage when Harry opened the door and she spread her wings. Harry walked over to the window before opening the window; for once the window wasn't covered with locks and her boy was able to open them with ease. She hooted her thanks although she was still concerned by her boy's pain and she flew out of the window feeling the wind against her feathers.

Hedwig came back to the room about an hour after she left and hooted in alarm when she spotted Harry's battered form lying limply on the bed. She flew over to rest on Harry's headboard before hooting loudly in an attempt to wake up her boy. When Harry failed to respond, she grew worried and hopped off of the headboard before landing on his shoulder. She dug in her talons before hooting loudly again hoping this time that her hoots would wake up her boy.

Harry groaned before blinking open his eyes and gazing around pain glittering in the depths of his emerald green gaze. "Hedwig," he moaned. "I feel horrible."

Hedwig hooted mournfully before spreading her wings and flying into the air as Harry sat up. She landed on the headboard again before hooting again as the door slammed open and the fat human stalked into the room.

"What are you doing here moping about, freak?" the human Vernon snarled angrily. "Get down stairs and fix dinner." He glanced at Hedwig before scowling and adding, "And put that disgusting creature away before I shoot her."

Harry's eyes grew worried. "Don't do that, I'll be down in a minute, Uncle Vernon," he said quickly.

"No, get down now and you, you filthy little bird, get back in that cage," the human Vernon yelled raising a hand and trying to strike at Hedwig but the owl spread her wings and flew upright quickly.

"Don't touch my owl," Harry protested a bit angrily.

"Don't you dare talk back to me like that," Vernon yelled before he raised his hand and slapped Harry hard across the face, sending him flying backwards to where his head hit the windowsill of the second bedroom.

Hedwig hooted angrily before flying rapidly toward the human Vernon but Vernon slapped her and she went spiraling to the ground at the other end of the house. She skidded before hooting and spreading her wings. She flew rapidly at Vernon who swatted her away.

"Leave her alone," Harry cried but the human Vernon only glared at him and grabbed the collar of Harry's too large shirt before tossing him roughly to the ground.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do, freak," he screeched angrily before he delivered a sharp kick to Harry's side. Harry cried out in pain and Hedwig hooted angrily before flying rapidly at the human Vernon.

No one kicked her boy and got away with it.

Harry Potter watched through pain filled eyes as Hedwig tried her best to defend him but Uncle Vernon was much bigger than her and could easily harm her. Harry realized that Vernon wasn't likely to let up until he either tossed Hedwig back into the cage or killed her.

"Leave her alone," Harry cried again.

"Oh shut it boy," Vernon growled as he grabbed Hedwig and thrust her into the ground. He then glowered angrily at Harry before kicking him hard in the side again causing Harry to cry out in pain.

Hedwig screeched in fury before flying rapidly at Vernon as Harry struggled to get to his feet to help protect his familiar. Vernon growled angrily before lifting a meaty hand and slamming it into Hedwig causing her to go flying back into the ground.

"Hedwig!" Harry cried before struggling to his familiar's side.

"Get out of my way, boy," Vernon yelled kicking Harry hard in the stomach and causing him to gasp in pain. Hedwig hooted in concern although her wing looked to be injured and she could barely fly. She did try, however, to attack Vernon again but her wing caused her to barely manage to keep in the air.

Vernon continued to deliver blow upon blow to Harry and cries of pain continued until a blast of accidental magic erupted out of him, tossing Vernon to the other end of the room.

Harry gasped, eyes widening with shock, when he spotted his uncle struggling to push himself to his feet. Surprise coursed through his veins when he realized his gasp had come out like a coo and he gazed around rapidly noticing he was much lower to the ground than he had originally thought.

Hedwig got to her talons before gazing at Harry with her head tipped to one side as if looking confused. \What's this?/ She hooted and Harry was startled when he understood exactly what his familiar had said.

\Hedwig? I can…I can understand you,/ Harry said and was startled when his voice came out like another coo.

\That's because you are a dove,/ Hedwig hooted. \In spite of the different species, my bond with you enables me to speak to you even though you are not an owl./

Vernon snarled angrily before pushing himself to his feet. "Where did that bloody boy go?" he snarled angrily before he glared at the owl and the dove that were in Harry's room.

"Damn birds," he hissed before he quickly moved his leg to kick Harry and Hedwig but the two immediately flew into the air to avoid the kick.

\I can fly,/ Harry cooed in shock as he flew over his desk.

\Don't overexert yourself, Harry,/ Hedwig hooted back.

Vernon growled angrily. "Another of your freaky tricks, you little freak," he snarled angrily before he picked up a lamp and tossed it at Hedwig and Harry and both of them quickly flew away to avoid the lamp.

"Get out of here before I kill both of you," Vernon screeched angrily before he grabbed something else and Hedwig hooted angrily.

\Come on, Harry. Let's get some help,/ she hooted to Harry.

\What about my stuff?/ Harry cooed back as the two of them flew rapidly around each other to avoid the items that Vernon was tossing at him.

\We'll get someone to get your stuff,/ Hedwig hooted back.

Harry nodded his small gray head before he flew rapidly after Hedwig as his injured familiar flew through the open door and down the stairs. Vernon screeched angrily before he lumbered after the birds and grabbed Harry's small form before tossing him to the other end of the living area.

Harry cooed in pain as his small feathered body made contact with the wall at the other end of the living room. He felt dizzy and quickly realized his wing had been injured in the contact with the wall. Hedwig flew over to join him. \Come on, Harry, we have to get out of here. Let's get going, perhaps we can get to Hogwarts,/ she hooted.

Harry nodded his feathered head before struggling to raise his wings and cooed in pain. Hedwig glanced at him in concern. \We're both injured but we have to get to Hogwarts,/ she hooted.

Harry nodded before raising her wings and struggling to lift himself into the air and Hedwig flew at his side before the two birds flew rapidly out of an open window as Vernon lumbered after them with blistering curses spewing out of his mouth as they flew rapidly away.

Severus Snape did not care for being woken up this early in the morning especially during the summer holidays but he could tell it was urgent just by the way he kept getting shook rapidly. He had come back to Hogwarts early after spending most of the summer vacation at Prince Manor. He groaned, a series of curse words leaving his mouth, before he blinked open obsidian eyes to find Albus Dumbledore gazing down at him with a faintly amused look in his blue eyes.

"What could possibly be so wrong that you would wake me up at this unholy hour, Albus?" Severus growled sitting up and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

The twinkle disappeared from Albus's gaze. "The wards around the Dursley household have fallen," he said softly. "We don't know how it happened but Harry is in danger."

"Why tell me about it? He hasn't contacted me so there is no telling that he knows the wards have fallen yet," Severus growled.

"Yes but that is what is very alarming. The wards have fallen but Arabella said that there was no sign of Harry leaving the house," said Albus. "Minerva, Nymphaedora and I are going to check it out. Let us know if Voldemort," Severus flinched, "contacts you."

"Of course, Albus," Severus sneered.

Albus nodded slowly before he straightened up and walked out of the Potion Professor's room. Severus sighed before closing his eyes and rolling onto his side but he was unable to go back to sleep after Albus left because, about twenty minutes after he left, a searing pain surged up his arm.

"Can't I get a bloody break?" Severus growled as he pushed himself to his feet, grabbed his Death Eater robes and mask and quickly left the bedroom. Quickly putting on the robes and mask, he got to the floo and picked up the floo powder. "Prince Manor!" He shouted before stepping into the green flames.

Once he arrived at his manor, he turned around before calling for Malfoy's manor and stepping through the green flames to reappear in Lucius Malfoy's living room. He walked over to join the gathered Death Eaters and he found that he was just in time as Voldemort appeared.

"Some interesting news has reached me concerning the Boy-Who-Lived," Voldemort said angrily. "It would appear the bloody blood wards that are protecting the boy have fallen but no one knows as to how they fell. I am sending Bellatrix and Lucius to the boy's household to find the boy and bring him to me."

Severus hesitated, unsure if he should interrupt but he knew that Voldemot would be even more angry if he kept what he knew to himself and the dark lord found out later. "My lord?" he said finally causing Voldemort's evil crimson gaze to fix on him.

"What, Severus?" He demanded in a hiss before he gestured for Severus to step forward. Severus moved forward before genuflecting to the ground at Voldemort's feet.

"Dumbledore mentioned that the Squib who was watching Potter's residence did not see if the boy had left and they are sending three Order members to check on the boy," Severus replied.

"Bellatrix and Lucius will keep an eye out for them," Voldemort said coolly before he turned his crimson gaze to Lucius and Bellatrix and Severus moved back to his position among the Death Eaters. "You two, be as inconspicuous as possible, the Order is not to know that we know the wards have fallen, not yet."

Bellatrix and Lucius nodded and Voldemort disappeared before the others disappeared as well. Once they disappeared, Severus, wondering what kind of trouble the brat he was secretly obliged to protect had gotten into now, made his way to Prince Manor before, from there, going to Dumbledore's office.

He was lucky, arriving just as Albus, Minerva and Nymphaedora, the last of the three had arrived at Hogwarts most likely as soon as Albus called her, were about to leave but leapt back in surprise when Severus appeared. "I take it Voldemort called," Albus said.

Severus nodded. "He is sending Lucius and Bellatrix to the Dursley household to find the Potter brat and bring him to him but they are going to be inconspicuous so you may not notice them right away."

Nymphaedora nodded once in reply. "We will keep an eye out for them," she said.

Severus stepped aside to allow Nymphaedora, Albus and Minerva to floo to Privet Drive before he made his way back down to the dungeons. All the while, he found himself thinking about the Boy-Who-Lived and the secret vow of protection he gave to his beloved Lily. Besides, after seeing Potter after the Triwizard Tournament, it sort of told Severus that Potter may not be like James Potter was. He was still prejudice toward Potter but he wasn't as bad as he was in first year.

I wonder what trouble the Potter brat is in, Severus thought as he walked back into his room to catch a few more hours of sleep.

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