Ben .

I finally graduated

I enjoyed the complex emotions that came with college life; I was free

My adoptive mother got teary eyed, and it made me want to stop this flight and stay here in this grey town of La Push. But I didn't, thankfully

I said my goodbyes to nearly everyone in the town. Young and old, all those had given me special advice to success. All of those memorable in there own ways, but the only one that had stayed in my mind forever was the farewell made to my newly found young brother, Sam.

I grew up not knowing I had other siblings, my mother raised me alone. We were Makah and lived in Neah Bay all my life, until I was 11 years old. It was then that the biggest tragedy of my life changed me forever.

My biological mother was dying from breast cancer, and in her last wish she had sent a letter to some other woman of La Push about my whereabouts. I didn't understand what was going on, but suddenly I was taken into the house of a kind yet grieving woman and a boy around my age.

I lived there and learned that this boy was my half-brother. We both shared a stupid and irresponsible father, who left both women to raise their children.

My mother had died a couple months after. I was still hurting with the news, but Sam's, my mother had taken care of me like I was her own child. And for that, I had thanked her. I had loved her.

I grew up loving Sam like the little brother he was and then, we soon had close brotherly bond together. I finally had to say goodbye when it was my time to part from La Push...

"Sam," I mused, remembering this conversation like the back of my hand "Remember, use a condom-"

"Shut up man" Sam smiled, one of the last memories I had of him

"No seriously, if you need any help with putting it on...don't call me"

We both laughed, cracking jokes about nothing was what helped us pass the time in this boring town. Well, that and cliff diving.

"But seriously, sex can wait"
Sam chuckled, I bored my eyes into his to let him know I was grave.

"Aw man, come on! I'm seventeen years old, I think I know what I'm doing" He gritted through his teeth, all the previous laughter still lingering in the air

"Naw. Thats what they all say" I assured and then I remembered something "Don't get Leah pregnant"

He flushed "Shut the fuck up,"

I laughed "I'm kidding, Sam, chillax"

He rolled his eyes

"Well, kid" I said "This is it, see you soon. I think"

"Yeah bro, I'll miss you" he patted my arm in a very manly way.

"Miss you already" I said sarcastically, and blew a mock kiss at him

"Please..." He raised his hand "Man up"

I smiled, shaking my head and looking down

"I just hope you treat her well, Sammy boy, if I hear one complaint from Lee, I will personally come down from Washington State and kick your ass, you hear me? Now I already told her my contacts"

"Yes sir" He saluted "And you know I love her more than anything in this world, why would I do anything to hurt her?"

"I don't know" I looked towards the sky "You never know"

And as I began to walk towards my flight, I turned around and smiled

"Wheres my hug?"

My flashback ended while I packed the last bit of my clothes. I had completed sophomore year of college and I was coming back to my beloved La Push for the summer.

This was gonna be amazing, and I knew I had to make it up to Sam for not being able to attend his graduation, by attending his wedding.

I chuckled

I hadn't seen any love like Leah and Sam; and I have to admit, I was a bit jealous with their chemistry

At the same time, I couldn't help but feel enthusiastically excited.

Leah was beautiful, more than Sam could ever deserve, and she was such a sweet person. She could be a bit sarcastic at times (which I loved the most) but most of all she was respectful of those who deserved it and mature, something I was always attracted too.

She had everything I looked for in a girl. Sam didn't know sarcasm if it bit him in the ass. Sometimes I thought about how completely wrong they were, on paper..

No, stop it. Stop, stop stop! Leah belongs to Sam, not me.

In reality, Sam and Leah were perfect for each other...but I always had a crush on Leah Clearwater, I mean who hadn't? She was only the most beautiful girl in town. And then, little brother, Sam got her.

Lucky bastard I thought bitterly

Everybody was pissed when Sam, the star quarter back went out with Leah, the bookworm beauty.

I mean, any surprises there?

But no body, no body ever guessed they would fall in love. And when it became apparent that they did, I was the first to acknowledge my blessing and happiness for them.

Love wasn't anything to mess around with, so I expressed my warning in a way that made me feel important. It's deadly, like poison. Used in the wrong way, may lead to tragedy

And tragedy does not always have to do with death, when you're in love, there are things that are way worse than death.

When you're in love, you take risks And I was ready for them.

I envied Sam not for Lee's beauty, but for the feeling. It cut off your connections to the world, and the woman who stole your heart was in control. I wanted to be controlled. She would make me a better person, we would love each other from the morning glee of sun to the florescent glow from the moon. And back again

I wanted it. So bad.

Sam didn't even want it, yet it struck him. Like a bitch slap.

I chuckled. I just couldn't wait to see his shocked expression.

I hope he used a condom.