Fortunately I had a patrol tonight, so my anger couldn't have come at a better time.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stop thinking about her.

Girls were so confusing. Especially this one. Usually I never understood them, but I could read Leah like a book. However now, she was twisting my brain into all sorts of knots, I couldn't put my finger on it, causing me to shake my head in shame.

Thinking about her would only lead to my demise, I could not possibly dread over every single detail she would send me, or I'd never win her.

The odds of that happening were already slim in the first place, now I know that it just might not happen. So what if I imprinted? Leah didn't imprint on me, at least I think she didn't.

All I know is that she is in an unhealthy place, she isn't ready to for something like that, yet.

The thing is I knew she was pissed, I knew what she wanted, and I was ready to coax her back from hurting, I was ready to stay here for as long as it took to make sure she was happy. My goal wasn't to finally get with her, but to make her okay enough to be the old her again, before Sam. If I achieved that, then maybe I could move on to the next step. But a chance of being with Leah was going to take a long time, and if I ever did obtain that, it wouldn't be so strong in the beginning. It would be tough to gain her trust...I didn't know how to feel about that.

As I neared the trees, I began to shred my clothes. I still thought about her. All I knew was I was in it until I won her over. Which could lead to my death.

I chuckled silently at my own cruel joke before I was interrupted by a soft whimper. I snapped my head towards the cliffs and ran towards whatever was huffing in pain.

I craned my neck around the jagged rocks and my heart stopped for two seconds when I saw Sue Clearwater, mother of the love of my life laying there clutching her ankle. I jumped down there and her eyes showed an unbearable amount of pain.

"Ben, over here...I need h-help" she cried out

"Mrs. Clearwater!" I exclaimed, pulling her up "What happened?"

"Ugh..." She sighed, trying to catch her breath "I fell through these rocks and sprained my ankle.."

I threw her arm over my shoulder "I'm taking you to the hospital."

"That's unnecessary-" she resisted

"It isn't." I insisted "What where you doing at this time anyway...?"

She frowned sadly "I was just...thinking"

I snorted "Me too,"

"About what?" she looked at me cautiously...

I was determined to stay honest "Your daughter"

"Leah...?" Sue then smiled with a knowing grin, before wincing in pain. I decided carrying her was my safest bet, she objected, but I ignored her pleas. "Ah, I understand. I heard about this."

"Yeah," I smiled grimly

"I'm sorry about that," she looked away "Leah can be stubborn. Just like her father."

"She's been through too much," I defended

"She has" Sue agreed, smiling at me response. "Losing her father devastated her, and I just wanted to be there for her, but she pushed me away. She was in so much pain because of Sam, and then she phases into this giant wolf...I just want her to be happy"

"Me too,"

"Ben..." Sue began "Thank you. Please, treat my daughter well. She needs you"

"I'll always be there,"

"Never give up" she smiled "My daughter may be difficult, but she'll come around. I know it."

"I hope so,"

I carefully placed Sue softly to my car (which Sam had helped me with getting after I found it rusting away in the mud) and drove her over to Forks Hospital. I hated this place. As soon as she got a room, I remembered to call Sam.

"'Lo?" He grunted

"Sam! Sue's in the hospital, I need you to-

"Woah, Sue's in the hospital? What happened?"

"She fell on one of these rocks in First Beach...I just saw her and I-I...I gotta get Seth and Leah, please, run my shift"

"On it...I could get Seth and Leah for you-"

I looked over to Sue, she needed someone right now, plus Leah probably didn't want to see me pick her up.

"'Kay," I agreed, slightly disappointment. I wasn't going to see Leah.

I sat in the chair near Sue's bed and ten minutes later, I began to feel deep sensation of pain. I flinched and Sue rotated her head to see if I was okay

"What's wrong?" her terror surpassing, as if she knew my pain was in direct relation to my imprint.

I rubbed the back of my neck, and assured her "Nothin'"

Though I knew automatically Leah was in trouble, I didn't think Sue needed any more stress. Leah needed me. I fought everything I could from running out the hospital and looking for her. At that second, I sniffed the air and smelled a vibe of familiarity. I knew Sam would be here.

"Ben!" Sam greeted, shocked before he began walking to Sue in worry.

"Where is Leah?" I jumped up at the seat towards him "Is she okay?"

"What's wrong with Leah?" Sue pushed, looking at me like I betrayed her

Sam's faced relaxed in sympathetic understanding. I was then comforted to know that Leah stormed in, she was trailing right after. Her scent released a wave of security

Leah was crying and she twittered in her mothers side, who was fully conscious I should add. Seth lingered in the corner, looking down at his reduced family with trepidation. I could tell he was too tired and young for this.

"Leah..." Sue consoled her "I'm fine, I just fell on the rocks. I'll be okay,"

"No mom, I should have been there" she insisted

I then left to give them some privacy, I jolted the halls and watched as a doctor walked in, I was joined by others.

It was then that I noticed Jacob and the rest of his pack there, walking out to give the family time. Jacob had a strong look of regret. I knew he took the blame. It was him that had split the pack, he was the reason why Leah wasn't living at home anymore. Serves him right.

When the doctor walked out and gave me a smile, I couldn't take Leah's whimpering anymore. I stormed in the room and met her eyes at once.

"Lee..." I began to speak

"What are you doing here?" she hissed, wiping her eyes as if embarrassed. She didn't notice me until now?

"Leah," Sue cut sharply "Don't be rude. He was the one who found me"

Leah looked down with shame before muttering a small apology, I smirked.

"Are you feeling well Mrs. Clearwater?" I could see Leah scowl at my tone.

"Oh, don't call me that Ben, call me Sue" she smiled warmly. I then thought, how could someone so nice produce someone like Leah? "I'm feeling well, thank you for everything."

"Glad to hear that," I said as sweetly as possible, watching Leah roll her eyes in the corner of my periphery. I nearly smiled. "I'll be headed, to run my patrol. Feel better."

I left the room after that and I noticed Sam was gone, probably talking to Emily or something. Behind me, I felt someone though. I turned around and saw Leah there, her eyes hard

"I'm sorry for being rude," her monotone voice and darting eyes suggested that Sue made her say these things. I enjoyed her talking to me nonetheless "and thanks for finding my mom,"

"Leah, I'd do anything for you." I assured her, "You know that right?"

She looked at me, the anger was suddenly erasing, it melted way with a look of understanding "I know. I can't thank you enough, I am grateful for this, truly."

I smiled, I knew those words were from her heart. Leah speaking her heart to me made me want to dance in circles.

"You owe me," I joked, desperate to keep her talking to me.

"I do," she admits, looking away from my eye contact.

"How about..." I began, a smile forming on my lip. I just wanted to see her eyes connect with mine again, so I deliberatively made her react to something "You pay me back with a kiss?"

"Uh, no" she said, her face growing pissed as she looked at me again, my heart soared from the contact. I was really getting more pathetic by the second.

"C'mon. You owe me" I continued

"No," Her refusal cut through me. I still persisted.

"Fine. A hug" I settled.

"A hug?" she raised her eyebrow

"Just a hug" I put my hands up in honesty

"Nothing else?" her eyebrows remained raised, as she turned her head in doubt

"Just a hug..." I repeated and I could tell she relented.

She didn't have to say anything and I took that as acceptance. I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her in too much joy. I pressed her head to my shoulder. My own shoulders began to relax at her touch, it was magical for me.

We stayed that way for a while.

"I just..." Leah began, forgetting where we were. I felt her relax deeper into my embrace, and she began to hug me back. I couldn't contain my happiness. She began to weep silently "Thank you, really. I can't thank you enough,"

"Shh," I basked in this moment

"I don't know what I would do if I lost her," she admitted painfully, real tears were soon falling on my shirt and my heart thrashed from her agony...yet it also did leap for joy, I was touching her! I was comforting her. She came to me, for comfort.

"It's okay," I murmured in her hair. The smile on my lips was inevitable. I couldn't believe this was happening. This was the single most greatest moment of my—

"Leah?" I snapped my eyes at our intruder and growled. Jacob Black had the stupidest grin on his face. Leah turned around and fidgeted from me at instant

"I knew you liked him!" he laughed, like a child.

"Shut up, I don't" Leah hissed, suddenly growing more distant from me. Jacob stuck his tongue at her, and I gave him a blank look that said lots of things. "I hate you" was one of them.

I instantly felt hurt from her words, but not surprised. I smiled tightly but I could never hide the pain I was feeling. That right there. My own imprint rejecting me in front of someone was like being ripped to shreds.

"Well, I'm gonna head back to my patrol. See you later, Lee"

Leah rolled her cold eyes in my direction and smirked. "Yeah, see you later, Ben" My heart bounced "Thanks again...for everything"

"No problem," I winked and her smirk widened more on the right side, proving to be more sarcastic. I took it with ease. She was smiling. And that's all that mattered.

God, I was such a sap.

Soon I was fully consumed with Leah-centric thoughts...I was too excited about the hospital thing to think straight. I had patrol and I knew I was too happy to ever phase into a wolf, it was impossible. Thinking about Leah had made me happy and touching her gave me an elation that I never thought possible.

Yeah, sure. I didn't actually have Leah. And her talking to me didn't promise any kind of romantic feelings or friendship for that matter, but I was still happy for some stupid reason. All I could remember was that she told me she'd see me later. I remember a time where I was so depressed because I was so sure Leah wouldn't want anything to do with me, much less willingly see me later. I was so happy, that I was actually whistling while I was walking down the depressing hospital aisle.

I knew that I couldn't be happy for too long. Just as I took a turn in the corner, I was yet again interrupted by whimpers and cries.

I looked to my left to see a grieving older woman, bent over a hospital bed of a man I knew was worthy of living a hundred more years.