The first chapter of The Call, sequel to Mind Games, as well as all my other Harry Potter/Doctor Who cross-over stories.
Still mainly introducing storylines in the first chapter. In any case, for this story, some of you may recognize the foe. Some of you may not. Hee, enjoy!

Dumbledore stood at the head of the table, in the Order Of The Phoenix headquarters.

On chairs, around it, there sat a variety of wizards and witches. Sirius Black, Bill, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Mad-Eye Moody (the genuine article this time), Remus Lupin, Tonks, Kingsley, Mundungus Fletcher, as well as two other later additions to the group, sitting a small distance from the others, Amy Pond and the Doctor.

"Who's watching over Harry?" the words were spoken by Dumbledore, in a voice unusually casual.

There was a momentary, quick crack as Mundungus Fletcher disapparated. Several members of the Order rolled their eyes.

"We should start of by, um, reviewing our progress," a few members of the Order frowned at Dumbledore's stutter. Only McGonagall, the Doctor, Amy and Sirius did not react.

Taking over automatically, Minerva McGonagall flicked her wand once. Paper levitated, and several images appeared on each, slowly fading into view.

The first was of Severus Snape's head, the second of a metal mask, not unlike those worn by Death Eaters, and the third showed Dumbledore.

There was a little surprise at the sight of the last; yet reactions were withheld, until the correct time. McGonagall got to her feet as Dumbledore sat down.

"Severus Snape," Minerva gestured at the first, "He was escorted to the Ministry for trial, after performing the Imperius curse." There was a small gasp among two or three members of the audience, unaware of that detail. McGonagall spoke quickly to avoid any misunderstanding; "The curse was performed to save the life of Harry Potter, who was the victim of a creature we have not encountered before. While being escorted, Severus was abducted by a woman of unknown origin."

The teacher flicked her wand once; the picture of Snape blurred until it was no longer present; that piece of paper was lowered back onto the table. She moved the next floating slide to the front.

"We know nothing of this woman, except that she wears a metal mask," the teacher spoke, irate at having to talk about such a glaring lack of knowledge. "She has appeared in Hogwarts before. We do not know who she is, nor what she is trying to achieve. We do know however that she is in possession of formidable powers: she has apparated to and from Hogwarts School, and once damaged the side of a tower; a damage we have not yet repaired. Our one witness states she was responsible for the abduction of Severus."

The loss of Snape had been a tender subject in the Order for quite some time. He was their most vital member; he could report directly on what Voldemort was doing.

Each of them feared, though none said aloud, that the Death Eaters had discovered Snape's true allegiance, and that was why he was taken from them. However, that did not explain the woman.

Whatever the case, the Order of the Phoenix was determine to find out.

Upon finishing that dialogue, Minerva McGonagall sat down. The last piece of paper hovering in the air gently lowered, until it lay on the table; a picture of Albus Dumbledore.

The headmaster of Hogwarts stood up once more; ready to address the Order again.

"Ok, so we've covered strange new creatures," Dumbledore began. A few of the Order again frowned; it sounded nothing like the headmaster. Still, Albus continued:

"There's another creature we need to talk about. It's called the Voice and, uh-" an odd expression passed over the headmaster's face.

For a few moments, he stood there, somewhere between confused and impatient. Then, as if on cue, a strange bubble seemed to pass under his skin; the elderly flesh rippling. His white beard too, it trembled, seemingly drawing inwards.

Several seconds later, and the distortions had run their course, moving over the whole of the man's body, before fading away. Standing there now, was a man, short hair, smiling a little guiltily.

"Polyjuice," Moody muttered, getting up, wand in hand. "Stupefy!"

No curse came from his wand. The wizard looked confused at his wand; a long silence. It was then he became aware of a steady, irritating buzzing.

Frowning, many of the Order turned to look at the newcomer; the Doctor.

"Hello," the Time Lord beamed; "I'm the Doctor. Well, you know that, but still," he stood up, taking a few bounding steps over to the man who had once appeared to be Dumbledore, "And this is Rory! Sorry about all this, we'd hoped things would be finished by the time the next year came around, but no. Term's almost started and we're no closer."

Only a few teachers knew of Dumbledore's predicament: paralyzed, in Hogwarts Castle, accompanied by only the ghost of Rory, who existed for some unknown reason and had been flung into the past, and possessed by a creature from Midnight which they knew only as the Voice. If any spoke near it, the Voice could talk in unison with them: impossibly accurate, just knowing and echoing what they'd say.

Last year, the Voice had still been there. The Doctor had used Rory and Polyjuice potion to keep up appearances; they couldn't let anyone know of Dumbledore's condition, and with Voldemort on the loose, now that rule was even more important. If news of the headmaster's 'illness' spread, Hogwarts wouldn't last even one day more.

Rory had fulfilled all the needed functions; head of the Order, headmaster of Hogwarts, even attending Harry's trial at the Ministry, giving a defence case handily memorized from the book.

McGonagall knew, as she was the one who called the Doctor last year. Sirius knew because they needed his permission to let Rory, Amy and the Doctor enter the order's headquarters; other than that, it was more or less a secret.

"We're planning something though," the Doctor said, exhaling in relief. It was good to be able to do something properly again, "The TARDIS is up and working, and hopefully there are going to be no irritating aliens at Hogwarts, so I need a few people to come with me. Two heads are better than one after all; and three is even better than that. Four's better too, and five, and six… Not seven though, then it just gets awkward," he frowned, "Anyway, stop letting me go off on tangents!"

He paused, looking around at the Order. They seemed to be listening to him, even if a few, like Moody, looked at him as if he was outright insane.

"We're going to Midnight," the Doctor said; nervous, yet grinning in anticipation. "Taking another bus trip, see if there's anything there. Anyone want to volunteer?"

Silence. The Order simply stared, disbelieving; Moody especially seemed almost paranoid.

"Well, I'm in," Sirius was the first to speak; "It'll do me good to get out of this place."

His response was unexpected; on the whole, the people present seemed sceptical, more inclined to mock than encourage. Still, Sirius evidently trusted the Doctor; enough to let him into his house. Naturally, Harry's godfather would trust the stranger.

McGonagall appeared almost incredulous, unaware of the Time Lord's latest plan, the Weasley family listened, unsure, Moody watched, distrusting, Lupin hesitated, Tonks was thinking, and Kingsley looked around. Now Sirius had shown his trust, no one was willing to be the voice of discontent.

"I would be interested," Lupin put forward, tentative. "If it would be possible."

"Ah, yes," the Doctor winced, "That might not be. We're not sure on what actually causes a werewolf transformation, some forms it's wavelengths of light, some it's the moon facing you, or its image… I don't think it's safe for you on another planet, sorry Remus."

Lupin nodded, marginally upset. The curse affected all areas of his life; even this.

"I'll keep an eye on you," Moody muttered gruffly; before any more of the Order could cut in. "That's hm, five."

"Four," the Doctor interrupted; Rory's needed here. Dumbledore still needs to run Hogwarts," the Doctor muttered, frowning, still grinning.

"Four's enough, isn't it?" Amy frowned, leaning forwards.

"Should be," the Doctor murmured, "Four's a good number."

"And five?" Minerva McGonagall spoke quickly; voice quavering, yet powerful.

The Time Lord shot a surprised look at her; a small smile curved the transfiguration teacher's lips.

"You cannot honestly expect me to do nothing while you aid the headmaster," McGonagall spoke as if it were obvious.

"Good to have ya with us," the Doctor grinned, walking over to pat her on the back.

For a few seconds, there was a silence; one thrumming with anticipation. Then, in one movement, Sirius, McGonagall, Moody, Amy and the Doctor all stood up.

The soon-to-be visitors to the crystal planet of Midnight grouped at one side of the room. Still broadly smiling, the Doctor buzzed the door with his sonic; it swung open, and standing proud behind it was a blue police box.

"I'll try to have them back before the term starts," the Doctor grinned back at the room; "Sometimes I lose a few days when travelling."

"Or years," Amy pointed out

"Or- yes, can you stop talking about that now? I get the point," the Time Lord was sighing.

Amy smiled slyly behind him. Rolling his eyes, despite still grinning, the Doctor unlocked the TARDIS door, gently pushing it open. The wonderful world within was exposed for the wizards to see; it glimmered.

Ecstatic at once again being home, for how else was he to think of the time machine, the Doctor skipped up to the central console.

Looking around, as was the custom upon first journey into the TARDIS, Sirius, McGonagall and Moody looked around, quietly awed.

"I had a tent like this, once," Sirius observed.

"Oy! Watch it!" the Doctor managed to shoot a hurt look through the console room, while he fiddled with the controls, "I could take you back right now!" He soothingly stroked the metallic console; "You're better than a tent."


The first day of school once more; at Hogwarts. Draco sat on the Slytherin bench; the other students shuffled away, however subtly. His expression was visibly dark.

His normal allies, Crabbe and Goyle, had made excuses to leave him, rushed somewhere else. Probably afraid.

Malfoy on the other hand sat still, slowly savouring his lunch, and fiddling with a talisman under the table.

It was an etching of a serpent's head; a snake, head-one, moving to bite. Pointed eyes were just visible behind the flat, carved maw, and two long, smooth fangs descended from the upper scales, curved around on the flat surface, until they moved out the sides of its mouth, one either side, and pointed up, not unlike bull horns. Or, Draco reflected in a fit of momentary darkness, devil horns. No colour; simply a grey, flat amulet, glaring up at him.

It was then the blonde noticed several runes, engraved along the horn/fangs. Roman numerals; Draco murmured them to himself, as he ran his finger over them.

Numbers; more than that. On one, there was a date; that day. On the other, a time; a couple of minutes away.

Evidently, an alert for some kind of meeting; the Slytherin remembered when he'd received the snakehead. The masked woman; identity and motivation and allegiance unknown. A witch, who'd given him the snakehead, and commanded he to come when she called.

That didn't sit well with Draco; he didn't like having his free will stolen.

Still, he couldn't do anything about it. The snakehead refused to give any clue as to a meeting point; Draco leisurely ate his lunch, uncaring of the serpentine talisman.

And then it burned; a searing heat from his robe, strong enough that he feared it might catch aflame.

Quickly, Malfoy yanked the snakehead out from his pocket once more. Now, a glowing arrow was shining on the serpent's face. A brand; he tilted the snakehead, and the arrow's direction also, changed, pointing in the same constant direction, regardless of how the talisman was tilted.

Irritated, Draco put his lunch aside, standing up. He left the hall; guided now by that shining arrow.

Several minutes later, approaching the time specified on the snakehead's fang, Malfoy found himself on the seventh floor; guided towards a small huddle of other students. As he neared them, he noted that they also were all Slytherin.

No words. Silently, Draco paced up to the huddle, standing a small distance from them and pocketing the heated snakehead. Casting a glance over to the other Slytherins, he noticed that they too all held similar snakehead amulets; all eleven of them. Crabbe and Goyle were among the group.

Flash. Rumble.

A sudden flare of blue; walking forwards as if there had been no transition, the woman with tangled hair and a metal mask appeared, and passed much of the huddle. She was taller than many of them; and imposing enough to part them despite giving no action. As she approached the wall, there was a rumbling, and a door began to form itself from the stone.

"Room of Requirement," the woman relished the words; entering the newly-present door. "Come on," she turned, gesturing with a sharp movement for the group to follow her. All eleven, and Draco, did so.

Her voice was warning; tone moderately casual, until she commanded, such as then. In those cases, the last few syllables were prolonged, harsher, feral instinct audible behind them. The Slytherins obeyed simply for fear of what her voice warned against.

The interior of the Room of Requirement was large, imposing.

Almost like a cathedral. The walls were dark grey stone, the floor was black marble, and huge gothic pillars supported the distant, domed ceiling. Immense; possibly bigger than the Great Hall. In the centre of the room was an archaic pedestal, an altar.

One aspect of the floor stood out; a white serpent, a side on view, the classical appearance of an extended S shape, slightly raised from the polished jet-black marble floor.

The Slytherin group silently, nervously, moved further into the room. The woman stayed behind them, murmuring to herself, chanting spell and running a softly glowing wand over the door.

Her wand wasn't normal. That much was obvious; it seemed augmented by something, maybe a machine, maybe otherwise. A soft blue glow emanated from the tip while the magic was being performed, and the blend of characteristics gave her access to feats surpassing those of most other wizards.

"The room is separated," an unfriendly edge to her voice, as she spoke, filling the entire chamber with noise, "As of now, we exist in a dimension no longer tied to Hogwarts. They will not find us."

Her tones were almost mocking; a desire, a need, for cruelty edged her voice. She satisfied the urge with icy sound and scorn.

"You will obey me!" her voice rose to a tremulous, cracked shout, "Come when my snakeheads call, or else…"

She momentarily seemed contented to leave the threat like that, vague. Then, a moment later, the unstable woman jabbed her wand forwards, with a screech of: "Crucio!"

Agony ripped through the gathered twelve students. They fell to their knees, shaking, feeling as if the pain was endless-

"Am I clear?" the woman kept her wand held tightly in her hand, twirling it near her lips, wishing for a chance to cast the curse once more.