It was a typical Friday for Zero Kiryu. Get up, fix his bed, brush his teeth, choose his clothes, and feed his dog before heading out the door. After walking out the door he'd wait for the pedestrian light to turn to 'Walk' and then he'd go to the quiet café across the street.

Yep, it was a typical, boring, old and a normal Friday –Zero thought to himself as he bought a cup of coffee and blueberry muffins to munch on as he read a book to pass the time. Today was Zero's day off and he would not stand to be bothered.

But then, a man sat next to him.

A very familiar man, Zero noted.

A very familiar man that was record breaking annoying and was talking on his cell-phone. This made him way more annoying than he actually was.

How nice.

However, Zero was feeling nice, polite and patient today so he waited until the man finished with his conversation on the stylish cell before he threatened him to never come near him again.

As soon as the man's cell touched the counter and shut with a click, Zero grabbed the man by the collar saying, "I don't know why you're stalking me but cut it out before I use bullets to shoot off your manly essentials."

The other man smiled gently and looked at Zero straight into the eyes. The silver haired male bit his tongue and held down a blush, letting go of the other man in the process. Zero hadn't realized how handsome the stalker was until then. Never once had he seen him up close.

"Well, you might not remember…" The man started off and Zero couldn't pay much attention because he was hypnotized by the man's voice.

"-…so I thought you should take responsibility for her."

"Um, excuse me?"

The man held out a small baby in his arms –no idea how she got there- and smiled, "I said to take responsibility for her."

"W-wait, did we have…did we um…"

"Did we have sex?" The man finished for the now red-faced male.


"Kaname Kuran."

"So, did we sleep together Kuran?"

Kaname chuckled at the boy's cuteness before shaking his head, "No we haven't, though I most certainly wouldn't mind."

"…You are a man right?"


"Is that baby our-…yours?" And who's the mother?


Zero was now downright confused. "Can you explain why I have to take care of the baby and why you're stalking me again?"

Kaname brushed back a few brown stray hairs from his eyes, the same stoic yet gentle look on his face, "We met a few days ago at a club and you spilled wine on my expensive suit. I thought you should repay me for that but after that night I couldn't find you so I decided to let it go."

"But you were stalking me!"

"That was probably Rido, my uncle. He told me you came here so I decided to see if you'd be here. He told me to tell you that you have a sexy ass." Kaname said calmly and Zero couldn't believe he could say that last sentence without feeling ashamed.

"Can I kill your uncle later?"

"I give you my permission to do so."

"…Do I really have to take care of the baby to pay you back for spilling wine on your suit?"

"Unless you'd like to actually have sex with me…"

"I'll take the baby."

Kaname gave Zero a playful pout, "Well, that's too bad, I got toys as a birthday gift that I never used too…"

"Just give me the baby." Zero glared, hoping Kaname would mistake the blush as a blush of rage.


Written by Cookie

The baby is supposed to be Yuki, in case you're all curious.