I know! I know! I shouldn't be posting another story when I already have so many more to finish but… Hey, I'm not the only author who does it. Enjoy? Oh, and for the purpose of what goes on in this story, Tony and EJ never got together, but she did arrive at NCIS. And there was never any Ray or P2P killer case.

They walked into the crime scene, a two story house in an average neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia. The two bodies were lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen. Before they got to processing they had to clear the house. Ziva and Gibbs went upstairs and Tony and McGee stayed on the first floor.

"Clear," McGee called a couple minutes later.

"Clear!" Tony joined him in the kitchen with the bodies, a man and a woman, one of them in the Navy, according to the neighbor that called it in.

They heard Gibbs call shortly after from upstairs. "Clear."

Ziva didn't call out.

Tony and McGee shared a worried look before running up the stairs, guns drawn.

"Ziva?" Gibbs yelled as he made his way down the hall. "Ziva!"

"It is... Clear," they finally heard her say as they reached the doorway she stood in.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tony asked.

She didn't answer. Instead she slowly walked forward, into the room, as the men finally took notice of what was in it.

In the corner, where Ziva now stood, was a white crib and around it were a matching changing table, dresser, and rocking chair. The room was decorated with pink and purple everything. The bedding, the paint on the walls, the cushions on the chair, the lamp on the dresser.

The men stepped inside, nobody saying anything. The room was slightly reminiscent of the Nelson/Campisano case from about three years earlier, with the missing baby and the dead surrogate.

As Ziva leaned over the crib in the corner, she found a small baby girl, maybe six months old, staring up at her. The baby was in a pink onesie, half-covered by a white blanket with small pink and purple dancing rabbits scattered on it. She had green eyes that were filled with tears and a runny nose, like she'd been crying. And as if on cue, the little girls lip started to quiver and she let out a piercing wail, startling everyone in the room, even Gibbs.

"You better pick her up," he told Ziva.

"Why me?" she asked him, slightly shocked by both his command and the crying of the baby.

"You're closest. Just pick her up," Gibbs said.

"Please," Tim whined, covering his ears.

Tony simply grimaced.

Slowly, reluctantly, Ziva leaned down and lifted the infant out of the crib and held it close to her chest. Almost immediately, the crying stopped and the baby girl rested her head on Ziva's shoulder.

"Now what?" Ziva asked, almost awkwardly.

"Change her," Gibbs commanded. He turned to the other agents. "DiNozzo, McGee, come on. Let's start processing the scene. Ducky will be here soon. Ziva, just stay with the baby. Pack up a diaper bag for her. We'll call Social Services when we get back to NCIS."

"But-" she began, but he cut her off.

"No buts. Just do it," he said and left the room.

Ziva sighed and walked over to the changing table on the other side of the room. Carefully, she lay the baby down on it and reached for some wipes and a clean diaper. The baby's current diaper was soaked and Ziva frowned as she tossed it in the trash bin. How long had the baby been left alone? She was probably hungry as well. Swiftly and efficiently, Ziva wiped the little girl down, powdered her, and strapped on a new diaper.

Lifting the baby back up, she glanced around the room, spotting a pale pink diaper bag hanging on the closet door. She gently lay the infant down in her crib and made her way over to the bag. As soon as Ziva was out of sight, the baby began crying again and Ziva sighed. She couldn't exactly pack a bag while holding a baby. As fast as she could, she tossed various items of clothing, several diapers, wipes, powder, and a few toys into the pink bag. Slinging it over her shoulder, she rushed over to the crib and grabbed the blanket and the baby back out. Once again, the crying stopped as soon as the little girl was resting in Ziva's arms. Sighing, the probationary agent exited the nursery and began her descent down the stairs.

Ducky and Palmer arrived shortly after the three men returned downstairs and they quickly made their way to the bodies.

"Poor young couple," Ducky lamented. He squatted down next to the male and pulled out his liver probe as McGee held the body's thumb to his fingerprint scanner.

"What can ya tell me, Duck?" Gibbs remained standing in the entryway, as there was no room for anyone else to possibly fit in the tiny kitchen.

"This young man has been dead for just over an hour, Jethro."

"This one too," Palmer added, indicating the woman.

"The neighbor that found them must have scared off the killer."

"Boss," McGee stood, staring at his fingerprint scanner. "The man is Navy Lieutenant Kristopher Colwright, just like the neighbor said. The woman is his wife, Patricia Colwright. This is their house. Both are... were thirty-one years old and have nothing bad or outstanding on their records, from what I can tell. The Lieutenant is currently on leave."

DiNozzo walked in, yellow notepad in hand. "Boss, neighbor that found them said she never saw anything but she heard a crash, thought it came from the house on the other side. She was just bringing them an envelope that accidentally got delivered with her mail when she spotted them through the window."

"Got it, DiNozzo," Gibbs replied. "What was in the envelope?"

"Nothing important. It was just a letter from their dentist."

"Okay. Start bagging and tagging. McGee, take photos. And get their computer, too."

"Yes, Boss," they replied simultaneously.

Suddenly, more crying was heard from upstairs.

"What on earth is that?" Ducky asked, leaving Palmer to get both bodies on the gurneys. They had done all they could do here. "Is there a child up there?"

"Yeah. I'm assuming it's theirs," Gibbs said. "Ziva found her. She's changin' her diaper."

"Ziva's changing diapers?" Palmer asked, amused. Nobody acknowledged his comment.

"Maybe someone should-" Ducky began but stopped. The crying had ceased almost as quickly as it had begun and now they heard the agent in question descending the staircase.

"Gibbs," Ziva said, walking into the room carrying the baby and a large pink diaper bag. "I changed the baby and packed the bag. Were there any bottles or cans of formula in the kitchen? She may be hungry and I think I should put some in the bag as well."

"Yeah, lemme check." Gibbs returned a few moments later with a couple empty bottles, two cans of formula, some jars and packages of baby food, and a full bottle. He stuffed all but the full bottle into the bag, as Ziva's hands were busy holding the baby.

"Great. Can someone please take her now?" Ziva asked, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"Here, give her to me." Gibbs reached out and took the baby. He pressed the bottle to her lips but she refused to drink it and started to cry again. "I think she likes you better," he told Ziva with a smirk.

Reluctantly, she took the baby and the bottle and did the same as Gibbs, holding the bottle's nipple to the baby girl's tiny pink lips. Unlike before, the infant stopped crying and began sucking hungrily on the bottle. The formula was gone in a matter of minutes. As soon as the baby relinquished the nipple, Ziva set the bottle down on the kitchen table and grabbed the dish towel slung over a nearby chair, placing it on her shoulder. She repositioned the baby and began to pat her back to burp her.

"You do that like a pro," Tony commented, walking over and setting a box of evidence on the table next to the empty bottle.

"Yes, well, I have done it before," Ziva admitted. The baby let out a little belch just then, so Ziva repositioned her more comfortably against her shoulder and removed the dish towel.

"DiNozzo, you done?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes, Boss."

"Good. Ducky and Palmer just left and McGee's gotta be done by now. Let's get this stuff back to Abby."

The four agents exited the house, sealed up the crime scene, and returned to the car, baby and evidence in tow.

So? Should I continue?