Dungeon Four

Six to nine

Gutting newts


Potter's fault

Hexed me first

Something he

Didn't mention

With my potions I will change the world

With my potions I will

Make you see how wrong you were to

Walk away

Leaving me

All alone

In the dark

Nothing left




With my potions I will bottle fame

It's not flashy, a subtle science

Elixirs to gain control

Stopper death or ensnare the soul

Bewitching memories and minds

Of enemies so you will find

I'm more than I used to be

I'll keep you safe— you'll see

One day soon

You'll regret

Choosing him

Over me

I won't say

Told you so

Take you back


With my potions I will change the world

With my potions I will




A/N: This poem was inspired by Snape's description of Potions in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and the brilliant Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, specifically the song "My Freeze Ray". I used quotes from PS (chapter 8) and like in my Addams Family homage The Malfoy Family (snap, snap) I used the beat (the dah-dah-dah of the three syllable lines, etc) and general rhyming pattern of the inspiration. I hope anyone who's never heard of Dr. Horrible will go to youtube and find the My Freeze Ray song clip so you can enjoy it and hear the melody in your head. If you end up watching the whole thing you can thank me later. :D