A/N: Hey there! A couple of us got together for Mad Servers birthday and made this little round robin. I want to thank Newspaper Taxis, PADavis, and Sidjack for playing along with me. I hope this is as fun to read as it was for us to write! : )

Sam shivers awake in the passenger seat.

Dean is driving in only a t-shirt, the air conditioner blasting instead of the radio.

"Dude, how are you not cold?"

"You kidding? It's gotta be at least 90 degrees."

"In March?"

Dean grumbles something, winces when Sam palms his sweaty, pounding forehead.

"You're really warm. Maybe I should drive?"

"Not happening. Relax bro, we should be in Texas soon."

"Dean, the hunt's in Alabama." Sam reminds him, concerned.

Dean blinks in surprise, remembering.


Dean pulls over, sneezes twice into his armpit, rests his head against the window.

"Maybe you should drive."