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Ch.18 Reboot

The bright, glowing African sun rose over the savannah like any other day. This day, however, was different.

All of the animals were supposed to report to Pride Rock. No one but the lions for sure knew why. Some said that the queen had given birth to a new cub. Some said Simba was making an important announcement. Simba and his pride were the only ones that new.

To Simba, this day was a big reboot button. To get rid of the past and move on from it. He did not need to learn that lesson twice. However, his mind was still filled with memories.

He remembered the pain watching the graves be dug behind Priderock. He remembered watching his mother's dead body being carried into one of the graves. His relationship with his mother had not been as strong as with his father. He still regreted that. He remembered them carrying Nitajina's body to another of the 5 graves. He and Nitajina didn't ever talk. Except when she accomplished something. She was too young to die. She never deserved this. Nobody here did. He especially remembered when they dug a grave for Kopa. There wasn't a body to put in his or the two humans because none was found. Simba would have rather given his life to save Kopa's than Kopa die and he still live. As for Adam and Sam, they were the strangest. At first they had seem like nice human beings than Simba found marks on Nitajina indicating they had shot her. Was it a trick played by them on the pride the whole time? Nobody knew and no one would ever know. None of the graves had stones on them so if Kiara or one of the new cubs found them it would look like a pile of dirt. Simba did his best with Nala to recover from the blows that had hit them last week. Raffiki summoned Muffasa to help Simba and his pride with some of the pain. As for the cubs Simba just told the mothers if the cubs told someone about the incidents, the mothers were to punish their cubs severely. It was a long week without speaking a word.

Simba sat in the cave while Raffiki was preparing the cub by taking out a stick and brushing the cub's fur. Kiara was a beautiful golden yellow. A little bit darker than Simba's.

Nala walked into the room smiling.

"All ready SImba?" Nala asked.

Simba tried to put on his best smile. "Sure."

"Hey, it will be alright," Nala said trying to comfort him.

"I'm not as good as recovering as you are. I could use two weeks of mourning."

"Remember what your father said? You need to move on."

"I am tryng."

"Listen Simba, it is hard for me too. We both know he was a part of us. But Kiara needs you to be a good father now. We need to protect her better than we did Kopa. Can you help me do that?"

Simba nodded.

"Good. Raffki, do you think Simba looks good for the ceremony?"

"Yes my dear Queen Nala. You do not look so bad yourself."

"Thank you Raffiki."

Nala walked out of the cave and saw all of the animals of the savannah.

"Wow Simba! Look at all of these animals. It's the most I have ever seen!"

Simba looked outside. He was not amazed.

"Kopa's ceremony was bigger."

Nala turned around with a dirty look on her face.

"Would you quit it?"

"You are so beautiful."

Nala rolled her eyes.

"That isn't going to work Simba."

Raffiki looked at the Sun.

"Muffasa is telling me it is time to start the ceremony. The cub is ready. Simba and Nala, are you two ready?"

"Yes," Nala said with Simba looking grim.

"Simba, you might want to walk outside. I think you will be surprised," said Raffiki.

Simba turned towards the entrance.

Simba walked out and was flabbergasted.

In the clouds was his father staring down and smiling at him. Raffiki stood in front of Simba, smelling the cool, fresh air from wind. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind came through Simba, filling him with fresh air. He felt his father's presence. Simba couldn't help but smile. Those sad feelings for Kopa were all but gone. This would be a day to remember.

Simba looked out and saw Zazu. Zazu had come back to Pride Rock during the week of mourning in happy spirits saying "Simba! How is Kopa doing?" Simba wanted to rip out his little neck out of his socket but Nala quietly explained that Kopa was dead. She also explained the two humans that had come to the pridelands and the birth of their daughter. Zazu was deeply sad for the news and quietly apologized to Simba. Simba was graceful for his apology and explained to Zazu the new rules set in place. Zazu agreed. Now Zazu flew onto Pride Rock and bowed before the king. Simba smiled back at him just like Muffasa did at his birth. Nala carried out the cub right behind him. Raffiki performed the ritual of putting the fruit juice on Kiara, then took her to the edge of pride rock. Then time seemed to slow down. Simba looked up and saw Raffiki in one motion raise her up above the animals. The animals shouted and rejoiced in their approval. The elephants stomped on the ground. The zebras moved their head towards the sky. The animals were loving this. Simba looked at his daughter and laughed. She was enjoying this as well. He could tell she didn't like being held up there but was enjoying the praise she was getting.

Nala was smiling and enjoying it as well. Being her always happy self. recognizable faces. To the right of him was Timon and Pumbaa. He had wondered when they had gotten back.

"They must have had a pretty short vacation," thought Simba.

Raffiki lowered Kiara and put a streak of fruit juice on top of her head. Simba and Nala nuzzled their child with Raffiki holding it.

TImon and Pumbaa stared in awe at the site.

"Aw Pumbaa, look at that little guy. A chip off the old block, and you gotta know who's gonna raise him!" Timon said excited.

"His parents?"said Pumbaa confused.

"Okay sure, get technical, but who is gonna teach him the really important stuff! Like how to belch!" Timon said as he let out a big one. Timon jumped down with an inspiring vision.

"I tell ya buddy, it's gonna be like old times! You, me and the little guy!"

Simba gave Timon a look like"Typical you." Nala looked like she was not very impressed. While Raffiki just chuckled.

"It is a girl."


"GIRL!" TImon and Pumbaa yelled at the same time.

"OIgh," they both said as they fell over.

Simba and Nala burst out in laughter.

"I never will get your friends," Nala said.

"I really don't either, but they are pretty fun to have around. We could use them for babysitting."

"Yeah right," said Nala.

Scene change

Adam and Sam had decided to stay in the jungle until they had thought of a better plan of action or even what to do.

"You know Kopa, what do you want to do now?" asked Sam.

"I'm starving! Let's get some grub."

"Sounds good, but I want to save my rounds. Do you know how to hunt?"

"Uh sure, Yeah! You happen to be looking at a hunting expert."

"Okay Mr. Big Shot, lets see what you can do."

Kopa nodded and walked over to the waterfall with Sam following.

"So how do you know how to catch…" Sam looked over to the waterfall pool for something to catch.

"A carp!" Sam finished.

"What's a carp?" Kopa asked.

"See that fish at the bottom of the pool?"

"Is that the one I am supposed to get?"

"No, you can get any one that looks just like it."

Kopa nodded then crouched into position. He eyed the little fish carefully then jumped into the water. Kopa did not realize that the bottom of the pool was only four feet deep. In mid-air the fish saw Kopa dive after him and darted away. Kopa banged his head at the pool floor.

"Ha Ha Ha! Some hunting expert you are!" Sam laughed.

Kopa climbed out sopping wet.

"Maybe you should"…

All for a sudden Kopa was dragged back into the pool screaming.

"Kopa!" Sam yelled as he rushed over to see what was the matter.

In the water Kopa was swimming away from a big but slow crocodile. Kopa burst his head above the water and screamed "Help me Sam!"

Sam had plenty of experience with crocodiles in zoology even though he had better experience with big cats. He helped pull Kopa to land then carried him to a big tree.

"Are you okay?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Kopa said scared.

"Good. I'll be back in a second."

Sam turned around and saw the crocodile right in front of him!

The crocodile roared and rose it's jaw, ready to attack the two beings.

All of a sudden Adam dove down from the top of the tree, head first! His arms were ahead of his body carrying the knife aimed at the crocodile's head. The knife sank deep into the crocodile's head, the crocodile roared as Adam landed on the crocodile, pulled the knife out, then stabbed the crocodile again. The crocodile roared and wiggled it's body, trying to knock Adam off. But Adam had the beast pinned. Adam stabbed the beast a couple more times. After five minutes, the crocodile was no more.

"Did you miss me?" asked Adam jokingly.

"Wow. You certainly have a way of taking care of things." Sam said.

"Yea, it is my charm."

Adam walked over to Kopa to make sure he was okay.

"Are you hurt Kopa?" Adam asked.

"Uh, sort of." Kopa answered.

"What do you mean sort of?"

"My tail is gone."

"What?" Adam and Sam said at the same time.

"When I was dragged into the water, the croc grabbed my tail and yanked it off."

"Ouch." Adam and Sam said making disgusted faces.

"Yeah it really hurt. But I think I will be okay."

"Can you walk just fine?"

Kopa got up and trotted around the tree trunk.

"It's all good," he said smiling.

Adam and Sam burst out in laughter. Sam fell on the ground rolling around, laughing like a hyena while Adam put his back against the huge tree not trying to fall over from laughter.

"What is so funny?" Kopa asked.

Adam and Sam didn't answer. What they saw was just too funny.

"What is so funny?" Kopa asked, now angry.

"Your.. tail.. is," Adam couldn't finish the sentence.

Kopa layed by the tree, ears drooped and annoyed.

After a good long minute of laughter Adam and Sam both recovered, got up and went to Kopa.

"Sorry we laughed at your tail. It was just, too funny," Adam said.

"I pray it grows back, cause if it doesn't, you always will have trouble walking and everyone in the Northern Wood will be laughing at your face," said Sam stifling a little laugh.

Kopa just sat there, ignoring every comment made by Adam and Sam.

"Kopa? Kopa? Are you alright?" asked Adam.

"I am tired of you guys teasing me," Kopa said.

"Listen Kopa, were sorry, we couldn't help it. If Sam was walking around without a head, we all would be laughing too," Adam chuckled.

"Hey!" Sam said in defense.

Kopa laughed pretty hard, imagining Sam without a head.

"Yeah I guess you guys are right. I suppose it is sort of funny huh?"

Adam and Sam smiled.

"Thanks for saving me today. You guys are my best friends. I should know sometimes it is okay to laugh at myself huh?"

"That's right," Sam said.

"Come on, lets go get some food," said Kopa.

A.N: Sorry, I don't know if Raffiki's juice or whatever is a mango or fig or whatever. So I just said it was fruit juice. I am not talking about a juice box, I am talking about juice from an actual fruit. Sorry I had to take some dialogue from the movie to explain Kiara's birth.