It was late at night when Alfred heard it, almost two in the morning if the clock read right. It was a small sound, muffled by the door and seeming to come from across the hall way, from his adoptive father's room. Alfred groaned, placing the pillow over his head. 'Not tonight, damn it.' he thought, shutting his eyes tightly. Him and his twin brother had been adopted over a year ago by some French guy who's purpose in life it seemed to be was to shag everything under the God forsaken sun, no matter if it was male or female! It always carried on until the wee hours of the night, normally managing to wake Al who had to either block out the noise or bang on the door for his father and new partner-it was never the same person-to stop. The noise got louder and Alfred pressed the pillow against his ears before something occurred to him. He knew that sound. Sitting up, Al looked over to the empty bed next to his where his brother should be. "Matt," he whispered, throwing his Captain America sheets off of him and bolted out the room, quicker than he had ever run before.

He threw open the door to his father's room, finding Francis pinning down poor Mathew onto the bed, Matt with out pants on and his underwear down. Nobody moved, nobody even seemed to breathed while Alfred took in the scene, his sleepy mind taking a moment to process what his blue eyes were seeing. His adoptive father...trying to rape his brother! Immediately Alfred's instincts took over. He threw himself at Francis, wrapping his arms around his neck and pulled him away from Mathew. "Get your fucking hands off my brother!" he shouted, throwing him to the ground. Even though the boys were only thirteen Alfred seemed to have more strength than Francis and Mathew had put together.

"Alfred-" The French man started but was cut off with a sharp kick to the side.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear your fucking mouth!" Alfred yelled, blue eyes glaring murderously at the man on the ground. "Matt, you okay?" he asked, his voice a little gentler.

"I-i-i...I'm fine," Mathew whispered, wiping his eyes then pulled his pants up.

"Did he touch you," Alfred whispered lowly, his eyes daring Francis to even think about getting up.


"Did. He. Touch. You?" Alfred asked again, turning his head to look at his brother. "Did he?"

"...Yes..." Mathew whispered, eyes glistening as he broke down. "Yes!" he wailed.

"You...fucking...BASTARD!" Alfred screeched, beginning to kick his adoptive father over and over again in the head. "How dare you rape my brother!" His leg was then caught and pulled, forcing him to fall backwards.

"That is enough, Alfred!" Francis said sternly, standing up, his face bleeding from where he was attacked. He held the boy up by his leg, glaring at him. "Assez!" he growled.

"Let me go!" Alfred crowed, wiggling around in the air. "Let me go, bastard!" He was then hit so hard he began to see stars.

"I said...enough," Francis growled, throwing the boy onto the floor. He then received a swift kick to the back of the head.

"Fucking...bastard." Alfred muttered before the world went dark.

He awoke, not knowing how much time had passed but knowing he was hearing the tortured sounds of his brother. "Matt!" he screamed, standing up. It was dark. Where was he? He tried to open the door but it was locked. "Hey! Let me out!" he screamed, pounding on the door. "Mattie! Mattie!" he screamed, trying to ram the door open but it wouldn't budge. That bastard was going to die! Backing up the little bit of space he had, Alfred kicked at the door with all his might, managing to throw it off it's hinges. Alfred raced out of the closet and into his room, digging through his dresser drawer and pulled out a .9mm gun. Francis- an okay father-never really bothered to wonder what the two boys did in their free time, much too busy with his own love life. Alfred had bought the gun just a few months ago, fearing that one of Francis' partners could possibly be dangerous, especially that one guy with the bushy brows. He just screamed creep! Alfred had never imagined he would have to use this on his own adoptive father.

Checking to make sure it was loaded and the safety was off, he crept his way to Francis' room and the agonized screams of his brother. Opening the door a crack, the blond boy looked in, having to hold back a feral and very animal like snarl that started to build in the back of his throat. With a growl, Alfred kicked the door wide open and aimed the gun at Francis. The French man stopped and looked directly at his son, eyes wide. "A-alfred, cheri..." he whispered, for the first time in his life actually scared of a child. "What..what are you doing?"

"Get little brother." Alfred growled, slowly walking in, keeping the gun aimed.

"A-alright," Francis slowly rose, taking a quick glance at Matt who groaned after finally being released. "Now, p-put the gun down, Alfred." he stuttered. Alfred cocked the gun, and the naked man gulped. "Alfred...please..." he whispered.

"Too late, fucking bastard. Go burn in Hell." Alfred said calmly, taking three steps closer, pressed the gun into Francis' head and shot.

Blood and brain splattered everywhere, covering the wall, floor, and Alfred. Francis dropped to the floor, lifeless eyes rolling into the back of his head. Turning the safety back on, Alfred put the gun in his back pocket then turned to his little brother. "Mattie," he said quietly, Mathew staring at him with wide eyes. "Mattie...I won't hurt you." he said, taking a tentative step forward, the boy flinching as he did so. That hurt worse than being kicked in the back of the head. "Mathew...please...don't be scared. I won't hurt you," Alfred whispered, taking another step forward. He then held out his hand, eyes wide and pleading for Mathew to believe him. "Please, Mattie..." With a cry Mathew then threw himself at his brother, wrapping his arms around him and cried. "Shh, it'll be alright." Alfred told him, petting his blond hair back. "It'll be alright. I'm here, Mathew."

"Alfred," Mathew cried, clinging to him as though he were a lifeline.

"It's alright, Mathew. But look at me. Look at me!" Alfred said, grabbing Mathew's head to look at him. "I will never let anyone hurt you, ever again. Do you understand?" he said. Mathew sniffled and hiccuped, then nodded.

"Yes," he said, before another sob broke through his lips. Alfred sighed and hugged him tight.

"It's okay, Mathew. But Mattie...we gotta go." Alfred said. Mathew sniffled and looked up at him, question in his blue-violet eyes.

"Wh-why?" he hiccuped, wiping his eyes.

"Mattie...I killed him. Unless you want me to go to jail, we need to go." Alfred told him quietly. Mathew sniffled again and nodded, wiping his nose then pulled up his pants for the second time that night.

"Okay," he whispered.

The twins began to walk before Mathew stopped. "Wait!" he said, running back to their room and grabbed the stuffed polar bear he had sitting on his bed. "Okay, lets go." he whispered, grabbing Alfred's hand. They walked out the house, both turning at the same time to look at the place they would never return to. "Alfred," Mathew whispered.

"Yeah," Al said, turning to look at his brother. Mathew sniffled then placed a kiss on his brother's lips.

"Thank you. You're my hero," Alfred looked shocked for a moment before he smirked, holding tight onto his brother's hand and ran, determined to get them both away before the cops came.

"I'll always be your hero, Mattie."

A/N: This was originally intended to be a one shot but I had too many ideas not to make this longer. A few warnings: Violence, blood, a possible rating going up, yaoi, and a bit of incest. You have been warned. Reviews are always appreciated. ~Ciao! Love Stripes