A/N: This drabble (which I wrote in the last 15 minutes) is just to let everyone know that THE SEQUEL IS UP!

"So," Kurt began, shooting Harry a curious look. "You-"

"I don't want to talk about it," Harry interrupted, his voice firm. Kurt quirked an eyebrow, his mouth trembling with repressed mirth, and he nodded sagely.

"Okay, sweetie, if you say so," he soothed his boyfriend, patting the short boy on the hand placating. He shifted a little on Harry's couch, looking over the partially singed box on his coffee table. "But you should probably know, if you don't explain it to me I'm just going to assume the worst..."

"Look, Ron has these brothers, all right?" Harry burst out, his face flaming. "Well, he has five brothers, but two in particular - twins, their names are Fred and George - they're pranksters. Always have been."

"Uh-huh," Kurt shot Harry a droll look. Harry sighed and rubbed his face.

"No, really. They run a joke shop and everything. They're the ones who sent me all those sequins when I joined Glee."

"Oh, they're who I have to thank? I've almost finished the Cher Tribute costumes with them."

"Yeah, they thought it was very clever," Harry agreed, shooting the box on the table another furious, mortified glance. "So when they found out I was dating a boy..."

"They thought it would be clever to send you 18lbs of gay pornography?" Kurt finished, blushing even as he smirked. Harry sighed, letting his hands fall to his hands and his chin drop to his chest.


"And you, upon opening the box and seeing what was in it, decided that setting it on fire in your living room was the best course of action?" Kurt continued, shaking his head at Harry's slightly guilty look.

Well, I actually ignited the box with accidental magic when I realised what I was looking at, but, "Pretty much, yeah. I panicked, okay?"

Kurt muffled his laughter in his hands as Harry huffed, "All right, not my brightest move, but at least I got it out before anything else caught alight. Credit where credit is due."

"Yes, dear, you are indeed an intellectual for the ages," Kurt stood up and stretched. "I'm telling you now, though, no matter how cute you are, I am not helping you carry your box of burnt pornos to the bin."

"That's fair. Why don't you pick a film? I'll be back in a minute," Harry pressed a kiss to Kurt's cheek as he grabbed the box and made his way out of the room. He ran into Remus in the hallway and sighed at the man's confused expression.

"Uh, Harry? What's-"

"Don't ask," Harry grumbled, kicking open the front door. "I don't want to talk about it."