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Chapter 1

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That was the noise that Kuroda Ryou woke up to every, single, day. He really didn't know why the hell he didn't replace that old alarm clock. With a loud groan he pushed his face out of his pillow, and rolled on out of bed. He then sluggishly walked over to the bathroom, flicked on the light, and turned on the faucet. He cupped his hands and splashed some cool water over his face, letting the sudden shock of cold wake him up.

Kuroda had the face of a 25 year old man, however, he still went to a high school. Whenever someone would ask why he went to a human high school, he would simply say, "I want to keep up with the times."

He remembered one time when he hadn't come up to date, and accidently asked what evolution was, about six months after it was introduced to the world. That was a bad memory, as recalled, it ended with five police officers unconscious and a man with a bloody nose.

Kuroda splashed another handful of water onto his black hair, pushing a few wayward strands out of his face. His hair was uniformly long enough to go down past his ears, but remained slightly spikey.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, he went into this kitchen to make breakfast. As he turned on the stove, his eyes drifted over to a picture he always kept hanging from the fridge. In the picture, was three young teenagers, two boys and a single girl. The boy on the right had bright blond hair and a disarming smile, as well as a few freckles spread on his face. The girl in the middle had a large smile, large yet yellow slanted eyes, dark skin, and lovely purple hair. The boy on the left had black hair, a blank face, and dark red eyes. His face seemed to scream, "I don't want to be here."

Despite the boy's gloomy disposition, the girl had her arms wrapped around both boys' necks and pulled them into a sort of group hug. The boy with blond hair held up a peace sign, it was cheesy but it summed up the situation pretty well.

"Yoruichi ," whispered Kuroda, eventually the sound of sizzling oil broke his attention from the picture. After eating his breakfast and packing his school bag, he left his apartment and headed down the hall to the elevator.

His life was pretty boring to be honest, nothing exciting ever happened, and most the people in his school were a bunch of complete and total idiots, save for a few such as Ichigo Kurosaki and Chad.

He soon made his way down to the bottom floor and started his walk down to school. It was a relatively sunny day with few clouds, it was rather late into the first semester and he had nothing to worry about school wise.

Truthfully most of the stuff taught was stuff he already knew, of course he purposefully got one or two thing wrong to prevent himself from looking too smart. Otherwise people started asking questions and then he would have to move to another region entirely.

As he continued his walk, he noticed a man walking by. No, walking wasn't the right word, more like floating, just a foot of the street. It was a middle aged man, yellow dress shirt and tie, large glasses and a small moustache.

The man floated in front of Kuroda and started making faces, obviously not realizing that Kuroda could see him. Kuroda merely ignored the floating spirit, let him have his fun, he was dead as it was.

Suddenly, a series of loud sounds behind him shook the ground, the very earth itself seemed to be bouncing up and down. The spirit in front of him was suddenly terrified, if he still had organs Kuroda had no doubt the spirit would have pissed himself.

"What now?" he muttered, turning around to face the newcomer,

Just behind him was a huge humanoid figure. It was at least three stories tall, very muscular, and had a rough gray hide, much like a rhino. It's face was covered by a bone white mask, vaguely similar to a lizards face, in fact the thing even had a long reptile like tail.

"Oh jeez, another one of you, this place has been quite up until now. Did someone put up a vacation sign for you Hollows or something?" he asked out loud,

The large hollow turned to Kuroda, its tongue flicked out of its mouth repeatedly.

"Hmm, it seems I've found a particularly delicious soul today!" it announced slyly, "I haven't had the chance to eat a Soul Reaper for quite some time now."

"Why aren't they ever around when you need them," wondered Kuroda out loud, "and I'm not a Soul Reaper!"

"Don't lie to me puny soul! You practically reek with the stench of a Soul Reaper!" shouted the Hollow,

Kuroda sighed, behind him the soul was screaming and crying like a newborn baby.

The giant reptile Hollow suddenly lunged at him, with admittedly surprising speed for a creature of his size. Kuroda showed no fear as he stretched out his hand and lifted two fingers.

The Hollow was stopped right in its tracks as it collided with Kuroda's fingers

"W-what?" stuttered the Hollow, completely stunned that such a small figure stopped it's massive fists.

There was a small burst of red light, a moment later, the hollow fell to pieces.

"How boring, nothing exciting ever comes my way," he muttered as he turned back to the spirit behind him.

"Hey!" the spirit snapped out of it's trance,

"Scram! Get out of here!"

"Yes sirrrrrrrrrr!" it screamed as it floated away,

With that, Kuroda continued on to school. To him, nothing particularly out of the ordinary had happened so far.

At school everything was pretty much the same as well. He had just gotten into the class room and already the drama was starting to act up.

Keigo was bragging about how he must have done average on the test two days again while Ichigo sat in his chair with a very annoyed look, and Chad…well Chad kind of just stood there.

"I'm sure you guys probably didn't betray me and get really good scores on the test, right guys?"

"Yeah, whatever Keigo," muttered Ichigo, his eyebrows as furrowed as ever.


"Oh shut up Keigo, I study like normal people," Ichigo shot back,

"Ah! So Mr. I Don't Have Time does have time!" concluded Keigo.

"What's Keigo blabbering about now?" asked Kuroda as he finally stepped in,

"Oh, hey Kuroda, just about the test," replied Ichigo,

"Well at least I know you wouldn't score high, right Kuroda, my good pal!" said Keigo cheerily,

Kuroda just gave him a blank stare, one that all his class mates had dubbed, The Devils Eyes. Keigo immediately found himself in a bad position, and without a word, slowly backed up.

"Harsh dude," commented Ichigo,

Kuroda gave him the Devil's eyes too, as expected, Ichigo could only respond with a nervous laugh and smile.

Suddenly another spirit popped down from the ceiling, this time it was a small girl with pigtails and a pink dress. She giggled as she floated around the students that were completely oblivious to her presence.

"AH, jeez, another one!" muttered Ichigo,

"Hey, at least this time it's not some old man," commented Kuroda,

"What are you two talking about?" asked Keigo,

"Nothing," the two said at the same time,

"WAH! YOU GUYS ARE IN SYNCH!" cried a horrified Keigo,

"Well, could something be going on between you," he said, rubbing is chin thoughtfully and pressing his face very near to Ichigo.

"Keep your thoughts to yourself," said Ichigo as he punched Keigo in the face. The poor guy found himself rolling on the floor, holding his face in pain. No one really bothered to help him.

"Hey, what's up with Keigo?" asked a new voice, Kuroda turned to see Tatsuki, along with Orihime.

"Oh, hey Tatsuki. Nothing really, Keigo was just being his idiot self again," replied Ichigo, after which Keigo let out another scream of pain.

"Will someone please shut him up," asked Kuroda calmly,

Just then, the teacher decided to show up.

"Alright class, please everyone take your seats. Keigo, I don't know what you're doing but it can wait. Please get off the floor."

Class was boring as usual. Everything the teacher taught, he already knew how to do, he even noticed that she got one or two of them wrong, but he kept his mouth shut. As the teacher announced something, Kuroda began feeling a small, prickly sensation on his neck. He ignored it at first, but it seemed to grow stronger and stronger, it soon reached down his entire back.

His eyes instinctively turned to the windows. He immediately saw a black cat, with large yellow eyes. It seemed to be staring right back at him. His eyes widened at the realization of the possibility.

'It couldn't be, HER, could it?'

Before he could give it another thought, the cat walked away along the window sill, out of his gaze.

"Anyway class, here are your tests." Said the Teacher, who began distributing them back.

"99/100" was what Kuroda got, but he hardly cared. He was absolutely sure that that cat had been an old friend, but what would she be doing back here?

The rest of the school day went by rather quickly, everything was pretty much still the same. But Kuroda still could shake the feeling that the cat had given him.

At the end of the day, he was approached by Chad.

"Hey Chad, what's up?"

"Are you alright? You seemed rather tense in class earlier," said the giant,

"Yeah man, I'm fine."

"You sure? I can help out if you need,"

"No thanks, this is sort of a personal matter," replied Kuroda

"If anyone can tell me in this town, it's this guy," though Kuroda as he walked towards his destination. Clouds began to gather overhead, there could be a storm later, he thought to himself, as he walked, he noticed he was passing by the park. Sneaking a quick peak at the playground, he noticed a trio of kids, happily sitting on a bench eating their lunch.

It reminded Kuroda of a time when things had been much simpler.

Flash back

Kisuke and Yoruichi sat silently in their own private hideout, happily enjoying their lunch.

"This is nice isn't it?" asked Kisuke, "to just lie back for a while and forget our troubles."

"Sure is," responded Yoruichi, "after a long day of training, it feels great to just relax."

Yoruichi was just about to take another bite of her onigiri when suddenly a large explosion went off not too far from them.

"What was that?" asked a surprised Yoruichi,

"Probably just Kuroda," said Kisuke calmly. Sure enough, on a hill just in front of them, Kuroda appeared, zanpaktou in hand.

"Hey Kuroda!" yelled Yoruichi,

"Huh?" he said, only to see a rock flying straight for him, which he promptly dodged.

"What are you doing?" she shouted, "look what you've done!"


Yoruichi held up her onigiri for all to see.

"LOOK! You've gotten dirt all over my food!"

"Uh oh," he said before jumping down to confront her, "my deepest apologies Yoruichi, I was simply training in the use of my kido techniques and-"

"Jeez, all you ever do is train!" she yelled, rudely interrupting him, "it's always work work work! Why don't you ever just take it easy for once?"

"Um, I don't know?" he responded nervously,

"You should sit down with us," suggested Kisuke, "it'll help you relax. It's said that if you get no rest, your performance will suffer."

"But…I'm dead."

"So? Just kick back for a while," insisted Kisuke,

"I don't know," muttered Kuroda,

"Come on, please?" pleaded Yoruichi,

"Uh…well, okay," he finally said, before adding, "but I'm going straight back to training after this!"

"Ugh! How did you ever become so uptight?" asked Yoruichi,

"But I this is better than nothing, right Kuroda?" she said putting her hand on his shoulder and giving him a wink.

"Uh, sure," he responded,

Kisuke noticed a small amount of pink on Kuroda's cheeks, a small smile found its way on to his face.

End of Flash back

By now Kuroda had finally reached his destination, Kisuke Urahara's shop. Just outside, was a boy with fire red hair and a little girl that almost looked like a doll.

"Hey Jinta, Ururu," he said, as expected, Jinta was as rude as ever.

"Hey its , good to see you emo," responded the by,

"G-good to see you," Ururu shyly replied,

"Is Kisuke here?" he asked,

"Sure is," said Jinta, "just follow the sound of a person eating."

"Thank," he said as he pushed open the door and walked inside,

"Hello sir," said Tessai, who was cleaning up the inside of the store,

"Hey, just here to see the boss," replied Kuroda, who soon found out why Jinta had recommended to follow the sound of eating. Echoing through the halls was the sound of slurping , chewing, and tearing. That was probably Kisuke.

Kuroda found his old friend in the dining room, slurping up a large bowl of noodles and chowing down on BBQ short ribs. He made absolutely no attempt to use manners as he guzzled down the food like it was his last meal.

"Hey Kuroda! How's it going?" said the store manager with a full mouth.

"You disgust me," growled Kuroda as he continued to watch the man eat,

"Come on! No one's around! There's no need for manners!" explained Kisuke with a mouth full of meat,

"You better start closing your mouth, or I'm punching you right in the stomach," said Kuroda calmly,

"Sure, sure," said Kisuke, finally taking the time to close his mouth as he ate. After swallowing his food, Kisuke finally asked, "So, what brings you to my humble abode?"

"I wanted to ask you-"

"If I've had any word from Yoruichi?" interrupted Kisuke,

Kuroda paused for a brief moment, before finally saying, "Yeah."

"Humph, ever since she left, you've been coming to me every week to ask if I'd had word from her, and every time I'd give you the same answer. Well, the answer is still the same, I've had none."

"I see," said Kuroda, disappointment evident in his voice, "strange, just today I saw a black cat on my school's window sill. I was sure that it was Yoruichi."

"Hey, don't let it bother you. We'll see her again, I'm sure of it," said Kisuke comfortingly, "by the way, why do you always ask me if I've had any word. You could just wait for her yourself."

"We both know that if she does come back, you're the first one she'll go to. Me and her…we were probably acquaintances at best," he said solemnly,

"Oh come on, you guys were great friends!" said Kisuke trying to assure him. Kuroda gave him a skeptical look. "Think what you will, but I know how you two felt for each other."

Kuroda blushed slightly, he turned his face to the floor in a vain attempt to hide it.

"Whatever I might have felt for her…was relatively one sided," he said coldly, "I'm sure she'd prefer someone less…"



"Well, in any case, I'll be sure to tell you if I do come in contact with her. I'm sure she'd love to see you again."

"I doubt it," replied Kuroda as he stood up.

"It was good to see you again Kuroda," mentioned Kisuke,


"And hey, I might need your help later. I've got the feeling that something big is about to happen."

"Sure, you know how to contact me."

Kuroda shut the door as he left, his thoughts returning to their gloomy demeanor.

"Have a nice day," said Tessai as Kuroda walked through the front door,

Outside Jinta was giving Ururu a bad hair day, Kuroda picked up a broom and smacked him on the head with it.

"OW! What was that for!" yelled Jinta as he rubbed his now sore head,

"Be nice to girls," was all he said before moving on,

As he left, Jinta stuck his tongue out at Kuroda, only to have the broom smack him in the face.

"And get some manners,"

The rest of the day went by as fairly normal, Kuroda didn't see the black cat and he didn't feel any especially powerful Spiritual pressures. It seemed he would go back to living his boring life.

As he lie in bed that night, he couldn't help but remember Kisuke's words, something big was about to happen. Unconsciously he reached up and touched his zanpaktou, which he had hanging just above him on the wall.

"What do you think AnShen?"

"I think you care too much for that woman," it responded, Kuroda turned to his right, to see his Zanpaktou spirit standing at the window.

"You think so?"

"Yeah," it replied, or rather, he.

Unlike most other Zanpaktou spirits, Kuroda and AnShen had developed a bond strong enough that the spirit could manifest itself into a visible form for his partner to see.

AnShen manifested himself in a most mysterious form. He appeared as a very tall man, just as tall as Chad if not taller. He wore a dark red trench coat, highly akin to the color of blood, the back had a set of elaborate patterns that added to it's mystery. AnShen also wore a wide rimmed fedora that he usually kept tipped down to conceal his face.

From the back one would see only a human, but if you were to turn him around, you would see that there was no face. Or rather, you couldn't see his face. AnShen's face was a mask of darkness, you could vaguely make out the shape of a face, but you couldn't make out and details.

It all did very much to create a dark, mysterious character that was AnShen.

"But," AnShen continued, "I miss her too. Her presence was a large relief when you have turtle for a master."

"I'm not a turtle," said Kuroda objectingly,

"Do turtle's make noise?"


"Then you're a turtle."

"Whatever," said Kuroda as he rolled in bed.

"Hey, are you jealous of Kisuke?"

"WHAT!" he shouted in utter surprise and anger,

"Well, it seems logical that-"

"NO I'm not jealous! That guy's a total slacker! It's amazing he even became a Captain to begin with!"

"Alright, jeez, just asking."

"Besides, who Yoruichi eventually goes-"

Kuroda suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, a strange feeling shot up his spine. He only got that feeling when a soul reaper was near.

"Do you feel that?" asked AnShen,

"Yeah, but it's not close. It's at least 30 miles away. In fact… it's right where Ichigo lives."

"Do you think we should go check it out?" asked the spirit,

"Nah, I'll leave it for morning and see what happens."