I love this one so much. Don't worry about the names of Touko's parents. It's not important in this story. (But it is in enharmonic: o: !)

Summary: N is sick. Anthea and Concordia have no clue what the heck they should be doing, but the least person expected swoops in to help.
Inspiration: I'm sick.
Time period: Before the final battle at N's castle.

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Legend of a "Break in the Action"


"Ah, ah-choo!" N exclaimed, sneezing as the thought of him drifted through Touko's mind. "Ah…choo!"

Concordia rushed over to his side. "I believe…you have a cold, master!" she cried, a huge frown on her face. "What can I get you, my Lord? Food? A towel? Drink? Anything?" Her voice was rushed and anxious, as, obviously, she was in distress.

N started laughing, but choked on his laughter, coughing it out as he lay down on his bed. "I-It's alright, C-Concordia…" he managed to mumble, feeling lightheaded. "I…j-just need some r-rest…"


"N!" the Plasma Lord heard a familiar voice call. His…rival. "Are you alright?" His eyes cracked open, trying to adjust to the sudden light. "Oh, N," Touko sighed, pressing her ice cold hand against his overheated forehead, then to his neck, and back to his forehead again. "You've got a fever."

He blinked. "Fe…ver…?" he repeated in complete confusion.

"Your body is overheated and I need antibiotics…some cold towels…hot oatmeal…some salami…" She started pacing around, completely flustered. "…A warm meal, ice water…maybe get you in a cold bath…"

"C-Calm down, Touko," N croaked in a raspy voice. "Why…are you…here?"

Touko sat on his bed and rested her hand on his hot and sweaty forehead. "I don't want you to be sick… When you didn't show up at the castle, I was…well, you know…" She cleared her throat and said in a small voice, "W-Worried…"

"Why?" I'm…your rival…" His voice trailed off as he started coughing violently.

She bit her lower lip and touched his chin, not knowing what to do. Touko stroked his face from his ear down to the curve of his jawbone and finally to his neck. "We can't be rivals if you're sick, idiot," she muttered softly after a while, her face turning red in embarrassment.

He smiled faintly, as if the action pained him. "Thanks…but I'm sure…Anthea…and…Concordia…"

She pressed her finger to his lips, a soft smile appearing on her face. "I'll help you. Anthea and Concordia don't know how to deal with this sort of thing. It's…new to them." A grin appeared on her face. "I'll go get you some lunch." Her stomach growled, putting a grin on N's lips. "Um, I'll make some food for me, too…"

N chuckled and reached over to stroke her hand. "Th-thanks…"

Touko squeezed his soft fingers. "Yeah, no problem!" She stood up and nodded, leaving his room.

"Gotta love that girl," he murmured, falling back into unconscious bliss.


"N!" Touko shouted shaking his shoulder to wake him up. "Food's ready!" the younger trainer exclaimed. "I think you'll enjoy what I've made."

The Plasma Lord smiled and sat up slowly, sneezing again. "Thanks," he murmured softly, grabbing the tray from her and smelling the amazing aroma of food and drink. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," he groaned, grinning widely.

"Yeah." She leaned down and kissed his forehead in a motherly way. "Don't worry, N. I'll always help you. No matter what."

N turned tomato red when her lips pressed to his forehead. "T-Touko," he murmured softly, "th-thank you…so much…" He looked into her icy blue eyes that were slowly melting and opening up to him. "If I knew you do this to me, I'd want to always get sick!"

Touko raised an eyebrow, a smile appearing on her face. "I'm…glad you feel that way."

N felt a rush of adrenaline rush through his veins and his fingers pressed gently against her cheek. "Well…I'm glad that you're you." He took her head and cupped her face in his hands, pressing his lips softly against her, smiling as he did.

She pulled away and stared into his dark teal eyes, curiously cocking her head to the side. "N? Are you okay? Has that fever gotten to you?"

He shrugged, smiling. "No, I think love fever has gotten to me."

Touko blinked in confusion. "What? Is that a pickup line? Because I don't expect pickup lines from a guy like you…"

"Um," N started to say, "um, um, I…I just really like you, Touko-chan!" he managed to blurt out.

Touko laughed and kissed his nose, taking a spoonful of oatmeal and raising it up and pressed it to N's mouth. "Come now, N. Eat!" N opened his mouth and took the oatmeal happily in his mouth, gladly nom-ing, his taste buds jumping in joy from the tasty food. The female trainer grinned and grabbed a chair to sit in, feeding him more oatmeal "Are you enjoying it?"

"I am!" N exclaimed jubilantly. "What kind of oatmeal is this? I've never tasted anything like it before!" He looked at the bowl, lifting it up and searching for a label. "What's the brand?" he asked, turning to Touko as he continued eating with his mouth open, not showing any signs of proper etiquette.

"Err…" Touko obviously seemed relunctant to answer, but N didn't notice this as he was eating his oatmeal in oblivious bliss. "Sinnoh," she finally answered. "My dad sent it over this month along with some money for my mom." The younger trainer turned away, her eyes drooping in sadness.

N raised an eyebrow as she looked down at his orange juice and oatmeal on a tray. "Your… dad? Who is that?"

Touko pressed her fingers together nervously. "Um…well… It's sort of unimportant…" N's intense glare made her feel awkward and compelled to answer, so she did. "His name… is Denzi. He's an Electric-type user and a Gym Leader in Sinnoh."

N's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Sinnoh… What city? Why Sinnoh? Why are you in Unova?"

Furious adrenaline rushed through her veins. "I hate getting asked three questions at a time." N looked taken back, so he turned away and blushed, apologizing. "It's alright," Touko sighed after a moment. "He's the leader of Nagisa City. The last gym before the Pokémon League." She bit her lip as her eyes began welling up with tears "He left me. He left us. My mom, Hikari, when I was just one…!"

N stared at her in disbelief. His own mother had left him and Ghetsis when N was a young boy. "I can relate," he finally succeeded to whisper, leaning over to touch her hand and stroke it affectionately. "My mother…left me, too."

Touko looked at him in surprise, staring into his teal blue eyes for a few precious moments, N thinking the same thing. "I…I guess we have a lot more in common than I thought…" Touko murmured, her eyes lightening up slightly.

Not wanting her to cry, N smiled widely and a plan hatched in the incubator of his innocent brain. "Feed me!" he suddenly shouted, causing Touko to burst out in laughter.

"Alright, alright!" Touko cried back when N started biting her hand gently. "J-just get some of the stupid oatmeal! And don't you dare bite my arm off, N Harmonia!"

N grinned at the happiness. Too bad they were going to have to fight each other after N had gotten better. He would have loved a "normal" life with her.

But something about the abnormality made ramming heads with Touko much more bearable – maybe even fun. It made N happy. It made N very happy and if N was happy, Touko was too. He smiled at the simplicity.

He wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


[the end]

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