AN: The chapters in this collection will be random tidbits about Fenris and Dragon Age 2. Some may be nothing more than drabbles and others more complete one-shots.

This was a weekly prompt from the BSN Fenris appreciation thread.

Prompt: Read

Books littered the mansion, small reminders of the shackles that still remained, reminders of a past he had yet to find true freedom from. He bent down and retrieved one of the time-weathered books from the ground, a fine threading of cobwebs lining its spine. Nimble fingers brushed the webbing away and flipped open the book. The pages felt brittle, too fragile beneath his fingertips, the text a mish-mash of confusing symbols he knew he should understand and yet, he could not.

He considered for a moment tossing the book upon the fire. More kindling for the flame. Nothing more. Nothing less. But he found himself unable to part with this memento of a time gone by and the painful memories that it represented.

He was a man of little memories and those few he did have, he clung to desperately. They made him who he was and without them, he was not sure who he would become.

Hawke had offered to teach him to read. Fenris had been rather incensed at the time by her offer. He knew it was done out of kindness, no malice present within blue eyes as they looked into his green. That had not stopped him from lashing out at her, though. His reaction had been immediate and without thought.

But as he looked down at the tattered leather cover of the book he held, he began to wonder if perhaps he had been too quick in his decision and if it was time to rid himself of these particular chains that still bound him. Within the cloud of new memory, he might find release from those of old.