Animaniacs and the Valkyrie Star

Book one: Light and Shadow

(Uncut Extended Copy)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters associated with the Warner Brothers' Animaniacs, nor do I own to any characters in their likeness. I do not own the rights to any of the characters associated with the Warner Brothers' Animaniacs show either. The events in this fan fiction are purely fictional and should not be taken in serious context.

Chapter 1 - Collapse

My name is Princess Angelina Contessa Louissa Franchesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III. But you can call me Dot. Call me Dotty and ya die. Anyway, I have quite the story to tell you.

Smoke. That is the most prominent smell dancing in the air right now. I am standing in the middle of the wreckage of mine and my brothers' only place that we've come to call "home". The Warner Brothers Studio Water Tower had crashed earlier with us inside it. All around I could hear sirens of emergency vehicles, people gathered around to look at the damage and flashing their cameras at me. The whole scene went by as if it was in slow motion. I turned around to see more people taking photographs of me. I looked down at my hands and noticed that my gloves were tattered and my hands had blood on them. Sounds were muffled and voices were barely audible to my ears for a time. All around me I could see shreds of metal and pieces of destroyed furniture lying in shambles. The top of the water tower was lying around six feet to my right and it even looked worse for wear. Confused? Allow me to explain how I got here.

It was three years after our show was canceled and it also was rare that we were able to escape from the water tower any more. This was one of those times that we were able to escape from the tower. We first made sure to lose Ralph by hiding as plastic props for one of the movies being made at that time. At that time I started to notice a man standing nearby. He had a light tan on his white skin and large muscles, as well as he wore a strange outfit around his waist and he walked around shirtless. Normally I would have gone gaga over someone like that, but something was a bit off with him. I don't know if it was his spiky black hair that extended down half the length of his spine and stood out like he was a character from a Japanese cartoon, or if it was the way he stared right at me with his piercing green eyes. But, something about him made me simply wanna stay away from him. Within all of the hustle and bustle, I don't know if he walked away when a movie director passed by him or if he was simply a figment of my imagination and I needed to check in with Dr. Scratchansniff for a serious check up. But as the person walked in front of him, he vanished. Like a movie stunt from a cheap horror flick. I almost expected him to appear from behind me in a few seconds until Yakko, my older brother who is now almost 15, whispered, "Coast's clear! Let's go." We then sneaked off in the opposite direction that Ralph headed in.

We laughed for a while at the adrenaline rush we just had at dodging the dumb guard and continued on our way trying to calm down. We didn't get very far when we heard Ralphs whistle. As we turned around to look in the direction of the sound, we noticed Ralph running back after us. "Yikes!" we yelled and took off as fast as we could. Apparently, I didn't see that guy from before walking up to talk to me and I crashed right into him. The both of us fell backward and fell onto our butts. Shaking off the pain, I shot up and ran as fast as I could to catch up with my brothers. As I rounded a corner, a large butterfly net crashed down on top of me and I was scooped up by Hello Nurse, Dr. Scratcansniff's assistant. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. I had lost the whereabouts of my brothers and had no idea where they had gone to. "Well, there goes my entire day." I thought to myself until, a fishing net flopped on top of Hello Nurse, pinning her to the ground for a time and allowing me to escape. I looked where the net came from and there was Wakko with his gag bag. I smiled at my brother who was just a few years older than I. He was close to 11 years of age and I was turning nine. I thought they would come back for me.

Wakko led the way and we rejoined with Yakko at one of the sound stages. "What happened? You looked like you tripped over your own foot." He scoffed at me. "No I didn't. I bumped into someone and fell..." My voice trailed off as I noticed my brothers looking at me with a worried look on their faces. "What?" I retorted. "Uuuhhhhhhh, Dot. There wasn't anyone else there when you tripped." Yakko answered. "I didn't trip..." I snapped. "You didn't see the large muscled guy with no shirt and strange black hair?" I then asked. "We didn't see you jump on anyone." Yakko stated sarcastically. "Too much hair." I retorted. "Maybe, we've been in the tower too long." Yakko said, worried about me. I started to think that I imagined the creepy man after all. Darn it! Why couldn't I have hallucinated Mel Gibson?

We spent most of the day ditching and dodging Ralph, Hello Nurse, and Dr. Scratchansniff. It's quite amusing to see them run around aimlessly with butterfly nets. The creepy thing is, every once in a while, I would see that strange man every now and again. Sometimes, he'd be shirtless with black hair, and other times he'd be wearing a t-shirt, jeans and have white hair with a long beaded rat's tail on left side of his head. (Cool thing was, he looked pretty decent with it.) When he'd have black hair, it seemed like no one could even see him. And when he had white hair, he was working on sets and props like he had a job on the lot. The two looked slightly different but, I was so sure that they were the same person. I thought I was going even crazier than Mr. Director at one point. One time when I saw the strange man, he had his white hair and I pointed him out to my brothers. "I think that's him. I know that's him. Tell me you guys see him now." I complained to Yakko. He leaned over and squinted hard to look at the person I was talking about. "Oh, you mean Loc? He's the new props and set worker. He's been here for about three weeks now. And if you look close enough, uuuuuuhhhh, it looks to me like he's wearing a shirt." I just gave my brother a dirty look then screamed out in frustration, "I'm going crazy!" "I'll say you are. His hair isn't even black. It's white." Wakko pointed out. "Well thank you 'Mr. Obvious'." I sarcastically remarked to my brother's comment. "You're welcome." Wakko responded innocently. I simply slapped my forehead in even more frustration.

"I just realized something, sibs." Yakko exclaimed to us. "That I've stayed in the tower for too long?" I asked sarcastically. "That the Wheel of Morality wasn't a good idea after all?" Wakko asked seriously. "No. We have yet to haze the new guy." Yakko stated with a smile. And with that we made our way to him quickly. However, before we could begin teasing him, we heard Ralphs whistle blowing briefly from our left. Looking over in that direction, we saw Ralph's chubby body running after us. (I swear one day, we'll run him into a "36" pant size!) We took off as fast as we could, but before we did, I made sure I got a good look at Loc's eyes. They weren't even the same color. Loc's eyes were icy blue and the strange, shirtless man that popped up every once in a while had dark menacing green eyes. It was so strange though, they had the exact same face, even though they definitely showed opposite personalities. I could swear that it was possible that they were the same person.

It was starting to get late and we were becoming exhausted from all of the running. When we found ourselves at the foot of the water tower, Wakko reached into his gag-bag and pulled out a square steel platform with a pulley lever attached to one side. He placed it on the ground and the two of us stepped on. When Wakko pulled on the lever, a steel cylinder rose from underneath the platform and lifted the square piece of steel like it was an elevator. When Ralph finally caught up with us, the platform had lowered itself back to ground level. Ralph then stepped on the platform and pulled on the lever in the opposite direction as Wakko did. Instead of rising up and allowing him to meet up with us on the towers walk way, an anvil dropped out of nowhere (literally) and landed on the guard's head, flattening him. We shrugged our shoulders with confusion as to how that phenomenon continues to happen to the poor man and then we opened the towers large shield shaped door and jumped back in. Wakko closed the door behind us and we counted this one as a successful escape. "Well siblings, that makes ten successful escapes this week." Yakko stated as he marked another line on the calendar. As a sporting event, we decided to see and keep track of how many times we could escape and not get caught. So far, our largest record is twelve.

"Thanks for not telling him." I said to Wakko meaning how I was caught by Hello Nurse after slamming into that mystery man that resembles Loc, but isn't. "You're welcome." Wakko said figuring out what I meant. "Didn't tell me what?" Yakko asked coyly to Wakko and me. Wakko began stumbling to think of a good excuse to replace the truth. "Uh, um, duh uh... That her flower was out dated." He finally said. I actually didn't know whether to feel relieved or angry with that. Yakko looked over to the flower tying my ears together and noticed that it actually was a little cracked and worn. He turned back to Wakko and said, "You know you are not a very good liar, right?" Wakko simply grinned at his older brother slightly embarrassed. Yakko then turned to me and said, "You got caught didn't you?" I just lowered my head, folded my arms behind my back, and lightly dragged the thumb toe of my right foot along the ground in a circle pattern in shame. Yakko backed off and stated, "Make that 'nine' then." He then made his way back to the calendar that he used to mark our successes and covered his latest mark in white out. "I think it's time we turned in." Yakko then stated. "What you wanna turn into?" Wakko asked. However, before he could make any suggestions, Yakko gave his little brother a dirty look and simply said, "Go to bed Wakko!" He just simply gave Yakko a goofy grin.

We each had gotten ready for bed, me in my pink night gown, Wakko in his even longer blue shirt and his brown khakis. Yakko crawled into his bed, plopped his head on the pillow and said, "G'night!" to the both of us. "Good night" I replied to Yakko. But, before Wakko could even open his mouth to respond, the tower felt as if it shifted in one direction for a quick second and was accompanied by an incredibly loud scraping noise, like two metal beams being rubbed together. Yakko shot up in his bed and cried out, "Whoa, what was that?" For obvious reasons that we could smell sometime later, Wakko blushed and said, "Pardon me." All I could get out was, "Disgusting." Even though I actually highly doubted that the rumbling came from him. Yakko simply gave me an uncomfortable look for a short time, kissed his hand and said, "Goodnight everybody."

"I'm gonna make myself a sandwich before bed." Wakko said making his way to the old school piece of junk we called a refrigerator. The moment he stepped over half way across the floor, the tower began to shift again. It shifted so much in fact that suddenly, we felt the entire tower shift and turn to one side. Deafeningly loud creaking noises erupted as the tower began tilting and falling to toe ground in a wide arch. Despite the fall only lasting no more than 20 seconds, it felt like forever till we collided with the pavement. Yakko, still in the bunk bed began to slide to the lowest point of the tower and in a hurry. He was barely able to "abandon ship" before the bed crashed into pieces against the other wall. It seemed like gravity began to shift to that very wall and the rest of the furniture began shifting as well. I barely noticed myself sliding then lifting in the air as the tower turned on its side. Once the majority of the furniture smashed against the wall, all I could see was a sea of broken wood, random cloth, and porcelain shrapnel. Once the tower impacted with the ground it became so malleable that it bent in ways that didn't seem possible even to cartoons. The metal walls folded, warped and even broke open and shredded other destroyed objects that didn't even deserve the excess punishment. When my body made contact with the pavement, a flash of light burst in front of my eyes and I blacked out for who-knows-how-long. When I came too, I was bleeding from a cut in my forehead and my ears were ringing like the bells at Notre Dame. My mind was hazy and so was my sight for a time. At first all I could make out were random flashes of light and blurs of various colors. Complete confusion had set in and I could barely think. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion and I hardly knew who I was let alone where I was. The blurs of color slowly began to take shape and the sounds slowly came back to my ears. The shapes began looking like a crowd of people and the sounds flooding my ears began sounding like the crowd's chatter. As I turned around I could see random people flashing their cameras in my direction.

As my head began to clear, a thought came to my mind and I began to frantically look around for my brothers. When I finally located them, Yakko was holding on to one of his arms as if it was broken or something. Wakko's shirt was tattered and he was missing a sleeve. All of us were battered a bruised from the crash. As my head cleared even more, the twinge of pain began to creep over my body and I began feeling each and every bruise and wound I had received from the crash. Suddenly, a familiar cranky voice came from beyond the crowd of people. "Step aside! Move along! Stop taking pictures! What are ya, paparazzi? If you people actually don't have anything better to do than stare at a couple of yutz's in the middle of a crash site than I suggest you all get better jobs!" It was Slappy Squirrel. You could tell from the heavy New York accent. Apparently, she heard the crash from all of the way at her tree. She stormed up to the caution tape that was placed around the parameter to quarantine the area. It was a good thing I didn't break my legs, because I decided to walk up to the cranky old gray squirrel. When I got within speaking distance from her, she said to me, "What happened? You look like you got into a fight with a blender and lost big time. Which one are you anyway, yutz one, yutz two or yutz three?" I actually didn't like that comment a whole lot, however in the past three years, her sight had nearly gone completely and she had a habit of forgetting her glasses.

"Here ya go Aunt Slappy!" Skippy said from behind her handing Slappy her glasses. Slappy's glasses weren't anything special. They were simple rectangular lenses with an invisible bottom frame. The top frame was thin, a silvery color and followed the shape of the lens almost perfectly. The ear pieces of the glasses were equally plain and simply angled upward to hang on her ears. Her vision began to clear up as she put on her glasses and Slappy finally recognized the dark blur in front of her. "Oh. Dot right?" She stated then squinted at me for a short time then turned back to her nephew. "Skippy, am I wearing these things right? She looks worse when I put them on." She stated. "You're wearing them right Aunt Slappy. They were only inside the tower when it collapsed." Skippy retorted to his aunt. "Really?" Slappy stated with surprise, "Why would you go and do that?" I was beginning to get real annoyed with this act of senility. (In which it obviously was. She was just trying to get a reaction out of me.) "Be nice Aunt Slappy." Skippy retorted to his aunt. "Oh, alright." Slappy sighed, "But you guys owe me a story. Meet me at my house after this gentleman here takes your statement." When I turned around, there was a young man in a police uniform standing there just placing his arm on my shoulder. I was gonna give him a "Hellooooo Nurse" and jump into his arms. However when I tried moving too fast, my body began burning with pain.