Final Chapter – End of the Storm

"See Skippy?" Slappy said to him still full of doubt and anger. "She can't do it. Let me in there and I'll show that guy a thing or two about hurting others like that." "And what are ya gonna do Aunt Slappy? Throw dynamite down his pants? Smash him with an anvil? You made a living on utilizing cartoon violence, but you never actually tried to kill anyone before." Slappy backed off a little bit as Skippy said that. He was right. Slappy never has actually had the desire to kill another before. She simply continuously took advantage of the fact that no one can be killed from cartoon gags. And she finally realized that if she did pull any of her gags successfully, all it would do is enrage him even more. This guy wouldn't stop just because he was knocked silly. "Alright Skippy, you've made your point. So what should I do?" "Let go of your vendetta. Trust Dot to handle everything for now." Skippy said to his aunt. "That's it? Let her handle the whole thing and sit back and do nothing?" Slappy complained. Skippy simply nodded in acknowledgement.

The battle outside was starting to heat up, literally. I was constantly being bombarded by fireballs from Coluv, while he was laughing maniacally. "See if you can avoid this you insignificant little insect!" He shouted. It was all I could do to do just that. I spun around, danced and dodged the best that I could. (In all honesty, I had no idea that I could move like this.) A few fireballs struck me, one in the right arm and one in the right hip, destroying the smaller gold chain, knocking my right hip guard clean off, tearing a hole in my battle skirt and burning nearly my entire right side. I tried to block another one with the Valkyrie Star Sword. However, the moment it struck, the blade snapped a foot from the hilt and broke into five pieces. The tip of the blade snapped off six inches down and two smaller shards broke off making the remainder of the blade look like a reverse Bouie knife.

By the time Coluv had stopped firing fireballs, the dust had kicked up greatly. And he watched on hoping to see my burnt, mangled body lying dead on the ground. No such luck. He was flabbergasted when the dust cleared and I was still standing on my feet, my eyes closed and out of breath, no less, but still standing. When I finally opened my eyes and looked straight at Coluv, he noticed that they were now glowing a bright light blue rather than yellow. Coluv screamed at the top of his lungs in frustration. "Why won't you just die?" He yelled. "Because, we won't let you have your way anymore. It's time you paid for your crimes." My voice said on its own. It was almost as if my body had taken on a life of its own somehow. I still was mostly in control of it, but there was wisdom now to the things that came out of my mouth.

Holding up the broken sword I positioned myself to strike at his heart like Vuloc told me I should. A last ditch effort, I dashed in as fast as I could toward Coluv until I was close enough to plunge the broken blade through him. With more confidence than he should have had, Coluv positioned the Armageddon Blade in front of my strike to attempt another block and then try and slay me with another one of his spells. However, the moment the two swords made contact, the Armageddon Blade gave way and snapped in to two halves. Fear and loss painted itself over Coluv's face as his weapon crumbled to dust as the blade of the Armageddon Blade fell to the ground near his feet. My weapon never stopped its strike though and the sharp point of the broken sword plunged into his skin. The blade continued on through the left breast of the black hearted Coluv, eventually piercing that black heart. His face stricken with pain, he slowly turned his gaze to the sword whose, hand guard was pressed against his skin.

I released my grip on the handle of the Valkyrie Star and slowly backed away from him. I rose my hands up to look at them and found that his blood had leaked on them during the final strike. Discovering that his blood indeed was black, the realization finally hit me. I just took the life of another living being. I continued in my own shock as I watched Coluv take a few steps backward, weakly ask me, "" All I could say to answer him was, "The world is fine the way it is." Then Coluv's knees buckled and he collapsed to the ground on his left side. His green eyes glazed over and he finally stopped breathing. Grief and pain all hit me at once, and I began to cry for what I had to do. I screamed out loud with grief as a white light enveloped me and I blacked out.

I awoke to find myself in a familiar bed surrounded by familiar things and familiar people. Apparently I had been asleep for three weeks and my brothers looked after me during that time. The water tower was rebuilt, constructions crews were working on repairing the rest of the movie lot, and I somehow had returned to my original form. The feeling of that moment when I stabbed Coluv continued to haunt me for a while and every now and then I thought I saw a figure with white hair and shrouded in a blue cloak watching over me.

One day, when my brothers were causing mischief, I decided to step outside for a bit of fresh air and leaned against a tree. "I know you're there Vuloc." I said seemingly to myself. Suddenly the blue cloaked figure emerged from behind some shadows. "It's good to see you again, Dot." He said to me. A moment of bittersweet silence followed. I finally decided to break the silence and ask, "Will it go away?" Vuloc looked at me surprised and asked in response, "Will what go away?" "This feeling, the blood on my hands. Will it go away at all?" I asked again. Finally understanding what I meant, Vuloc answered, "Eventually it will. It's actually better than not feeling anything at all. It means you're human-ish" "Thanks...for everything." I said and turned to where I thought he was standing. He had vanished while I was talking and I figured out why when I heard my brothers call for me. I looked over in their direction and saw Yakko waving to me. "Dot, come on. We're going out for ice cream." He yelled to me. I thought to myself, "Why not", and ran back to my brothers calling back, "Not without me, you're not!" I realize that some things might be difficult. But if you put your trust in yourself and in others, anything is possible.