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Courage Corrupted?

"I wish Davis would hurry up and get here." moaned Yolie. She had been saying that for the last five minutes. Tk laughed but before he got an chance to answer her an all to familiar voice spoke.
"Well, well what do we have here? Some pests in my garden." The Digi-destined spun around and sure enough there was the Digimon empire otherwise known as Ken.
"What do you want?" Cody growled. Ken smiled.
"I wanted to show you my new toys." He took a step back to revel... Davis! He stood there, making no effort to join them.
"What have you done to him!" yelled Kari. The Digimon empire ignored her and looked at Davis.
"You know what to do." Davis nodded and held up his D-3.
"Dark Digi-armour energise!" Veemon jumped out from behind Davis, a dark ring attached to his leg.
"Veemon dark armour digvole to.... Smouldermon, the embers of courage!"
"I have a plan... Run!" Tk calmly. As one the 'chosen children' turned and ran looking for a TV. As they ran to one, Smouldermon landed in front of them. He was black and looked like an dragon with VERY large teeth. Davis was sitting on his back an evil smile on his face. Tk gulped, they had carefully moved around so the TV was now behind them but he knew that they had no chance of opening a digi-port.
"Davis?" Kari looked at him and noticed something. "Davis, where are you're goggles?" The boy gave her a glare that would have melted ice.
"Shut up! Smouldermon attack!" The dark Digimon jumped into the air.
"Fire breath!" The fire attack headed straight for TK. He looked at the fire ball getting bigger and bigger as it came flying towards him. He heard a girl's voice cry out,
"Digi-port, open!" The gang were sucked in and found themselves in the empty computer room.
"Well done Yolie for getting the digi-port open." Yolie stared at Tk in shock.
"I didn't." Tk glanced at Kari
"Was it you?" She slowly shock her head. Tk looked at them his unease growing.
"Then who did?"
And no one noticed two pairs of eyes watching them from the door...

Well should I carry on? The next part will explain what's going on and why Davis is evil!!!
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