A Through Z

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D is for Dodge

Dodge- to use evasive methods; prevaricate

Wilson is the romantic one, the one who plans dates, pays for the meals, and generally keeps the relationship a relationship and not a friends with benefits kind of thing. House is the brusque one, the one who dominates the room, takes him to scary movies he doesn't want to see, and the one who gets the ball rolling and keeps it that way. Those are their jobs in the relationship. That's what keeps it together. Both House and Wilson are aware of this and, while they sometimes have a bit of a role reversal, they like it that way. It's simple, easy. So, when Wilson found out that House had planned a romantic dinner for them at their shared apartment, he was immediately suspicious. That feeling only elevated when he entered the apartment. Rather than ordering takeout and dumping it onto a plate, House had cooked their meal. The music was much like one would find at a fancy restaurant, soft and classical, not rock. The table was set and even had a candle, wine in a bucket of ice, and a tablecloth. House, however, was nowhere to be seen.

"House?" He said it hesitantly. It would be just like House to play a prank on him. From deeper within the apartment there was a reply.

"Be there in a second." His voice was slightly out of breath and Wilson started to worry. As the what ifs began flooding his mind a slightly out of place one came to be. What if he wants me to worry? He steeled himself for some kind of humiliating prank as he walked further into the apartment, hanging up his coat and taking off his shoes. By the time House appeared, Wilson's forehead had gained a new worry line. "Done. How do I look?"

"Good." Wilson's voice came out surprised. Because he did. He'd tamed his hair, just a little, and, while his outfit wasn't black tie formal, it was better than business casual. He'd even put on a tie, though Wilson had the sneaking suspicion that it was either clip on or one of the zip up ones that they'd seen at Walmart.

"Don't sound so surprised. I can dress nicely if I feel like it." House's sarcastic tone had the desired effect of loosening Wilson's posture and relaxing him with the normality. House retrieved the food from the kitchen and set it on the table with a flourish. "Dinner is served." After dinner, House washed the dishes, an action that almost surprised Wilson into leaving the room. In the end, Wilson ended up drying and putting away the dishes, unable to just stand around and watch.

"So what made you decide to do this?"

"What do you mean?" The innocent tone put Wilson back on guard.

"You know, this." He swept his hand in the direction of the dinner table and, consequently, the rest of the kitchen.

"Make dinner? Why not? You're the one who's always complaining about eating takeout all the time."

"Not just that, everything. The dinner, the table, the music… even washing the dishes! What made you decide to do that?" House's response was a shrug. "House…"

"I… just wanted you to know that you're appreciated." House ducked his head, as though expecting rebuke.

It was the out of character shyness that did Wilson in. He pulled House's head down and kissed him, hard. "Thank you." Wilson smiled at him.

House grinned. "Also, that horror movie I wanted to see starts showing tomorrow and I already bought us tickets." Upon seeing Wilson's upset expression, he adds his favorite part. "Nonrefundable."

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