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Ch1: When It Rains, It Pours

The team was at a benefit dinner in memory of Warrick they were trying to raise money for Warrick's son's college fund. Nick and Catherine helped set up the event. There was a heavy rainstorm outside so the night wasn't a great success.

Nick was helping putting the excess stuff away he thanked everyone for coming. As he was leaving he saw Catherine and Lou arguing.

They had a strange on again off again relationship and were constantly fighting. Nick could assume that their fight was because her and Nick danced together. Nick and Lou always had this unspoken tension to each other which only heighten once Catherine and Lou started dating.

Nick was pretending to check his phone he didn't want to get his truck in the rain. It was really coming down now buckets of buckets of water just came down.

"You are so insecure!" Catherine yells

"How am I insecure?"

"You get jealous over everything! Anything I do you through a little hissy fit. Grow up!" Catherine yells hitting where it hurts, Nick heads back into the ballroom to give them privacy.

"You think I'm jealous of Stokes?"

"I never said that. But it seems kind of obvious if you think. You're jealous of the friendship we have, aren't you?"

"Jealous you wish? He's crazy!"

"Don't..." Catherine says turning away

"What you upset if I talk about your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend! He's my friend!"

"I'm done with this! I'm done wasting my time on you! You only shit on me and make me look stupid! I'm done! Find your own ride!" he storms off. Catherine waves her arm in defeat.

Nick came back out as Catherine wiped her tears away. Nick wasn't sure what to say without making her more. A mistake he has made a few times in the past.

"You alright?" he says his accent always makes her smile.

"Yea... Can you give me a ride home?"

"Sure Cath" he says a strike of lightening lights up the sky catching both of their attention. He hands her his suit jacket "I don't want ya to get sick" she takes his jacket.

"Sure Nicky" she says sarcastically.

"You think I wanna get stuck with your paperwork?" they laugh. Until another lightning bolt strikes followed by thunder. They take off running to Nick's truck once inside they both start laughing. This was a much better ending to Warrick's memorial dinner then last year.

Nick slowly pulled out cautious of the pouring rain. Catherine started fiddling with the heat and the radio. Once a song finally came through clearly she sat back watching the rain trickle down the window. Nick smiles to himself as she starts humming the next song.

"You like this song?" Nick asks turning it up a little.

"Linds has been singing it"

Written in the stars

A million miles away

A message to the main


Seasons come and go

But I will never change

And I'm on my way

Nick stops for a red light bobbing his head.

"You can change it Nicky"

"Its fine" he says smiling "I like it"

As Nick hit the gas pedal another car came speeding across.

Nick slammed on the brake just in time to avoid collision.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked lightly touching her shoulder.

"Yea... You?" she says catching her breath "let's get out of this intersection please" Nick drove on.

After the almost collision an awkward silence took over the vehicle. The rainstorm picked up more.

"We have triple degree heat all week then get pounded with rain like this"

"Ugh it's been so humid... Though"

"Now it's gonna be a swamp"

"A problem best dealt for tomorrow Nicky" they both laugh. He continued to drive Nick began flickering with the wipers as the one got stuck.

"c'mon..." Nick drawled.

"What's wrong?"

"The dumb thing got stuck" the windshield began to fill with water and they couldn't see out of it.

They saw a pair of headlights coming straight for them.

"Nick!" Catherine squeals Nick slams the brakes and turns the wheel. The truck breaks through the guardrail flipping upside down inside a drainage canal. The truck began to fill with water Nick kicked out the remaining windshield as Catherine struggled to unbuckled her seatbelt. "Help me Nicky" Nick grabbed the seatbelt and began tugging the seatbelt. He started stomping on it contorting his body to fit in the submerging vehicle, he gives it a hard pull, and Finally she was free he grabs her hand swimming to the top but they began flowing with the current.

There screams and calls for help are muffled and masked by the water. The water pulls them apart scaring them both. The harsh cement walls and floors are unforgiving ripping the clothes and skin. They were able to hold onto each other just long enough to be sucked into a small tunnel.

"Nick..." Catherine says coughing on the water as they both struggle against the current just trying to stay afloat. The level of water went down as the speed and power increased.

"Catherine..." he said with adrenaline roaring. They are thrown off the deadly mock water slide, and land inside a small cement room with a large drain.

They both lose consciousness once their tired bodies strike the hard floor.

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