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Hope you enjoy the ride Up Love's Creek ;)

Up Love's Creek

Chapter One

"Don't go Tom. Please stay here with me where it's safe." She grabs his hand.

"Jennifer, I can't stay. As long as there's trouble out there, I'm needed." Hero looks off into the distance. His eyes searching the horizon for .. trouble.

"Tom, kiss me please! Just once before you go!" Girl leans in and stands on her tiptoes. Her eyes close, her lips pucker.

"Oh Jenn." Hero grabs the girl and kisses her hard. Hero gets a little too into the kiss.. hero gets way too into the kiss..

(Slap!) The sound of the slap echos off the creek bank.

"You son of a BITCH!"

"CUT!" The director- camera man shakes his head while watching the fight unfold.

"Ow! Fuck! No wonder the words 'no-man's land' is associated with your name. You're going to die a virgin with an attitude like that." 'Tom' says while rubbing his face. He was sure her hand print would be there for the next year.

"Jasper! Control your perverted best friend here. The asshole shoved his nasty tongue down my throat!" Her brown eyes going darker with anger.

"Oh stop your bitching.. that's the most action you've ever seen. You really should be thanking me." The handsome boy grinned.

"Edward Cullen, I'm about two seconds away from kicking your ass!" Her small finger pointed at him.

"Come on Swan, admit it- you liked it" He said with a wink.

She leaps at him, but before she can do just what she warned, Jasper grabs Bella around the waist to hold her back. For such a small girl, holding her back from hurting Edward was hard work. Jasper was almost tempted to let her go just to see if she could bring Edward down. Something told Jasper Bella could give him the beat down of his life.

"Come on darlin' you kill him now and my movie goes to shit. Where else am I gonna find such cheap labor? The man works for soda, chips and my dad's old porn magazines!" Jasper tightens his hold on the girl who is shooting daggers at Edward with her eyes.

Edward leans against the dock railing, cocky smirk in place. With his all-American good looks, wealth and brains, it was a killer combo in anyone's book. The sun shone on his copper colored hair. It also showed off his slightly tanned skin with freckles on his toned chest. Sunlight played against the six pack abs he was always obsessing over. The bronze colored hair below his belly button lead down to narrow hips. Below that, lean muscular legs.

"You know, most girls would love to have my tongue or any of my body parts for that matter, in them. You sure you're not a lesbian, Bella? I mean if you are, that's hot! We may live in a small town, but you won't find small town thinking with me. Especially if you let me watch." Edward said wiggling his eyebrows.

"That's it! Jasper let me go. I promise I'm only going to kill him a little bit" Bella was determined on hitting him this time. This time Edward 'asshole' Cullen had it coming. She'd smack the pretty right off his face!

Jasper, only three days into shooting his film, was regretting trying to shoot these two in his small, low budget movie. He knew it was a bad idea as Bella and Edward, both his best friends for very different reasons, hated each other and had since first grade when Edward broke Bella's my little pony pencil while using it as a drum stick. And as payback Bella told on Edward when he put a frog in Ms. Cope's desk drawer. Their only thing in common was Jasper.

Thankfully as fate would have it, the slamming of a car door in Mrs. Brandon's drive way got everyone's attention. Looking over, Jasper had to do a double take. The most heavenly creature was getting out of a taxi cab. She was tiny compared to Jasper, yet seemed to fill the air, and the space around her. Or at least in Jasper's eyes she did.

"Who is that?" He asked aloud.

Edward looked past the still angry brown eyed girl, past his best friend's shoulder, to the small fry getting out of the cab. "She's got nice legs." Was his only comment.

Bella who had gotten free from Jasper's hold, thanks to the fact he was focused on drooling over the taxi girl, walked straight to Edward and smacked him across the back of his head. Hard.

"Son of a bitch! Damn it! Woman, stop hitting me! She does have nice legs. I'm a man- I have to look, it's in my fucking DNA." He said looking back to the new girl, who's flowery dress was blowing in the wind. Jasper was torn between looking if said dress did happen to blow up revealing her.. unmentionables, or looking away like the southern gentleman his mama raised him to be. And Edward, well he was no gentleman at all.

"Oh please. You're not a man. You're barely a human." Bella said as she started off toward Jasper's house to get a drink and wash away Cullen's germs.. Might need to break into Mr. Whitlock's scotch to get rid of his taste in her mouth. But Bella turned back one more time, frowning at Jasper and Edward standing there like two idiots watching the cab girl get her bags out.

Rolling her eyes, she said. "Boys, you might want to wipe the drool. And Edward?" She said watching as Edward turned to look at her. Jasper was still in his own lust-filled world. "I'm kinda proud, Cullen. I didn't know you knew big words like 'DNA'. Next thing you know, you'll be spelling it too!" She said with a smirk of her own and a small golf clap. Cullen just flipped her off and went back to looking. But Bella could have sworn she saw Edward laugh when her back was turning.

The sound of the screen door slamming made the new girl turn to look. Once her eyes met Jasper's, that was all she wrote. Jasper Whitlock was a goner- completely smitten with this small woman. She waved and smiled. She seemed to have this happiness just bubbling out of her. Just as Jasper was about to take a step in her direction, Mrs. Brandon, Jasper's seventy year old neighbor came out to greet the girl. And because Mrs. Brandon's voice carried on the river banks like a shotgun going off, Jasper was able to learn cab girl's name.

"Oh Alice! My sweet Alice! It's so good to see you my dear. Did you have a good flight? My word! Are all these bags yours?" The older woman looked down, hands on hips, to Alice's bags.. All six of them. "Mary Alice Brandon. Six bags for one summer? Child, I hope I have the room for all these!"

Alice just smiled and hugged her grandmother. "It's so good to see you grams! I'm so happy to be here! I only packed the bare minimum! And I plan to shop while I'm here, so I might need more suitcases. My flight was wonderful. You know some people don't like flying, but me, I love it! You meet the nicest people on flights, in airports, the stands where they sale magazines, bathrooms. Even the taxi here..this man's name is John. He has five kids. Five! Three boys and two girls. We talked the whole way here. John, meet my grams!" Alice said all this in one breath. Mrs. Brandon, Jasper and even John looked on in wonder at the little beauty.

"How the heck you think something that small has that much air in 'em?" Jasper said thinking aloud about tiny Alice.

Edward who had been rubbing his head and cheek from the earlier abuse, pulled his eyes away from the door the hellcat had just went through. Coming up from behind Jasper he slapped him on the back. "I don't know. But if she has a good set of lungs on her.. all the better for you my friend." He said with a smirk.

Jasper just looked at his best friend. "You know, Bella was right- you are an asshole, Edward." Jasper took one more longing look at the Brandon house before going back to his camera while shaking his head.

"What? What'd I say?" Edward was left standing clueless.


Lying in bed that night, Bella thought about her life. She wanted out of Savannah. Growing up in the south was hard. Everyone you met who wasn't from the south treated you as if you were just some dumb redneck. The town was so small that everyone knew everything about anyone. When Bella would meet someone who wasn't from her part of the world, they would marvel at her lack of southern drawl. She wondered if Alice Brandon would be a stuck up West coast girl. A Paris Hilton type? She didn't see any small dogs, nor any bright pink suitcases. But then Bella realized she wasn't any better than those who judged her before getting to know her. So she would give this Alice Brandon a chance. After all, Mrs. Brandon had always been motherly towards Bella and her brother, Emmett, since their parents died when Bella was ten. Emmett being in college at the time, came back to see to all the tasks of saying goodbye to his mom and dad. There sat little Bella all alone and scared. Emmett had made a promise to his baby sister right then and there to always watch out for her, to make sure her life was full of happiness. Mrs. Brandon helped with that. She would make special dinners and drop by every weekend or so to make sure both Emmett and Bella were eating well, the house was clean and every Sunday they would spend dinner at Mrs. Brandon's. That was something Bella always looked forward to.

Bella wondered if that would change now that Alice was there? She hoped not because even though Emmett moved back and became the head of the household, he wasn't home very much. If not for Jasper, Bella would spend most of her time alone. Even Edward the asshole could be a blessing.. if not for the fact he was a subhuman little dickhead.

Edward Cullen. Bella had never had anyone get under her skin like that boy did. He had been Jasper's sidekick since Ms. Cope's first grade class where Bella met both boys. Jasper had asked Bella if she was okay when he saw her all alone at snack time. Edward, well he sat down next to them and ate Bella's cookie without asking, smiling like the idiot he was. Bella never forgot when he broke her favorite my little pony pencil- it was pink, purple and had sparkles in it. And the eraser smelled like bubblegum! It meant a lot to her because Bella's mom had gotten it for her as a good luck gift for starting first grade. Edward had never even said he was sorry. Not even when Bella cried. Jasper was the one who tried to comfort her. Jasper even tired to apologize on Edward's behalf. He had always done that- fixed the messes Edward made. But that was just the kind of person Jasper Whitlock was- Caring, sweet, funny, smart, handsome and a very good friend.

Bella sighed, rolling over looking out the window of her dark room. The moon was full and bright in the Georgia sky. She wished she could find a guy like her best friend. She and Jasper never had felt romantic feelings towards one another. It just wasn't there. There was no spark. Bella didn't know much about love or boys, but she knew you either had it with someone or you didn't. Trying just wasn't a good sigh in the world of romance and love. She wanted a boyfriend. Even as sure in herself as she was, Bella got lonely a lot. But she would be damned if she told the boys that. She didn't want Jasper's pity or Edward's teasing. God knew Edward was an arrogant, cocky asshole on his own. If he learned just how little interaction Bella had with other boys, he'd never leave her alone about it. Edward was like a dog with a bone when it came to teasing Bella. She knew what she wanted: a kiss that set her whole world on fire. She wanted sparks like on the forth of July. She wanted her leg to pop like in old movies. She wanted to be kissed like she was in some end-of-the-world scene in a movie. In short, Bella wanted the real deal.

Jasper found Bella the next day down at the only movie rental shop in town. "Hey, movie night tonight." Taking the rental out of Bella's hands and putting it back on the shelf. "And not the kind you rent darlin' I'm talkin' the big screen, popcorn and an ice cold Coca-Cola. What do ya say?" Jasper was glowing in a way Bella had never seen. He had always been a good looking, Matthew McConaughey look-alike. Free spirited, laid back kind of guy. But this way different today. And looking in his eyes, they were clear as the blue sky. So she knew he wasn't stoned.

"You're in a good mood. What's going on? Did you finally master playing freebird on your guitar?" Bella teased.

"No, B. And don't tease me so woman. You and I both know when I do perfect my guitar pickin' skills, you will enjoy it just as much as I will. Now come on I need you to come with us." Well that peaked Bella's interest.

"Us?" Her eyebrows raised.

"Yes, us. I sort of asked Alice out for a movie. But then I started worrying about it- thinking maybe she wouldn't want to be alone with some fella she didn't know. So I mentioned my best friends and there you go." Jasper's smile was as big as Texas, dimples so deep a girl could fall in if not careful.

"Best friends? Oh no. Please, dear God tell me you didn't invite him." Bella was interrupted by the one and the same 'him'

"Oy! Whitlock, is bird-girl coming or not? I had a hot date tonight that I had to break for this little group outing. Some poor girl's heart it shattered because of you." Edward yelled across the store, making people turn around and look. He walked up to Bella, throwing his muscular arm over her shoulder. Bella was hit with his scent. And it may or may not have been.. mouthwatering. "I hope you know how lucky you are Swan. You get this" he ran his hand down his body, "for the night. I am all yours. Now let's get this orgy under way!" He yelled out. Making an older woman with grey-blue hair gasp and her eyes bug out of her head.

Bella watched as assward walked out of the store like he owned it. She turned to a rueful looking Jasper. Narrowing her eyes she said. "You owe me BIG time buddy! And I want M&M's with that popcorn!" She tried not to smile when Jasper picked her up hugging her, thanking her. Bella wanted to be happy for Jasper, but she couldn't help but feel that something was about to change.. and she didn't know if it would be for better or worse.

"Anything you want sugar, it's yours." Jasper just hoped Bella and Edward didn't end up killing one another before he made sure Alice had a good time.

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