A/N: This is the final sex scene from Walled In. After writing it, I perversely decided I didn't want it in the story and cut it.

When they parted from the kiss, Sylar asked, "You really feel safe with me, don't you?"

"Shouldn't I?" Peter led him to the bedroom and tossed his bag from the convenience store on the bed.

"Yes, you should. As safe as you are with anyone, I guess." He eyed the bag as if he'd just now noticed it, then scanned the rest of the room.

Peter snorted, then sat on the bed and took off his shoes. "Safer. I don't just bring anyone here, you know." Sylar looked at him blankly so Peter added, "I don't think you're going to hurt me. I trust you. I like to think I got to know you over the last … I don't know, felt like a long time." His brows pulled together a little and he toyed with the sock he'd just removed. "Am I going too fast here? I thought …"

Sylar came to him immediately, ran a hand through his hair and urged him back on the bed. Peter went. The other man crawled over him, kissing him passionately. When they parted breathless minutes later, Sylar said, "No, you aren't going too fast. It's just amazing to me that you're doing it at all. I thought there was a good chance you'd be done with me after the carnival. And you're not." He kissed him again.

Peter laughed. "And you helped me anyway?"

"It wasn't about you. It was about me."

Peter nodded. "I know." He looked back and forth between Sylar's eyes. You really are different. Brave new world, indeed. "There is no way I am done with you."

"Fine. But I want to bottom this time."

Peter cocked his head. "Have you ever even done that before?"

Sylar hesitated, vulnerability fading into his expression. "No," he finally answered.

"I'd kind of gathered." He kissed him again. "Thank you for sharing yourself with me."

Sylar snorted and rolled onto his side. "It's not like I was holding out waiting for you."

Peter poked him in the chest. "Hey! Let me dream, okay?" He started unbuttoning Sylar's shirt, leaning in to kiss his chin, then under it, then on to his neck and collarbone as his fingers worked their way down. He rolled Sylar on his back and spread the clothing, starting in immediately after on his pants. At that the taller man put his hands on Peter's shoulders and for a moment Peter paused, trying to read the intent of the gesture. Uncertainty. Peter backed off and gave him some space. The empath rolled up to his knees and pulled his shirt off over his head. He discarded it, then unfastened his own pants and shoved them off. At that, Sylar followed his example and relaxed.

Peter waited on his knees for a sign that his partner was ready. Sylar didn't make him wait long, gesturing for Peter to come to him as he was lying on his back. They kissed sensuously for a while, until Sylar found Peter's shaft and started trailing his fingers up and down it. "Better circumstances," the watchmaker whispered in Peter's ear.

"Much better," Peter agreed. "How do you want this?" He reached over for the bag and opened it, showing off his purchases. He made quick work of the packages, ending up with a tube of lubricant and a rolled condom.

"However you want to give it to me."

Peter snorted softly and began to work his way down the other man's chest, mouthing at all the right spots. Sylar spread for him well before he got down that far, his member standing at attention. Peter licked it, pulling a groan from the other man. "That's not a good answer. I need to know. Are you picky about position?"

"If I've never done it before, then how could I have a preference, Peter?"

Peter let his fingers play up and down the seam of the other man's backside. "Do you want to look at me while it's going on or would you rather face away?"

"I want to look at you, definitely."

Peter nodded, shifting to squirt some lube on his fingers, then sliding them to the right spot. He rubbed with slight pressure, licking along Sylar's shaft. He probed at him until he started getting some give, then slipped a finger inside almost simultaneous with sucking the head of Sylar's cock into his mouth.

"Oh! Oh God, Peter."

Peter sucked steadily, turning his hand and making a 'come hither' motion. Sylar let him know exactly when he hit the right spot. Peter would have smirked if his mouth wasn't busy. He kept pushing Sylar's buttons, feeling the man climb rapidly higher, rolling his eyes up to watch him thrash, trying not to buck against him too hard.

Sylar got out, "No … no, I'm ... Nng."

Peter pulled off and stilled his hand, much as he wanted to continue. Sylar was right on the edge. Peter begged, "Let me finish you?"

"Like this?" the other man said, panting.

"Yes, like this. It's better this way for your first time."

Sylar nodded and Peter began stroking him inside again, watching as the man's eyelids fluttered and his hips hitched. Instead of taking him into his mouth, Peter shifted to grip his tip with his other hand. Sylar moaned and thrust into it, making it only a few motions before coming.

"You are beautiful," Peter murmured, slowly withdrawing his fingers as Sylar's hole gave a few more spasmodic clenches. Peter crawled over him to retrieve a pillow (and the condom), letting Sylar wallow undisturbed in the post-orgasmic haze. He shifted him though to slip it under the man's rump, then sheathed himself and lubed thoroughly. He looked up to see Sylar watching him. "Now?" the other man said.

Peter nodded and applied extra lubricant to the opening. If he wanted to get Sylar when he was most relaxed and most open, he needed to move before the man tensed up again. Peter leaned forward, supporting his weight on one hand while the other aimed. He nudged against him and Sylar cocked his hips in invitation. Peter pushed forward more, entering him, watching Sylar's eyes widen and his mouth open. He wasn't tight yet. Still, Peter asked, "This good?"

Sylar's brows rose. "You're inside of me," he said in a tone of near-disbelief. "Yes, it's good." He hooked his fingers around Peter's biceps and tugged a little. "Come on. It's … it's okay. I always heard this would hurt."

"It does if you're clumsy. It doesn't have to hurt." Peter slid the rest of the way in and Sylar sucked in air. He adjusted himself, realigning his hips to Peter's and put one hand to Peter's cheek. It drifted to the nape of Peter's neck, gripping slightly. The other hand was at Peter's side, touching and holding, as if steadying him. Peter grinned and began to thrust harder, watching the myriad play of emotions across Sylar's face as he felt the sensations of having someone inside of him for the first time.

Peter wanted to ride him forever, but his body had a different idea. Having already been thoroughly turned on by bringing Sylar off, he wasn't going to last long. He let himself go, slamming into his partner, grunting and fucking him hard. Sylar pulled him down against his body, wrapping his long, lean legs around Peter's waist and rolling with the motions. Peter called out when he spent himself inside of him. Breathing hard, he sagged. Sylar's member was stiff between them. He felt the other man's hand slip betwixt their bodies and Peter started to get off of him.

"No," Sylar said. "Stay right there. Lying on me. That's perfect. Just breathe. You're still in me." He stroked himself in hard jerks, coming between them in a few hot spurts moments later. "Oh God," Sylar sighed.

Peter shifted up and kissed him, disengaging from him. He got rid of the condom and came back to climb back in bed next to his lover. He pulled up a sheet. "We have a lot to talk about."

"Mm," Sylar said sleepily. "Yeah, we do."