A/N I'm not finished writing this, but I'm going to start posting anyway. This is by far the longest story I have written and will probably turn out to be at least 20 chapters. I hope you can all stick with it that long. I'm trying to stick to as much established canon as possible while writing my own back story for the Winchesters. This story starts out with John and Mary as toddlers and I am planning on taking it into the present, possibly the future.


Samuel and Deana Campbell were sitting at their kitchen table with their friends Matt and Amy Winchester. Their children, John and Mary, were in the playpen in the next room.

"It's hard to believe the kids are a year old," Deanna said. Mary had changed their lives in so many ways, but all good.

"I know. Two years ago, we were all vagabond hunters and now we have children," Amy agreed.

"Not like we don't still hunt," Samuel pointed out. "There's plenty out there that needs killing and we still have jobs to do."

"Yeah, but now we have even better reasons to do it," Matt said, looking at the two youngsters. He had never realized he could love anyone so much. He loved Amy, but John was a different kind of love.

"It's scary, thinking of bringing up children into this life. This must have been how our parents felt," Amy said. The Campbells and the Winchesters had been hunting together for generations. Nobody in this room knew how far back the tradition went.

"So, Samuel, you and I are going on that hunt this weekend and leaving the women to care for the kids?" Matt said, confirming their plans.

"Yep. My brother Mitch will be joining us."

"Great. Haven't seen him in ages."

"Well, if you guys are going to leave early tomorrow morning, we should get home. Tired hunters make me uneasy," Amy said, as she went in the other room and picked up John.

John started crying and reaching back towards Mary. The adults all laughed. They were all secretly hoping that John and Mary would fall in love when they grew up. None of them voiced the hope, though. It wouldn't be likely to happen. They'd probably be more like brother and sister. That was fine, too.


"So, Mitch is meeting us at the woods?" Matt asked. He was really excited to see his old friend again.

"Yeah. You know Mitch and wendigos. That's his favorite hunt. Never could figure out why. They're nasty creatures," Samuel said and shuddered.

"I think you just answered your own question," Matt laughed.

"Yeah. I guess I just did. Personally, I like hunting ghosts. Just dig them up and salt and burn their bones. Half the time you never even have to come in contact with them," Samuel said.

"Yeah, I hear you," Matt agreed.

They pulled up to the edge of the woods. Mitch was already waiting for them. "Let's go!" he yelled.

Samuel shook his head. He loved his brother, but sometimes he acted like a moron. There were five boys in the family, so why he always ended up hunting with Mitch, he didn't know. Ed and Ted were twins, so it was kind of a no-brainer that they would stick together all the time. And, George was the go it alone type. That pretty much left Mitch and Samuel to hunt together.

"Do you know where its lair is?" Matt asked.

"I have a pretty good idea," Mitch answered. He had been studying maps all last night and there were some abandoned mines in the area. Wendigos were usually former miners and they usually ended up in their old workspace.

"Alright, then. Let's go," Samuel said. The sooner they burned that sucker the sooner he could get back to Deanna and Mary. Without even realizing it, his face lit up at the thought of his daughter. She was so beautiful. She was going to look exactly like her mother. He could already tell.

They were each carrying several flare guns. Each one only had one shot and you don't always hit on the first try. As they hiked in the woods, they were quiet. They didn't want to alert the wendigo to their presence. They were nasty creatures, and fast, and strong. One could drag you back to its lair and string you up for later consumption before you knew what hit you.

They finally came to an old mine entrance. Matt went in first. His eyes adjusted to the dark as Samuel and Mitch came in behind him. He could sense something wasn't right, but he wasn't sure what. That's when he realized that the wendigo was standing against the wall opposite them.

He had probably been on his way out to hunt, or make sure his home was secure. Whatever it is wendigos did during the day, when he had heard them or smelled them coming. He had then stood and waited for them to come in. Wendigos used to be human and as a result were smart. They had the instincts of an animal, but the reasoning power of a human. That was a dangerous combination.

Matt didn't have time to give any more thought to this. The wendigo lunged at him and grabbed his ankle, pulling him down.

By this time, Samuel and Mitch were up to speed on what was happening and began firing their flare guns at the creature. It was too fast for them, though, and had disappeared into the interior of the mine with Matt.

Mitch pointed for Samuel to go one way and he went the other. They had to find their friend fast, while at the same time avoid capture themselves. This was why Mitch loved to hunt wendigos. Nothing else gave quite as much of an adrenaline rush. He would never admit that out loud, though. They were the most dangerous hunts and he had lost friends on them. Good people. He would not let that happen today.

He crept around the corner and came upon the wendigo tying Matt's hands above his head. Mitch lifted his flare gun, aimed and fired. Unfortunately the wendigo spun around and evaded the shot at the last second. The wendigo lunged at Mitch. The wendigo had not finished securing Matt and he managed to free himself. He had lost his flare guns as the wendigo had dragged him through the mine, so he tackled him. That only served to enrage the wendigo, who realized that the stupid person tackling him was no match for him, so he just increased his attack on Mitch.

A few seconds later, Samuel arrived on the scene. "Get down!" he yelled at Matt.

Matt jumped off of the wendigo, Samuel fired and the wendigo was toast. Unfortunately, Mitch had already been torn to ribbons.