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"It's fine if you don't remember..."

"Hn... it's been a long time..."

Hinata and Sasuke's friends believed that they only met on Hinata's first day... but are they truly for sure that was their first meeting?

Last Summer, Hinata went to Jeju Island, an island located in South Korea for Summer vacation. It was a wonderful vacation with many fun filled memories, but she didn't share those memories alone. One day, alone on the sandy beach while her dad went to have breakfast with his business partner, another vacationer from Japan tripped over her while he was running away from a crowd of girls. He was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. To get rid of his fangirls, he does something unspeakable to the poor Hyuuga girl and this starts their fun summer together.

But what happened when Summer finally ended?

Disclaimer;; I DON'T OWN NARUTO! If I did, I would have Sasuke and Hinata talk to each other at least once!

Since Last Summer…

Chapter One: It's Fine If You Don't Remember

Hinata Hyuuga had entered the Hyuuga manor, where the head family stayed. The place was very earthy and neutral, but Hinata loved the Zen garden even more. The peaceful atmosphere just made her feel content and purified. As she was walking down the rōka, the wooden floored passages at the edge of the house, she passed by her beloved Zen garden. She reminded herself to visit it before she would leave to school.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Hinata-sama," two maids greeted and bowed to her as she passed them.

"Ohayou gozaimasu," she greeted back to them, flashing her gentle smile. She bowed a little to them and they went back to their own business.

Hinata adjusted her purple obi which wrapped around her tiny waist. She wasn't very fond of wearing kimonos in the house, but it was the usual thing for her, since she was the heiress. She passed by a mirror and looked at herself with dissatisfaction. The lavender kimono she was wearing was absolutely gorgeous. There were lovely pink flowers patterns decorating the kimono which made it even more eye-catching. Hinata sighed at herself and continued walking around the house.

"Hinata-sama," Hinata turned around, seeing Neji, her favorite cousin. He's the son of Hinata's dad's twin, but was part of the branch house. He was her protector. He was still in his kendo uniform and was drenched in sweat. He always worked hard to be noticed by the main house. Hinata sometimes believed that Hinata and Neji were switched at birthday since he was more compatible to be the head of the family and their company.

"Ah, Neji-nii-san," She hurried over to him and bowed to him in a respectful manner. "Ohayou gozaimsu."

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Hinata-sama," Neji replied and bowed back to her. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for your first day of school?"

"Eh, h-hai…" She bowed to him and waved goodbye to him before leaving to her room. She was nervous for her first day at a new school. She was used to going to private school her father put her in. All her friends including her best friend Temari, were back at Sunagakure Academy. Though, Hinata insisted to attend Konoha High School to be with her cousin. She wanted to experience a regular high school life before being married off to another high class family.

"Married…" She couldn't stop thinking about it ever since her father told her a week ago. It was as if the world had just ended. She didn't want to marry someone without love and just for status, it was wrong. All she knew of her future spouse was that his name was Sai, the heir to one of the hugest companies in Japan.

Hinata took a deep breath and began undressing. It took a while to take off the kimono, but after a few minutes, she was able to step into the hot warm water of the shower. She went on with her morning routine as usual and nothing was ever going to change. She styled her hair into a bun this time; she wanted to make a good long lasting impression on her classmates at Konoha High.

"Hinata-sama, I'm coming in," The maids slid open her fusuma, a sliding door, and bowed in respect. "Here's your new uniform, I've ironed it for you."

Hinata smiled at her and bowed back to her. "Thank you." And with that said and done, the maid left Hinata. She took a look at her new school uniform which she was in love with. Her uniform consisted of a regular white buttoned up shirt under a beige sweater. Over all that clothing, she would wear her black blazer. What popped out was her dark green bow with a matching plaid skirt. To prove she was a Konoha High student, the emblem was on the left side of her blazer. It looked like a leaf.

After slipping on her black knee high socks, Hinata was finally ready for her first day of school. It was going to be a thrilling experience, she just knew it. She grabbed her bag containing all her basic necessities for school and for the day. Everything was prepared and she was ready to start the day.

"Ah, Hinata-sama," Hinata turned to face Neji after exiting her room. He was now out of his kendo uniform and in his school uniform. It was the exact same as hers, except the dark green plaid pants and a tie instead. "Let's go now."

"Hai!" Hinata exclaimed with a hidden nervous feeling under her excited manner. She held her bag close to her and walked over to her cousin.

"Itterashai!" Neji and Hinata hollered as they exited the Hyuuga compound. They could hear faint, "Okaeri" as they left.

"Ne, Neji-nii-san… how's TenTen?" Hinata began to tease. She knew of her cousin's relationship with another close friend, TenTen. She had always known that the two of them would end up together ever since she had first met her at Neji's 12th birthday. Now that her prediction came true, she spent the time teasing her love struck cousin.

"Ah, TenTen-chan… she's…" Neji paused a bit and turned his head away from his little cousin. It was embarrassing to talk. He tried his best to hide the blush on her face. "She's fine." He cleared his throat and continued to look away.

Hinata giggled at how adorable her cousin seemed to be at the moment. For such a tough guy, he could be a softie in the inside. "Hm, is that so. That's good." She leaned forward a bit, trying to catch a glimpse of her cousin's face.

"WATCH OUT!" Hinata and Neji turned around, almost to be run over by a group of bikes. They were coming down the hill at such speeds that they looked as if they were flying. Neji got out of the way, but Hinata wasn't quick enough to get out of the bikes path. She saw one blond boy coming at her fast and with shocked expression.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" The blond yelled. He and Hinata knew it would be too late if he braked at the very moment.

Hinata just watched wide eyed as she was about to experience her first and last day as a student of Konoha High School. And in an instance, another bike turned towards the blond and they both crashed into each other. Hinata, schocked, ran over to the two boys who were hurt… or she thought we hurt. They just both laughed as the bled and laid in the middle of the road. The other boy had messy brown hair and two red fang shaped marks on both his cheeks. The blond one had three whisker marks on both his cheeks as well.

"Are you guys stupid," Another boy rode up to them in another bike. He had a husky voice and dark raven hair. "I told you two not to race."

"Y-you…" Hinata looked up at the handsome boy. It just felt so nostalgic to her, too nostalgic. She would remember that face, that attitude, and that voice anywhere. It was him, the one from last summer.

The boy looked at Hinata with a confused expression on his face. He just shrugged and bowed to Neji and Hinata. "I'm sorry about my idiot friends, I hope you're alright."

Hinata frowned that he didn't remember her at all. It's Fine If You Don't Remember, I don't blame you… She thought to herself.

"Wah, Sasuke!" The blond one yelled at the raven haired boy. "I thought you were racing with us too!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes at him in annoyance. "I never agreed to it, you just rode off with Kiba."

Hinata obviously knew that Kiba was the brown haired kid who had stopped Naruto. She saw that Kiba and Naruto struggled to get up. They hissed in pain and brushed off any dirt on their uniforms. That's when she realized the familiar school emblem on their uniforms, the two boys, including Sasuke, were from Konoha High as well.

Naruto looked at Hinata then to Neji. "Yooo! Neji!" Naruto grinned from ear to ear and kept looking back and forth at the two cousins. "I never knew you had a cute little sister!"

Hinata blushed at the compliment and looked at the paved road. Neji just scoffed. "She's not my sister idiot, she's my cousin." There was a hint of anger in his voice with a little bit of annoyance.

"Man, I can't believe someone as pretty as her is related to such a mean guy like you." Kiba teased and he and Naruto began to laugh. Hinata blushed an even darker shade of red as they continued to compliment her while making fun of her cousin. She couldn't help but let a quiet giggle escape from her pink lips.

"She's going to be attending Konoha High with us now?" Kiba asked Neji, when it was obvious that the answer was yes. She was dressed in the girls uniform and was heading towards the school.

Hinata just giggled and replied for Neji. "Yes." She bowed to all of the three boys. "Please do take care of me." She flashed them a gentle smile that made Kiba and Naruto blush a little bit.

"Well then, we'll see you later." Sasuke grabbed his idiot friends and dragged them to their bikes, which they got on. Hinata watched all three of them ride off towards the school while Kiba and Naruto waved goodbye to the two cousins. She waved back to them.

"Ugh…" Hinata noticed Neji pinching the bridge of his nose and shook his head in annoyance. "I hate those two. Please promise me Hinata, don't ever get mixed into those two's problems."

Hinata just giggled and linked arms with her favorite cousin. "Don't worry."

... ...

"Hey, Sasuke, wasn't that Hyuuga girl cute." Naruto asked as they got onto the school campus. Kiba nodded in agreement to Naruto.

Sasuke just shrugged, not answering his friend's question. In actuality, he really thought she was really cute. She was still the same cute self from last summer. Hn… it's been a long time….

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