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Since Last Summer...

Chapter 3.5: Neji and TenTen (Bonus Chp)

Neji Hyuuga, fourteen years old, captain of the Kendo team of Konoha Middle School, and one of the most popular guys in school. The most popular would be Sasuke Uchiha, his kouhai (junior). Of course, this doesn't faze Neji; he could care less about popularity. All he cared about was grades, grades, grades. Every single day, there is love letters stuffed into his shoe locker. It's always a nuisance to him and throws them away without even reading them. He just doesn't get girls.

Another day at school, a once again love letter filled shoe locker. He practically has a trashcan next to his locker for the sole purpose of throwing away the letters.

"Yoooo! Neji!" TenTen, his tomboy friend slapped him at the back. It was her way of saying 'hi'. Most people would wave, but she just slaps and leaves a red hand mark on people's back.

TenTen was the only girl Neji could ever talk to. They've been friends since they were in their mom's stomachs! Their father's were best friends ever since they were in elementary school. So it was natural to say that they were best friends since birth. Neji had never considered TenTen as a girl, he took her as a brother. That was the only difference between TenTen and most girls that attack Neji's shoe locker with love letters.

"What's up?" He put on his indoor shoes and locked his shoe locker. He leaned against the metal walls of lockers, waiting for TenTen.

"You missed my baseball game yesterday!" TenTen whined as she slipped on her indoor shoes. She almost fell, landing against the lockers.

Neji just shrugged and began walking away. TenTen hurried after him. "Sorry, I had to attend Hinata's thirteenth birthday. I can't miss her royal highness' thirteenth birthday. I'd get scolded if I skipped."

TenTen bonked Neji on the head. "I don't get why you dislike your little cousin so much, she's so adorable and cute!"

Neji just scoffed and walked into their classroom. TenTen never knew why Neji always spoke so ill of Hinata. Hinata was always so kind and gentle towards Neji, but he would always reject her kindness. One day, when TenTen was invited over to the Hyuuga Compound do a project with Neji, Hinata came to his room to give them snacks. It was the first time TenTen actually saw her. Before, TenTen thought that Hinata was actually annoying because of Neji, but seeing her for the first time ever, she mentally punished herself for thinking so wrongly. Hinata was an angel from the great heavens above. After Hinata gave them snacks, Neji just gave his little cousin a deathly glare. TenTen's perspective has changed ever since then.

"TenTen!" Rock Lee literally cart wheeled into the room, full of his flaming burning youth. "That was an awesome game yesterday!"

TenTen just nervously laughed, she hated it when Rock Lee spoke so strangely. It was always so embarrassing, despite being very close friends. It was just too overwhelming for Neji and her. "Thanks Rock Lee!"

"The way you hit that ball out of the park…. It's just wow!" Rock Lee jumped up and down.

Neji just stared out the window as his two hyperactive friends chattered. The sun was high up in the sky, sweltering and bright. It was a hot summer day, tomorrow, it would finally be summer vacation. He heard some screaming and cheering as one of his most despised people walked through the school dates, Sasuke Uchiha. Neji felt that he was a waste in school since he never really cared about learning. Saskue Uchiha is considered a prodigy, but could care less about getting good grades. He was just the cool kid, Neji's kouhai.

"Hey, Neji, you listening?" TenTen interrupted Neji's thinking.

"What is it?" He asked, a bit annoyed.

"You coming with us to the Summer Festival tonight?" She asked, oblivious to the tint of annoyance in his voice.

"Sure, why not, you'd drag me along even if I wouldn't want to go," he said monotonously.

"Make sure to bring cute Hinata," TenTen patted his shoulder, which she felt shuddered.

"Why Hinata? You know I hate her," he winced in disgust.

"Because, unlike you, I just adore Hinata!" TenTen noticed their sensei coming into the classroom and decided to put aside the thought of the Summer Festival for learning time. Even though it was the last day of school before Summer Vacation would start, she always loved learning. She was a model student with stupendous grades! She both has brains and brawns!

"Fine…" Neji muttered to TenTen.

"Good," she whispered before standing up to answer one of the questions on the board.

"Wah…. I'm really excited for the festival tonight!" TenTen squealed as she muped up and down. Neji, TenTen, and Rock Lee were now heading back home. The first day of summer would start tomorrow, what better way to start summer vacation is to go to the Summer Festival!

TenTen rummaged through her bag and took out something wrapped in a brown paper. "Here, this is for Hinata!"

Neji took the package and felt it was some type of clothing. He could tell it was TenTen's old summer yukata. He stuffed it carelessly into his bag, which angered TenTen greatly. "HEY YOU! BE CAREFUL WITH THAT! THAT'S THE FIRST YUKATA I'VE EVER BOUGHT WITH MY OWN MONEY! IT TOOK ME MONTHS TO SAVE UP ON IT!"

Rock Lee hurried to grab TenTen from behind so she wouldn't pummel him to a pulp! "Calm down TenTen!"

TenTen was still breathing heavily, but was finally out of Rock Lee's grasp. "You better be careful!" The three friends had finally reached the crossroad where they would have to separate. They shared their goodbyes and planned to meet at the Miroki Market.

"Tadaima!" Neji hollered as he entered his house. He, of course, expected no reply.

"Okaeri, Neji-nii-san!" Hinata welcomed him back, surprising her older cousin. "I've brought snacks, would you like some?"

As usual, Neji ignored her and walked towards his room. He then remembered his annoying loud-mouthed friend, TenTen, warning him about her old Yukata. He pulled out the wrapped yukata and tossed it to Hinata. "TenTen wanted me to give this to you, she's inviting you to come with us to the Summer festival tonight."

Hinata tightly held the wrapped yukata in her arms, then bursted into tears. "N-Neji-nii-san h-has never b-been this kind t-to me!" She sniffled.

"Tch, TenTen's the one that invited you, not me." He reminded her.

"But you still agreed to it." Hinata told him. Neji was shocked and hurried into his room, sliding the door closed behind him.

"Wahh! HINATA, SO KAWAII!" TenTen squealed as she caught sight of her friend's adorable cousin. "You look great in my yukata!"

"Thank you TenTen!" Hinata shyly said. Hinata was dressed in a beige yukata with maroon flowers adorning the long cloths. There were also maroon thin stripes running down the simple yet beautiful yukata. The matching maroon obi around her waist complimented her curvaceous body. It was the first time to see Hinata's violet hair up into a loose bun and wearing makeup. She was absolutely gorgeous!

"Ne, ne, Hinata, let's go hurry and let's have some fun!" TenTen grabbed her hand and started walking faster.

"Hai, TenTen." Hinata said. "Ne, TenTen, why aren't you wearing a yukata?" She asked as the two girls were a good distance ahead of Neji and Rock Lee. TenTen was wearing jean shorts, a pink tanktop, and a green cropped jacket.

"To tell you the truth Hinata," TenTen leaned near to Hinata's ear and whispered. "I used to like and STILL like Neji."

This greatly surprised Hinata. "What!"

TenTen shyly nodded her head; a blush then crept onto her face. "I bought that yukata a couple of years ago so Neji would think I'm pretty." She then breathed out a heavy sigh. "But he said he doesn't like all the fancy girly stuff I was wearing."

"That was mean…" Hinata trailed off into a whisper, realizing she was a bit loud.

"No, actually, it made sense to me, it wasn't really my style." She admitted.

"That's disappointing…" Hinata stated.

TenTen sighed. "Yah, I know huh?"

When the group had finally reached the festival, they were bathed in the warm lights of the lanterns. Little kids ran around everywhere, wanting to go play various games. Couples walked hand in hand, acting all cutesy and sweet. TenTen was a bit jealous.

"Ne, TenTen…." TenTen wasn't paying attention to Hinata, she was too distracted by all the cute couples. "TenTen?" Being ignored wasn't favored by Hinata, she eventually broke away from the group, going by herself to get food.

"What is it Hinata?" TenTen finally said, realizing she had disappeared. Her smile turned into a crooked grin. "Ugh, she must have some boyfriend she wanted to be with."

For the past few minutes, TenTen was walking alone, surrounded by couples. She was filled with much jealousy. "What's wrong with me? Aren't I girl too, why can't I have a guy? An awesome boyfriend…. Like Neji."

"What?" Neji had caught her by surprised. "I heard my name."

"Oh it's nothing, I was just wondering where you were." TenTen lied, embarrassed, but relieved he hadn't heard the whole thing.

TenTen was now accompanied by Neji, her crush and first love. Almost every female in the Summer Festival were wearing beautiful yukatas while TenTen was wearing simple outdoor clothes. Oh how she looked plain and simple.

"Why didn't you wear a yukata?" Neji had suddenly asked.

"Cause, you said I don't look good in them…." TenTen muttered, embarrassed and angered.

"I never said that," Neji stopped walking, making TenTen turn around to face him. "I said you looked better off, but you were still pretty. I just didn't like the huge amount of makeup you caked your face with."

TenTen thought back on it. It was true, she was new to makeup and had no sister. Her mother passed away while she was an infant, so she has no female to turn to for makeup. Hearing this made her laugh so hard, she was going to cry. "S-so," she laughed. "You didn't think I look ugly?"

Neji flicked her forehead, which stopped her laughter. "No stupid, you were pretty. I bet any guy would fall for you, but you look like a boy all the time, it's like you're my brother ."

This broke TenTen's heart. She was seen as a brother by Neji? Not a girl, but he did say she was pretty…. Still, it ended with her looking like a boy. It was driving TenTen crazy, her many attempts to act and look like a girl failed. She even wore a skirt today, a pink one too!

TenTen didn't know what to exactly do, it was just too much for her. "Ahaha," she laughed awkwardly. "Let's go play over there!" She was about to grab his hand, but stopped herself. Her heart was beating rapidly, her hands were getting sweaty. She's a boy, right? Boy's don't cling to a 'brother' like a girl.

"E-eto…" Hinata tried speaking up to one person. The stranger carelessly passed by Hinata, not even noticing the girl. After getting her ice cream, she had lost sight of TenTen and Neji. "Can you please help me?" She asked again in her soft voice, which was overpowered by the bratty kid next to her.

"E-eh, sorry." She turned to the bratty kid. He had very bright blond hair which stood out amongst the crowd. He also had three whisker marks on his cheeks, he looked about the same age as Hinata. "Were you talking to him? Sorry, I'm usually a loud person." The kid apologized, still in his loud voice. Hinata felt like her ear drums were going to burst.

"I-it's okay…" she assured him. She then continued to look around for TenTen and Neji. She still couldn't find them.

"You lost too?" The blonde kid appeared out of nowhere, he just happened to be next to Hinata again. "Me too, I lost my friend. He has really black hair which looks like the butt of a raven!"

This made Hinata giggled. "Ahaha, t-that's u-unique." She looked up to him. "A-actually, I am l-lost too."

The boy grabbed her small fragile hand and pulled her into the crazy crowd. She could feel every part of her body being squashed; it was a very horrible feeling to experience. She felt it was like she was drowning in a sea of people. Eventually, she popped out of the crowd, finally able to breathe fresh air. She could still feel the assurance of the boy's hand squeezing Hinata's. When she went to face the boy, a new face appeared in front of her. It was a different boy, a total opposite of the one she met before.

This new boy had a dark and mysterious feeling where as the first boy she met was a big ball of happy sunshine. This new boy had dark jet black hair which contrasted the other boy's bright blond hair. This boy's hair was styled into…. "R-raven butt." Hinata accidentally said aloud.

The night continued with TenTen ignoring Neji's hand and or arm. She would just hide her embarrassment with an awkward laugh. She was just too easy to read, Neji knew something strange was going on with her. He needed to know.

"Let's go here-" TenTen was yanked out of the crowd and pulled behind an ice cream stall.

They were under a huge tree which was decorated with small lights. The colors danced around the tree it a mesmerizing pattern. It was just a beautiful sight, only if TenTen would look up. She kept her eyes on the dry thirsting dirt. She didn't dare to look Neji.

"What's going on with you?" Neji asked her. TenTen tried to get away, but he kept her pinned onto the colorful tree. "TenTen…" he said seriously, but in a gentle tone.

"Nothing." She once again tried to cover up with an awkward fake laugh.

"Tell me, you're a bit off." Neji told her. "You were all clingy to me having fun, but all of a sudden, you feel lonely, sad."

"Why do you think that? I've been laughing the whole time-"

"YOU WEREN'T!" Neji finally yelled at her, loosening his grip on her arms.

TenTen's eyes grew huge. "N-Neji…."

"You bring my mood up when you're your bubbly happy self," Neji confessed to her. "When you laugh your real laugh, not this fake one you've been using. Tell me, TenTen, what's going on with you."

She looked to the left of her, keeping her focus on a green patch of grass on the dry dirt. "I can't tell you, it'd ruin everything…" She said softly.

"You're ruining everything right now."

TenTen's eyes began to water, she could feel the tears swell up in her eyes. She had never cried, not since her mom died. She swore to her mother that'd she'd never cry again, it wasn't fit for her. "My mom told me to always have a smile on my face. Sadly, I failed her. It's hard to keep a smile on my face when my…. When I…"

Neji grew impatient. "WHY? TELL ME WHY!"


TenTen was interrupted by a hard kiss, a mad but yet passionate kiss, from Neji. She tried to resist, but finally was lost in the kiss. The two finally pulled away, Neji's hands above TenTen and her hands holding onto his shirt.

"I've always seen you as girl, the most beautiful, outgoing, and gentle girl ever." Neji laughed. "When I saw you wear that one kimono last time, it was so hard for me to hold back."

"Hold back?" It took her some time to realize what Neji meant. "Oh… OH! R-really?"

"Really." Neji confirmed and pulled her into a secure caring hug. She could just feel the emotions pouring out of them, love, security, joy, and excitement. "I'm so glad that I could finally confess to you, I've been dying to tell you my feelings for years already."

"Neji, stupid!" TenTen startled him. He pulled away and looked at her; tears were pouring out of her eyes. "If you loved me so much, then why do you see me as a boy, a brother!"

"Because," He gently pulled her back into their hug. "I was afraid I was going to ruin our friendship if I suddenly confessed my love to you, but you kept getting prettier every time I saw you. So I kept lying to myself and pretended to see you as a brother."

TenTen gently kiss Neji's lips. "Again, stupid. You will always be my friend, my bestfriend, my boyfriend."

"B-boyfriend?" Neji was embarrassed.

"Yah, boyfriend, and I'm your girlfriend." They engaged into another romantic make out session, while the lights danced above them.

"What? What did you call me?" His black eyes we like daggers that pierced my soul. They were so cold and dark.

"I-I'm sorry…." Hinata apologized to him. "It's j-just, you're f-friend t-told me-"

"Oh, so you met him, that blond idiot?" Hinata nodded at him, still too embarrassed to look him in the eye, especially when he was still holding her hand. "Come with me."

"T-to where?" She asked, turning bright red at his sudden actions.

"Where you can be safe, you're so fragile and weak." He told her. "It's not good to be swallowed into the crowd." They dove back into the crowd, the only way to get to the other side, which was where the exit was.

Hinata felt his hand squeezing hers. She looked up at him and he smiled at her with reassuring eyes. It was a different feeling from his dark cold eyes from before. He spoke with no words, but she knew that he was telling her it was going to be fine. It gave her a bit more confidence.

"Phew, glad we could make it out of there." The ravened head boy said. "Are you okay?"

"Yah, thanks for everything." Hinata assured him. She kept holding onto his hand, it just made her feel safe.

"Hey, what's your name?" The boy asked her, with even more gentle eyes. Above him, the bright burning lanterns made him look like a god, a shining god from the heavens. Hinata was mesmerized.

"M-my name is…." Hinata was interrupted when TenTen kidnapped her.

"Where have you been, I've been worried sick!" TenTen lectured her.

"W-wait, I w-was—"She was being dragged away from the ravened head boy. Hinata turned her head to face the boy again, her arm was reaching towards him. The boy did the same thing as he ran after her. Just as they were about to make contact, a boy who looked almost exactly like Sasuke, grabbed him away. They were just so close.

"I found her Neji!" TenTen and Hinata walked up to Neji who was sitting on a bench outside of the festival grounds.

"N-Neji-nii-san, what's t-that red s-stuff o-on your l-lips?" Hinata pointed out.

Neji quickly wiped the stain on his lips, a red blush slightly tinting his cheeks. "I-it's nothing, we're going now."

"So, Hinata, what did you do while we were separated." TenTen asked as then were on their way to the Hyuuga Compound.

Hinata just smiled up at her friend. "I saw a raven."

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