The Sweetest Poison chapter 1: The Crown

Yes, I know, I should absolutely be working on the next chapter of Akushujin instead, but there's a plot bunny that continues to linger around on my desk, and refused to leave until I wrote out its proposed plot. That little terrorist. So yes, here is another humble fic by yours truly (who ought to start working on an essay that is soon to be due and studying for her exams instead, but has chosen to be akratic instead). This is more of a psychological thriller than actual actions, set PRE-SEASON 2. Which is why it would scarcely make sense if the reader keeps the ending of season 2 in mind while s/he reads this. So do note that this fic is not in connection with the events of season 2.

I'm really just trying out this story and seeing how it is…there's a couple of other plot bunnies making themselves at home on my desk, but I haven't the notion to comply with their plots quite just yet. Maybe after exams or something…I'll flesh out those plots, if I'm motivated. Blehh…. so yeah, this fic is mainly psychological, so Sebastian will sort of be a bit stalker-ish and OOC. CREEPY SEBASTIAN AHEAD, BE WARNED.

Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to Yana Toboso, but the plot belongs to me.


"I…love….y-you…" Ciel choked out through teary, blurred eyes as the last remnants of his soul flickered, before being consumed by his beloved. A final sigh of relief escaped the boy as he closed his eyes, an expression of pure bliss overcame him in his eternal slumber. Sebastian lowered his lashes, savouring the rich, velvety bitter-sweetness of Ciel's much sought-after soul. He still held the boy's body in his arms, the cold lips centimetres from his own. "Mm~ is that so, bocchan?" the demon let out at last, his eyes shining red as he questioned the body in his arms. He paused as if expecting a reply, but after a short while of silence, Sebastian continued. "Unfortunately, I've never fallen for what I know won't last. I do applaud you, however, on meeting your end in a brave and elegant manner. No one has ever stayed as sane as you and still confessed like that, on the verge of being devoured…" Supporting the body with one arm, he ran his other hand all over Ciel's limp body, gently caressing in mock love.

"But you are the finest human I've seen so far. There were several exceptional others before, but I must say, you are the crowning glory that trumps them all. You'll excuse me, I hope, if I don't follow your last orders and cede your body to the crows? I have rather taken a liking to it. I think I shall keep you for myself as well." With his usual calculated smile, Sebastian carried the body off into the puts of Hell as the ground broke open to reveal a chasm of hazy red. After a long journey through various grotesque caverns of blood and torture, rich grottos dripping with lust, and crypts stinking of wealth, he stopped in front of an artistically crooked, yet intimidating tower. "Hmmm….the décor needs to be changed to fit the new piece…" he muttered more to himself than to the body.

With a snap of his fingers, the asymmetrical tower before him morphed into an obsidian copy of the Phantomhive Mansion. "Welcome to my lair~ this is where you'll be staying for eternity. Do you like your new home, bocchan?" The demon asked the body in his arms, as if expecting a reply. After a brief silence, Sebastian broke out again, "But of course you do. It's what you've been used to all your life; the perfect doll to suit a noble House." With a wry smile, he pushed the door open and entered. The interior décor was also a monochrome scheme with varying shades of black and grey. Ciel's body, still clad in royal blue, shone like a midnight moon amongst the gloom. He walked towards a giant casket of carved crystal, and lifted the lid open. Immediately the heady scent of white roses and lilies-of-the-valley assaulted his senses, the interior of said casket being filled with these flowers. "You see, I've been trying to find the right piece to complete this collection, but nothing seemed to fit perfectly…until now." With a devilish smile he gently set the body amongst the bed of flowers. Lightly brushing here and there, he stopped when he was satisfied with how the body was arranged.

"Oh, and of course," Sebastian turned to a carved box of ebony resting on a matching shelf nearby. He opened the lid carefully, revealing an opalescent white orb, shining mystically. It was roughly the size of a large marble, faceted to give a brilliant shine. The inside seemed to be filled with swirling, milky white smoke. Carefully, he lifted out the gem, and brought it to Ciel's cold lips, "a jewel for the crown. After all, no crown is complete without a gem." With that, he gently pried open Ciel's mouth and slipped the orb in. He watched slowly as the ball slid down the throat, signaled by the slight movements within the skin as it travelled down into the body. Slowly but noticeably, as if being painted by an invisible paint brush, the sickening grey that plagues all corpses was washed away. A layer of porcelain white painted itself over the body, giving a lovely cerise tint to the lips, and a purplish tinge to the cheeks. Now renewed, Ciel looked as if he was asleep and sweetly dreaming, rather than dead.

Sebastian nodded satisfactorily, and as a final flourish, pulled out a single blue rose and tucked it within the boy's clasped hands. "Perfect." He leaned back and surveyed his work. Happy with the final product, he slid the lid over the casket again. The lid itself was not carved save for the edges, giving anyone who'd care to look a clear view of what was within the casket. The carvings on the edges of the lid beautifully framed what rests inside: a regal, doll-like boy of innocence encased in crystal.

Straightening up, Sebastian smiled lovingly at the piece before him. Yes, it was a masterpiece. Unlike other demons, Sebastian considered himself an artist. None of that base, predatory hunting crap, and collecting body parts as trophies that other demons indulged in. Nope, not him. Each and every one of his kills are perfectly executed works of art, the blood splashed with artful grace. Ultimately, they were a perfect seduction. Nobody tempted their prey to fall, and to want to fall, the way Sebastian did.


Yep…this is it for now…continue or no continue? I know it's really creepy, but this fic mainly explores Sebastian's psychology, sort of.