The Sweetest Poison: Darkness (Epilogue)

Greetings, everyone. It has yet again been a while since I have last written anything. I know I said this story would be only three chapters long, but it continued to have supporters long after its conclusion, which really touched me. Thank you everyone out there who has continued to support this story even though it has reached its conclusion! *bows*

I have also gotten a fair number of comments about how sad this story is…yes, it is tragic. I meant for it to be tragic since I've always wanted to write about a love that transcends everything: time, space, age, gender, and even physical existence. So yeah…this came about (of course, this fic does not transcend time and space, the characters have safely stayed in their respective time periods). Anyhow, back to the main question at hand: why is this here if the story is finished?

Another Anime North con has come and gone, and the continued strong Kuroshitsuji fan base, as well as their continued passion (and the passion of those who have just discovered Kuroshitsuji) has motivated me to write this epilogue. Of course, it could also be read on its own without the story. You may read this as the continuation of "The Sweetest Poison" or as its own separate story. A word of warning though: there will be smut in this chapter, but there will be a warning to keep scrolling for those who do not like smut. Please enjoy, and I hope you'll continue to support my stories in the future. *bows*


It felt like an eternity had gone by, or maybe it was but a fleeting second. Whatever it was, he wasn't sure. What he was sure of, however, was the existence of the blue-haired boy right in front of him. The rest of the world around him was all grey. Actually, it can all be a plethora of colours more vibrant than a rainbow for all he cared, but right now nothing shined brighter than the sapphire-haired boy who held his hand as they walked along. Sebastian felt light and free, lighter than he had ever felt before. As a demon, even when he first learned to fly, he had not felt as free and light as he did now.

Was it because of the boy in front of him? Or is it because they were holding hands? The gesture was so simple, yet it grounded him more than he thought possible. So soft and warm his hands were, like kittens. 'Except that they're not fluffy, but still so delicate and beautiful.' Sebastian thought to himself bemusedly. As they walked along passing ephemerally through buildings and walls unobstructed and unnoticed, Sebastian gave a soft sigh and tenderly smiled. This atmosphere was so peaceful and for the first time in his existence, he felt fulfilled.

It was not the same feeling of accomplishment he felt whenever a contract ended or if he had done a job well. After every contract, there was always the blunt buzzing on his nerves to seek out the next hunt. No matter how sated he was, there was always that little feeling of want that pulled on his nerves subtly, but which he would shove to the back of his mind for a while only to have it hit him again.

Now, however, there was only peace and accomplishment. There was no urge for another contract, no thirst for souls. Continually they walked hand in hand, shrouded in silence. "Ciel, might I ask where we are headed?" the dark haired man asked his petite lover suddenly, when their walk had brought them out of the realm of familiar surroundings and faded to a void of darkness. Ciel turned around to face Sebastian, and put a finger to his lower lip in a teasing gesture, "You'll know when we get there, but for now, just follow me."

With that, he turned around again and continued to walk into the voided space of nothingness, leaving the fading but familiar world behind. He could not tell how long they walked for, but eventually they neared their destination. "We're here." Ciel stated, motioning to the building that had suddenly loomed up out of the gloom. "Ah…..?" was all Sebastian could let out as he took a look at his surroundings uncertainly. The building in front of him was none other than a monochrome copy of the Phantomhive Manor, quite similar to the one he occupied in the Demon Realm. The peculiar thing about this mansion was that it had somehow defied the laws of physics and was perched snugly on the peak of a black cliff. Although the Demon Realm quite loved to break rules, even the buildings there could not have defied physics and perch on a cliff smaller than the base of the buildings themselves. The drop from the cliff looked to be a long distance, the bottom was not visible. There was not enough space on the peak to fit anything else besides the manor.

"Young Master, if I may…where is 'here', exactly?" Sebastian asked, still smooth as ever. "Hm. We're here and there, I suppose. That doesn't exactly matter now, does it? I wanted to be with you. You wanted to be with me. We can do that in here." Ciel stated matter-of-factly as he pointed to the mansion. Sebastian couldn't help but smirk a bit at Ciel's determination, "I suppose you are right. As long as it serves its purpose, anything is fine, is that so?" "Why do you even ask if you already know, you twit?" Ciel asked with a bit of false anger. A small tug upwards ghosted the corner of his lips.

"Well now, My Lord. I just wanted to double check. No harm being too sure~" Sebastian smiled his mysterious smile as he held Ciel's gaze. "…..I suppose not. Come now, let's not dawdle." The younger of the two stated as he led Sebastian into the mansion. The inside, too, was a copy of the Phantomhive Mansion though it was again monochrome in scheme. There was, however, a few accents of crimson, and there seemed to be more coverings everywhere. Sebastian couldn't help but feel like he could do very explicitly mature things with Ciel in just about any part of the mansion and nobody would be able to discover them even if they walked right into their activities. 'Dark and concealed…I love this place.' Sebastian thought as he looked around.

"Sebastian, get the bath ready for me. I am going to rest, the journey has rather exhausted me." Ciel commanded, snapping Sebastian out of his daze as they walked deeper into the mansion. "Of course, my Lord." Sebastian bowed, unfazed as he headed up to Ciel's room and prepared the bath. After nightly cleansing rituals were done, Sebastian tucked Ciel into the downy, ebony covers and turned away to leave. However, a small, bare arm snaked out from the covers and held him back by the edge of his butler's coat. "My Lord?" Sebastian turned around, questioning. However, he was not prepared for the sight that met him.

The porcelain skin of Ciel's bare shoulders shone against the fluffy dark covers that pooled around his stomach. His nightshirt had become undone (or was it undone by small hands?) , and slipped off one shoulder. When he had reached out to grab at Sebastian, the arm had freed itself of the shirt's confinement, now leaving half an uncovered torso for Sebastian's enjoyment. Tender white flesh soft to the touch, a small pink bud, soft, shell-pink lips and sapphire eyes that shone with want presented themselves in the form of a shy blue-haired boy holding his butler back from under the covers. "Stay, Sebastian. Do not leave me." Ciel commanded, though with his lips turned into a pout and his cheeks dusted pink, it looked more like a plea than a command.

"Of course, Young Master. What would you have me do for you?" despite Ciel's temptation, Sebastian kept his cool façade. He had gone through a lot to be with Ciel, and he did not want to ruin it by jumping the boy. "…..You said you wanted to be with me, didn't you? So…why are you leaving me alone now? Isn't now the time where you ought not to be leaving me alone?" Ciel demanded of Sebastian, annoyed and frustrated. "Of course. My apologies." Sebastian replied apologetically, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips as he sat down on the bed. "Just….just what are you doing! I thought it was made clear that we are together!" Ciel couldn't help but burst out this time.

"But My Lord, we are indeed together. Right now." Sebastian deadpanned, confusion written all over his face. "No! What are you doing sitting on the covers for!" the frustrated, blue-haired boy hissed at his older lover, who immediately got off the covers and sat on the chair beside the bed. "Aggh….no…." Ciel moaned, clutching his head. Why was his butler playing hard to get now? He had gone so far as to half strip himself for that butler, and he's not the least bit grateful! "Then, Young Master…what do you want me to do?" Sebastian asked, a full smirk on his lips now. After the request for him to stay, he knew what Ciel was too shy to ask him for, but he wanted to make the boy ask for it anyway. Though he loved, he was still a demon by the by. All demons are a bit sadistic and enjoy watching their prey suffer a bit, and he was no exception.

"…." A light muttering could be heard from the boy, but it was not enough to make out what was being said. "I'm sorry? What would you like me to do, my Lord?" Sebastian asked, putting a hand behind his ear and leaning down, placing his ear right by Ciel's pink lips. As revenge, the sapphire-haired child breathed lightly before licking the shell of the ear and commanding lightly, "Take me". "I beg your pardon!" Sebastian was rather pleased, but he did not expect his child lover to throw away his pride and be so straight forward. "I said take me. Become mine….and make me yours." Ciel finished devilishly as he blew lightly into Sebastian's ear, a finger on his lips before it lightly trailed down his bare torso. His eyes glowed mischievously as he took in Sebastian's shocked expression.


Sebastian quickly recovered from his state of shock, and a wide, cheshire grin spread itself across his face. "Yes, My Lord." With that, he proceeded to remove his clothes and climbed into the covers with Ciel. "Wait…will it hurt…?" The cobalt-haired boy asked his lover when said lover snaked his arms around his lithe waist. "I'll be as gentle as I can…I'll try not to hurt you, my love." Sebastian breathed softly but honestly into Ciel's ear. "Nngh….I-I see…." The younger of the two half moaned as Sebastian began his ministrations. Ater some loving fondling, he sensed that the boy was finally ready. Sebastian lifted Ciel's waist, so that his rear was up in the air while his chest was pressed into the mattress. Ciel's flushed and panting face was turned to the side so Sebastian had a good view of his aroused expression. Sebastian lined up his rock hard member to Ciel's hole, and pushed up against it. He leaned down over Ciel until he could whisper in his ear, "I won't lie, it will hurt, but…endure for a bit, and soon it will fit like a glove. I promise." He murmured lightly before thrusting the entire length of his penis into Ciel's opening in one fell swoop.

"Aaaaah…..!" Ciel cried out in pain before he could stop himself as he felt Sebastian's member stretching him wide open. "Nngh…aah…i-it hurts…." Ciel moaned as tears began to well up in his eyes and he a bit of warm liquid leak down his legs. Sebastain shifted lightly, careful not to move drastically and risk causing Ciel more discomfort as his insides adjusted to Sebastian. Craning his neck down, he noted that a small trickle of blood was running down those slim legs. "I'm sorry, my sweet little virgin. I should have restrained myself more….but I couldn't help it." Sebastian whispered apologetically into Ciel's ear. "You took your sweet time with that nun…" Ciel whined grumpily. "Well, she didn't matter. She was no stranger to the physical parts of love. You I have wanted for a long time, and now that the time is near, I just…" "Nngh….I get it, just stop talking. Move, move!" Ciel urged. The heat piling in his abdomen and coiling within his loins bothered him to no end.

"Of course, as you wish." Sebastian chuckled lightly and kissed Ciel's cheek as he slowly pulled out of the boy's opening and thrust himself back in again. The ebony haired man repeated this action a few more times until he eventually built up a steady rhythm. Both bodies shone with slick sweat as the older one continued to thrust into the younger one. Moans of "Sebastian, more!" and "harder!" were heard in the darkness, and eventually, both tensed up. "S-sebastian!" Ciel burst and came into Sebastian's hand as he screamed out his name. At the same time, Sebastian shot his hot seed deep within the boy as he growled out the younger's name. With a final moan of pleasure, they shared a wet kiss and fell asleep, Sebastian not bothering to pull out.



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"Young Master, even if you lose everything, you won't lose yourself. All you have to do is call my name, and I will come." A baritone voice spoke to me through the darkness, and I squinted to see who it was. Slowly, a shape was forming….the figure looks to be a man. I walk closer and the figure becomes ever clearer, just a bit more-BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!

Out of reflex, I slam my fist onto the snooze button of my alarm. I was so close to finding out who it was, too! Ever since I was 5, I have been having the same dream over again and again. It always starts out the same, I'm floating in darkness when suddenly there is this low voice. Everytime it says the same thing, 'Even if I lose myself"? What could the voice possibly mean? I would like to ponder on this for a bit longer, but I will be late for school if I don't. After finishing my morning cleaning rituals, I quickly throw on my uniform. It consisted of a white shirt, a sapphire vest, and cobalt pants. There was a matching blue tie, and my school blazer was a weird periwinkle blue. Checking my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I headed downstairs for breakfast. I didn't want to be late for the first day of a new school year.

~line break here~

A crow cawed outside my window as I leisurely sipped at my coffee while I read the morning paper. Noting that it was almost time to make my way to work, I finished the remainder of my breakfast and changed. White shirt, red tie, black pants. Pretty standard, but it looks good with my black hair and uncanny red eyes. Normally I would bring my lab coat to the school with me, but today is the start of a new school year. I make it a tradition to wear my lab coat to school every start of the year, so the students know right off the bat that I am the Health counselor. Quickly I draped it over my shoulders and grabbed my briefcase, pouring some food for my cat before I make my way to the door. With a final check by the mirror in the hallway, I put on my shoes and left for work.


In the darkness of the manor, the two slept peacefully after fulfilling their yearnings. Although there really was no definition of day and night in this realm that they have moved into, but eventually the smaller of the two woke up. Moving slowly, Ciel tried to move , but a sharp pain and an immediate stirring in his butt made him stop. 'Did he not pull out!' Ciel thought, a bit shocked. His stirring woke up his ebony haired lover, who tightened his hold around the boy's petite waist. "What is it? Did you want to get out?" Sebastian murmured softly into his ear. "S-sebastian! Let me go! I need to get ready!" Ciel protested somewhat halfheartedly. Truth be told, it was rather comfortable in this position right now, despite Sebastian's dick still being inside him. "Why? What do we have to do? Let's stay like this a bit more." Sebastian sighed, hugging the boy back to him again. "That. We have to answer that." Ciel replied as he pointed to the window.

A dim glow was visible through the windows, and within it, a modernized world could be seen. "Ah. Must we?" Sebastian asked, rubbing tender white thighs beneath the covers. "Yes, we must, Sebastian. It is also time for you to get your dick out of me, it's been there for the whole night already." Ciel said wearily as he slowly slid himself off Sebastian, wincing when he was finally completely out. Needless to say, there was a lot of soreness for both parties. Slowly but steadily, they got dressed, and exited the manor. Hand in hand, they walked towards the dim light, and as they neared, the light became brighter.

After a sudden white flash, Ciel found himself standing in the middle of a modern street, clad in a white shirt with a sapphire vest and cobalt pants. There was also a matching tie and a periwinkle blazer. At the same time, Sebastian found himself standing beside a red car with briefcase in hand, he himself clad in a white shirt with a red tie and black dress pants. Rather boring, but it does complement his black hair and red eyes.

'Looks like it's time for a new story.'


This is truly the end of The Sweetest Poison. Thank you to all those who have supported me to this end, and I hope you enjoyed this epilogue as well. See you all again in the future!