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I was five when I found out that I had the gift of the priestess. And though most would consider that an honor, it ended up almost getting me killed countless times, and forced me to fear for my life.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue, not even disturbed once by the occasional puff of white that would swim by. The grass beneath my feet was soft and well manicured, a few clovers and wild flowers poking up in random places. A few feet in front of me was a village consisting of small homes and shops. The bell tower of the village's church could be seen towering above all other buildings, though that was only to be expected.

As I took in my new surroundings, my chest swelled with excitement. I had never seen the place that I was in before, but the promise of the adventure of exploring it had me about ready to burst with new found energy. I set off at a run towards the small village, but I had only gone a few steps when something stopped me.

The ground was shaking, pitching back and forth to a point where it knocked me off my feet. I watched in horror as the adorable little buildings in front of me began to fall, crumbling to the ground and crushing the people that were still inside. Tears began to fall from my eyes as I called out for my mother, father, anyone that could tell me what was going on and what was going to happen to the people that had been inside of the fallen houses.

The church bell began to ring due to the shaking of the ground that knocked it around. The noise was so loud that I was forced to cover my small ears less they get damaged. I cried out once again in a last attempt for someone to help me, and then I woke up.

I sat up strait in my small child bed, tears streaming down my face and short brown hair sticking out in every which way. I was alone in my room, which didn't help the fear still pulsing through me. I leaped out of bed, bare feet hitting cold wood floor, and ran out of my room.

Our house was big, but it took me next to no time to find my parents room. Their door was open, and though I was sobbing by the time I reached it, I hesitated in the doorway.

"Teru?" I heard my mother's voice call from inside the dark room.

"Yes?" I said softly, then sniffled.

"Come here. What's wrong?" My mother asked in a gentle voice. I heard a short click, then saw the bedside lamp on my mother's side of the bed flicker on. The soft light reviled my mother sitting up in bed, and my father next to her, puffy white comforter still pulled up to his shoulders as he slept.

Once I could see inside my parents room, I charged the bed, climbing on and into my mothers open arms. The movement jerked my father awake, and at first he looked more than a little annoyed, but when he saw me clinging to mother as if my life depended on it, he didn't seam to mind so much. After being stroked and petted and comforted, my parents had calmed me down enough so that I could explain what had happened.

"Th-the ground, it-it was shaking a-and I didn't know why!" I wailed.

"Where were you when this happened sweetie?" My mother asked gently.

"I don't know!" I cried yet again. "But it felt so real, like I was really there!"

Though my parents were concerned about me enough to let me sleep in their room for the rest of the night, they still passed off my dream as nothing more than a nightmare. It wasn't until three days later when we heard about the earthquake in another city that my parents actually took note of it. I was taken to the priestess, the leader of the country's spiritual guidance, and also a very strong influence in the country's government. She claimed that I had the gift of the priestesses, and that I was to begin taking lessons from her immediately.

After that I no longer took lessons from my tutor that I shared with my brother, Souichirou. Instead I was taken to the church each day and taught lessons that would prepare me for the role that I would take over when the current priestess died. Though nothing that I was taught in the church would prepare me for what I would face later on in life.

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