Just to meet

Professor Elric was a quiet man who mostly kept to himself and was highly regarded for his knowledge of ancient runes. Many of the students admired him, but if they happened to chance upon his wicked side, they grew wary of the unassuming professor. Even Fred and George didn't dare to act too much out of line around him.

He was also mysterious; something that attracted many fangirls to the library to where he could be seen poring over book after book. When asked what he was researching, he would smile forlornly. "I'm looking for someone," he would say, and then turn back to the pages of another dusty tome.

This sparked many rumors: some say that he was looking for his lover; so of course, many girls would scornfully say that he didn't need to look any further and then promptly left to seek him out; others say that he was looking for his parents since it had been overheard that he didn't know where his father was; others said different things.

However, what was consistent in these stories was that the person he was looking for must've had a powerful concealment spell on him or her, because if he/she didn't, then surely the young professor would have been able to find him by now?

As the years dragged on, Professor Elric spent less and less time researching; it seemed that he was giving up. When asked about this, he said, "It's probably because… I failed…" But when asked to elaborate, he wouldn't respond, too lost in his own thoughts.

And so another year passed, and the sorting ceremony came again. However, unlike previous years, where he would sit at the front table with his nose buried in a book and ignoring everything around him, he watched the on-goings with listless eyes that weren't really seeing anything at all.

Then, as each new student's name was called, his eyes slowly regained focused, and he stared at one particular first year, golden eyes widening. Rapidly standing, chair clattering loudly to the floor and inadvertently drawing the school's attention, he vaulted over the table. "Alphonse!"

The young blond turned, eyes widening in shock, and before he could say anything, he was crushed in a monstrous hug.

That incident sparked many new rumors. The most prevalent one suggested that Professor Elric had been married, and after some time, the wife, for whatever reason, had left with their son, and the Professor had been looking for his son for a long time, worried if he had been safe or not during the war.

No one bothered to ask the two what the real story was.

Ommgggg… my brain is going haywire with ideas… but I'm too lazy to write a multi-chapter story… I'M SORRY.. (But you know, it seems like I can't write a one-shot anyway…)

Regardless, this story will PROBABLY stay as a one-shot.. but I might make another one shot in this same theme since I just got struck by another idea… (SKJDJKAHDKJ I HAVE WORK TO DO *sob*)

And now onto this story.. it feels weird.. I wrote it weird. Weird perspective. Blehh.. let's call it an experiment.


Titles are from Campanella – GUMI by

The chapter title, more specifically, is from koko's English version.

"From the start, I knew that it was impossible to reach you with a spaceship… Still I… Still I…"