Everything means that you are far away

In the shadows of the newly appointment of Professor Elric came another man who shared many features with the new professor that it could only be assumed that they were somehow related, if not father and son. However, curiously, he would not approach the newly appointed professor and only asked that they take care of him as the young man was prone to neglect his health in favor of his research. Then he would disappear, occasionally appearing to check on the other blond, but never to appear before him.

Sometimes, when watching from afar, his eyes would fill with sadness and regret, but when asked about this, he would brush aside all attempts for an explanation saying that the young man wouldn't want to see him and he would continue his vigil or he would avoid the question, saying that he had work to be done. Unable to get answers about the details of the two's relationship, he would be asked about the contents of his work. His eyes would fill with pain and it would take a moment before he would respond.

"I'm looking for someone," he would finally say before dropping the conversation and becoming absorbed in his thoughts.

The years passed, but still the man came and went with clockwork precision, taking note of the young professor's changing face. Unlike the professor's declining will, the man's determination only seemed to grow, and before long, he became well-known amongst the various orphanages in Europe where he had been frequenting.

When asked about his single-minded determination, he said, "There's simply no way Edward failed." His eyes would grow hard with focus and further promptings to elaborate would be ignored.

Another year passed and when the man returned to look upon the younger blonde, his face was no longer grim and haggard, but rather elated with a small smile gracing his old features. "I've finally found him."

That year, he watched from the corner of the Great Hall as Edward vaulted over the professor's table to embrace Alphonse.

Light hearted, he left as quietly as he came.

So this was the chapter I had been considering for some time and finally had the inspiration to write. I tried to make it match the style of the other two, but I think I failed since it's been a good while since the previous chapters. Oh well.

Time to be unmotivated again.. *shot*


Titles are from Campanella – GUMI by sasakura. uk

The chapter title, more specifically, is from koko's English version.