A.N.: I thought I'd try my hand at one of these funky ipod challenge deals. (But my own, less intense version). Six songs selected from shuffle, done in order.

There will be six story-lets. Each should be taken chronologically and are set during and after the show, based on the song at the beginning of each story. El Cazador de la Bruja belongs to Bee Train. (Review if you can!)

Je Veux te Voir by Yelle

Nadie was tired. She didn't feel good. They hadn't been able to afford a place to stay or food for that night, so dinner was scrounged from nature. But in the desert, nature didn't have much to offer. After a considerable amount of debate and much weighing of pros and cons, they made a skimpy meal out of some unidentifiable tubers Ellis had lovingly uncovered from the ground. What were they? They didn't know. They ate them.

Ellis said they tasted like cheese fries. Nadie thought they tasted like biting into a rotting pine tree, but didn't say so.

Nadie watched Ellis's untroubled sleep now. She felt like her intestines had been taken out, punched, then put back in. As she half-successfully ignored the pain and lay back in the front seat of the car, she followed Ellis into sleep. Weird sleep.

'Shit! I'm late I'm late I'm late!' Nadie came skidding to a halt outside of the door to her client's room, already twenty minutes late for their meeting. Panting and sweating, she straightened her shirt, brushed the hair out of her eyes, then opened the door.

'Dammit, wrong room!' Wait. It was a disco. A disco filled with women doing aerobics. And there was Ellis, shouting out instructions and encouragement to her students. Ellis was an aerobics instructor. 'C'mon, Nadie,' she called out. 'I want to see you in a porno.' She sauntered over, eyes locked with Nadie's.

And then she was ridiculing her. Forcing her to participate in step aerobics with harsh words about her body. 'Let's see you make me want you, Nadie. With your shapeless body. You can't be the woman I need at night. Bicycle legs! Now!'

Nadie flung herself on her back, working her legs in the air, feeling confused and hurt and a little bit turned on.

Last night's dreams went forgotten the next morning, but a wriggling sensation in the back of her mind wouldn't allow Nadie to feel relaxed around Ellis again until they had some real food.