I know I said I was going to make an abusive Gin, but I just can't do that. I just don't see him that way.

Summary: Kira thinks he's just a sex toy for Gin, but the Captain actually has some deep feelings for his Lieutenant. Gin proves his love for the boy, and something happens between them that will change them forever.

Pairing: GinxKira

Rating: M [this chapter] Sexual Situations.

Disclaimer: No own Bleachy thing.

A Family Created

Chapter 1

Izuru Kira awoke in a familiar bed, in a familiar room, yet they were not his own. He tried to move, knowing he should have never allowed the previous nights events to occur, but he had, as he had many times before. He knew he should never let it happen, he should have just said 'no' and walked away, but he hadn't.

A long, thin arm wrapped tighter around his waist as he tried to sit up, keeping him pinned to the body behind him. "Izuru, don't go. I want ya ta stay here. Lay down." A sleepy voice groaned from behind him, and he reluctantly but obediently complied, laying back against the larger body.

I'm so stupid. Kira thought. Why do I let him do these things to me almost every night, when it's so obvious he just does these things for his own personal pleasure? He possesses no feelings for me, I'm just his toy; a worthless sex toy. But I can't let this go on. I have to stop it.

The blonde shot back, pulling away from the other's grasp, his heart beating wildly in his chest, as he thought of how his 'master' would react to what he was going to say.

"Izuru lay back down. Yer not gettin' up 'til I tell ya." The voice sounded irritated.

"Captain Ichimaru… I can't do this anymore…"

Gin sat up next to the blonde. "What'dya mean?"

"I-I don't want to s-sleep with you anymore…"

"What're ya talkin' 'bout Izuru? Ya always seem sa eager when we do these things, and ya never refuse me when I ask ya ta do it."

"That's because you're my Captain. I can't refuse anything you ask of me. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being your toy. I know you only use me for your own sick sexual pleasure, and I don't want that anymore. I want a real relationship, with someone who will actually love me back, not someone who doesn't possess a single feeling for me."

"Izuru, ya really think I don't feelin' anythin' fer ya?" Gin opened his bright blue eyes to gaze questioningly at his Lieutenant.

"Y-yes. You're always so rough, and it's not like we have a real relationship. You make me come over to visit just so you can have sex with me."

"Goodness Izuru, I'm hurt." The Captain pouted. "And here I thought that ya knew all along."

"W-what?" The boy asked.

"I do love ya Izuru. And ya knaw, all those rumors that people spread 'bout me, aren't always lies. I have a hard time expressin' myself ta people, sa they always think I'm rude or heartless. But I'm not." Gin's arms wrapped back around the smaller body as Kira went stiff, his blue eyes growing wide.

"C-Captain…" He stuttered, completely shocked.

Here I was thinking he was just using me, and he's actually telling me he loves me? Why am I such an idiot?

"Izuru, can ya give me a second chance ta try again?"

"Um…" The blonde didn't know what to think. He hadn't expected this outcome. "I-I suppose…" He said quietly, not even bothering to process what might possibly result in him accepting, he just didn't want to upset Gin… again.

"Good, 'cause I don't want ta lose ya." The embrace ended, but Kira was quickly pulled into a passionate kiss. It was soft, so unlike Gin's usually rough demeanor, and the blonde gasped quietly against his superior's smiling lips. "Sa cute Izuru." Gin chuckled against Kira's mouth, before he pushed his tongue against the boy's, letting them rub together in a pleasurable dance.

Already being naked from the night before, Gin quickly prodded at the smaller's entrance, as he pushed their bodies to the floor, the silver-head laying over Kira. A finger pushed into the tight hole, and Kira winced, pain from the previous evening's activities. Gin had always been rough with him before, so his body always ached terribly after their trysts, this time was no exception.

"Ah… Captain you hurt me… it still hurts…" The boy whined, and Gin's hand immediately retracted.

"Sorry Izuru. Do ya want ta stop?"

"N-no!" The blonde gasped, already gone from the kiss they had shared. "Please, just be careful…"

"I got ya." The Captain reached under one of his stray pillows, and produced a bottle of lotion that had been discarded. He squeezed some of the flower-scented lubricant onto his long fingers, before pushing one back into the boy's heat. The smaller body arched up, and Gin chuckled, pushing his dried hand against Kira's chest to get the body to flatten again. More fingers were soon added, and they scissored and pumped, quickly but carefully preparing the blonde.

Kira on the other hand, was gripping the bed sheets until his knuckles turned white. He wouldn't usually be in this much pain, but the rawness of his skin from the night before was killing him. Yet he didn't have the heart to tell Gin to stop.

I must of hurt his feelings so bad. He scolded to himself. He thought I knew that he loved me, and then I come out telling him he just uses me for a sex toy. And then he asked me for the second chance. This just seems so backward.

Kira yelped suddenly, as the fingers slid from his entrance, and he felt Gin's lubed cock rub against him.

"Izuru, are ya really willin' ta give me another chance?"

"Y-yes Captain…"

"Alrighty then. Get ready." The silver-head pushed into his subordinate's body, and the two gasped together. "Darn ya Izuru. Yer always sa tight." The Captain groaned, resisting as much as he could from just shoving completely into the boy below. That was another thing that shocked Kira.

Gin was actually holding back. Most times, he just went all out, focusing mostly on himself than Kira, yet maybe it was just because he thought that the blonde liked it. Kira had never told Gin he hated it, and he never complained when the Captain went raw, or rough with him. It was his mistake that that had happened, not Gin's.

The silver-head pushed the rest of the way into his partner, and sat still, playing with the blonde hair as Kira adjusted to being filled again. "It's a-alright Captain…" He breathed after a moment, and Gin complied to the words.

His hips rocked, quickly picking up speed until he found Kira's prostate, and soon they were thrusting against each other, moaning out in pleasure neither had experienced before. Kira felt incredible just because of Gin's less harsh actions toward him, and because he knew the man he slept with every night did in fact love him -he wasn't just the Captain's private whore. Gin was in bliss because he saw how much Kira had changed during this sex session. The boy was actually enjoying himself, and he wasn't holding back on showing it either, with the way he was arching and moaning so beautifully.

"Izuru… yer gonna make me come if ya keep lookin' sa cute and hot at the same time…" The silver-head groaned, his hips snapping faster and harder as he felt himself come closer and closer to completion.

"C-Captain…" The blonde moaned, his arms wrapping around Gin's neck, and pulled their foreheads together. "Al-almost…"

Gin's hand gripped Kira's cock, and pumped it in time with his thrusts. This was the first time he had actually seen the boy with that much of an erection before. Usually there was hardly anything, the boy occasionally becoming hard when his prostate had accidentally been brushed against, but because he hadn't liked it, there was no reason for him to become aroused, so he didn't.

"C'mon Izuru. I wanna see ya do it fer the first time with me." Gin pumped faster and harder, his ever-present smile growing as the boy's face scrunched up, his orgasm coming closer fast.

But during all this, the two hadn't noticed the entwining of their reiatsu. All the power they had exerted during this mutual bliss was coming together, swirling around their bodies, and helping to add to their pleasure. It was waiting for the right moment, before it would disperse, and go to its new location.

"Ah… Captain!" Kira cried out, and he came all over their stomachs, his eyes squeezing shut, and his nails digging into the silver-head's skin.

"Izuru…" Gin panted, giving a few last thrusts, before he too climaxed, releasing himself into the smaller body. And that's when it happened. The reiatsu shot its way down into Gin's body, and followed his come out into the blonde's entrance, attaching itself, and preparing.

The two men collapsed together on the bed, reveling in their newfound feelings for each other. Kira was happy to be loved, and Gin finally got to see his Izuru enjoy their fun.

"Thank you." The blonde whispered, digging his face into the silver-head's chest. "I didn't like thinking I was some sex toy."

Gin chuckled. "Yer welcome Izuru." He squeezed the boy's ass, receiving a squeak, before they kissed again, and relaxed together in Gin's bed.

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