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Chapter 1:

(3rd person- Roses' Perspective)




The annoying sound reverberated throughout the twelve by ten foot dorm room. Echoes kept ringing over and over again seeming almost endless. It blazed through the ears of the dark brown haired girl lying down on the bed no more than a yard away. She was once fast asleep, resting easily. The sleep that she needed after the hard training that she endured merely the day before. However, does she get to have the rest that she so desperately needs? The rest that she's been craving for, for the past four and a half months? No. She doesn't.

A frustrated huff emanated from the body snuggled in the soft mattress, hidden by fluffy red covers. Yes, it was a routine for her. And yes, she did it five days a week, but it didn't mean that she liked it. Only one thing gave her reason good enough for her to go through with the constant torture. Lissa. Her best friend, bond mate, and sister in every way but blood. She'd sworn to become her guardian when they get out of the hellhole, otherwise known as St. Vladimirs, after graduation. It's when they would start their lives side by side. Well, with Christian as well.

However, one thing was holding her back from her dream.

Her dreams.

The ones that revolved around a certain sexy Russian god with beautiful, sparkling chocolate brown eyes that you could undeniably get lost in.

The same Russian god that insists on her waking up at five-thirty every morning for training.

She couldn't complain though, it was crucial. Graduation wouldn't be possible without it. Especially since she was so far behind her peers.

That was why the teenaged girl -quite reluctantly- reached her arm out from underneath the covers and felt around for the insolent piece of plastic that just wouldn't shut up.

An, unsuccessful, thirty seconds later she resulted to swatting around her hand where she thought it to be, effectively striking, and knocking it down to the hard wood floor with a thud. Then she took the bedside lamp, which was on the same mahogany dresser, and dropped it on top of the atrocity.

No more sound was heard.

With a satisfied smirk, she rolled onto her side, trying to claim another ten minutes of peaceful relaxation.

Or more specifically a little bit more time to imagine some rather suggestive activities to do with her Russian god of a man. Her Russian god of a mentor. One of the many reasons why it was so wrong, yet so unbelievingly impossible to stop.

Hey, she was just seventeen!

Only a content sigh could be made out before it went completely silent, save for her light snoring.

It had been just barely five minutes when a knock came from the other side of the door. It wasn't loud but you could clearly tell that the person wasn't going to leave anytime soon. Who was it? What did they want?

Another knock sounded.

The girl stirred in her light slumber.

And another knock, only louder.

A groan escaped her lips.

This time a bang.

She pulled her pillow over her head to try and block the noise. "Fuck off!" She moaned, seeming annoyed.

The girl loosed her death grip on the pillow once the insistent banging stopped.

Suddenly the sound of metal on metal sliced through the silent air. The lock clicked. They had a key!

Then if the noise wasn't bad enough light spilled into the room making the girl turn on her other side. "I told you to fuck off!" She growled at the intruder whom threatened to pull her from her warm haven.

"Rose, language," the person said. The voice was masculine, accented. The girls' heart leaped, her mind became fuzzy. Everything escaped except for that voice. His voice. It took only those two words for her to calm down. Her temper anyway. Her hormones and heart rate was a totally different story.

"Rose," he spoke again. "I know you're awake." Maybe if she pretended a little longer he would believe her act. She just wanted to wallow in his presence, voice, scent a couple more minutes.

The man stepped closer to her, after sensing her unwillingness, and crouched down beside her bed. A grin playing on his lips.

"Rose." Warmth spread across her entire body as he breathed in her ear. His aftershave filled her senses. "Come on. You're late."

Sure, she might love him, but she is not a morning person. At all. He should know that. He came to her room at least seven times already!

She groaned and struck her arm out in a weak attempt at a punch. He shook her.

"Go away Dimitri!"

"Training," is all he said.

Knowing fairly well that he wasn't going to go away, leaving her to her rest, she sat up and crossed her arms over her chest.

"No!" Her voice was close to a whine by now. Dimitri rolled his eyes.

"Come on Roza." The way her Russian name rolled off his tongue did things to her that even making out with one of the hottest guys in school couldn't do.

"Why?" Why did training have to be so early? She wondered.

"Because I told you to and I'm your mentor." He paused, cupping the side of her face. Leaning his face towards her he, just slightly, swept his lips across her own. However, that slight touch still left a lingering affect on her mouth.

Some mentor, she couldn't help but think.

Then, almost as if nothing happened, he stood up, mask placed firmly on his face.

"If you come now I wont make you run extra laps for the lost time." It was tempting…

"I want to take a shower first," she told him. He shook his head, a teasing smile breaking through his guardian exterior.

"You should have thought of that before sleeping in and wasting both of our times."

She contemplated whether she should just listen to him for a moment. Then decided that she would only go without anymore of a fuss if he agreed to something first.

With a mischievous glint in her dark brown eyes Rose spoke, getting off her bed to lean closer to him. "How about a compromise?" His face became wary. "I'll only go and do the extra laps if you say yes to this one simple thing..."

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