Title: 3 Strikes

Author: JeffroMattyHardy

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Nothing I tell you! NOTHING!

Summary: Adam gives Jeff 3 tasks to complete before he can be his. But remember, 3 strikes and you're out. Slashy-slash slash, language, and everything else inbetween.

This started out as an English prompt, ended up like this. Summary sucks, I know. Props to Ms. Daum for giving me this idea!

"Rowdy Roddy cut his locks; but don't worry woman, he's still a fox." Love that quote.:) That one and "Just when you think you know the answer, I change the question.":)

Oh, and this chapter is long. Really long. Warning because I'm squeezing together 3 days that I could have logically made into three chapters, but I'm lazy and watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and I don't want to divide it up right now. So…deal with it:) Have a nice day.



Jeff poked his head into the locker room he and Matt were sharing and looked around. It was Monday. All he had to do was let Adam kiss him anywhere at any time all day. So far, the Ultimate Opportunist was nowhere to be found, but that didn't mean anything.

"What are you looking for?"

Jeff spun around, his heart beating against his chest. "Hey, Matt," he breathed in relief.

"What are you looking for?" Matt asked again, tossing his bag on the ground.

"Nothing." Jeff set his duffel bag on the bench. "Imma go get some skittles."

"Get me some Twizzlers," Matt said, handing his brother his wallet. "And hurry back. We need to talk about our match." Jeff smiled, walking out of the room and down the hall to the vending machines.

"Hello there, my little Enigma."

"H-Hi, Adam." Jeff tried not to sound nervous, but it was hard not to. He froze slightly when a hand traced the patterns on the back of his shirt. The blonde shivered when he felt the other kiss at the nape of his neck where the collar of his T-shirt started.

"This is mine," Adam purred. Jeff squeaked, his face completely red, when the other's hands cupped his ass. "This is most definitely mine." Adam reached around and ran his hand across Jeff's chest. "And I'm fairly certain this is mine, too."


Adam groaned. He was so close! He moved his hands away from the younger Hardy and leaned back against the vending machine with his arms crossed. "What do you want, Hardy?" he asked in annoyance.

Matt growled low in his throat. "Jeff, hurry up." He turned and walked away without another word.

"E6 and E8," Adam said when Jeff slipped a couple dollars into the machine. "Skittles for you and Twizzlers for your annoyingly overprotective older brother."

"Thanks." Jeff gave a small smile, retrieving his candies as they fell.

Adam grabbed his hand before the younger could walk away. He lifted it to his face and pressed a kiss to the back of it. "See you in our match, Jeffrey," he said with a grin.


"Matthy Matty Matty Matty Matty!"

Jeff bounced up and down on the apron, his hand outstretched over the ropes. "Tag me, tag me, tag me!"

Adam grinned when he heard Jeff yell, leaning down to where Matt was lying on his back. "Go on, Matthew," he said. "Tag in your brother. It's not like you can do anything anyway." He pulled the raven to his feet and shoved him into the corner. Jeff tagged himself in with a grin. "Come and get me, Jeffrey."

Jeff ran at Adam and was speared before he could do anything. Adam straddled his hips and pinned his wrists above his head. The second the referee got down to count, Adam kissed Jeff on the mouth, keeping his shoulders down for the 1-2-3. Edge grinned when the bell rang. "And your dear old brother saw that moment," he said.

"Matty!" Jeff tried to move, but Adam kept him pinned to the canvas.

"Matthew is a little busy trying to stand because of an Edgecution right now," Adam grinned, "but if you leave your name and a short message, he'll get back to you as soon as he pulls me off his baby brother." Edge kissed Jeff again.

It took a minute or two, but Matt finally got back to his feet. He pulled Adam off his brother and pushed him away. "What the fuck do you think you're doing!" he yelled.

"I believe that I was making out with Jeff," Adam replied with a cocky smirk.

By this time, a group of referees had come down to the ring and a few held each man back, Jeff sitting in the corner. "Calm down, Matthew," Adam teased. "Do you really think Jeff didn't enjoy it?"

"You bastard!" Matt struggled more and a couple referees on Adam moved to hold the raven back.

"No, I'm fairly certain my parents were married when I was born." Adam grinned as the last of the referees on him went to hold Matt back. It was good to see that he could still get the eldest Hardy all riled up with a few simple phrases.

"Fuck you!"

Adam smirked. The cameras weren't close enough to hear exactly what they were saying and the crowd couldn't hear much either. "What would you say if I wanted Jeffrey, Matthew?" he asked, reciting the words he'd spoken to Jeff two days prior with a couple added sentences. "If I wanted him as my own and no one else's?" He leaned closer with a cocky grin. "If I wanted to fuck your baby brother so hard he wouldn't be walking for days? That he'll forget his own name?"

"I'll fucking kill you!" Matt yelled, struggling hard against the referees.

Adam just laughed. He looked over at Jeff, beckoning at him with a finger. The youngest Hardy slowly stood up, staying in the corner. He shook his head when Adam beckoned at him again, looking nervously at his brother.

"Are you sure?" the older blonde asked. Jeff looked at Matt again and nodded. "Suit yourself. But that's your first strike. 2 more left." He left the ring without another word. Jeff took a deep breath and went over to try and help his brother calm down.


"What the hell were you doing?"

Jeff kept his head bowed as he was yelled at, not saying much. "I tried to get him off," he tried to explain.

"You didn't seem to be trying very hard," Matt argued.

"He's stronger than me!" Jeff whined.

Matt groaned, running a hand through his hair. "Just…stay away from him, okay?"

Jeff nodded. "But…" He chewed on his lip in nervousness. He never liked lying to his brother. "…Shannon wanted me to go out with him and Jesse and Shane tomorrow." It was sorta true. Shannon did want him to go out with them and if he just told him his situation, Shannon would gladly cover for him.

"Fine." Jeff perked up. "Just call me when you're leaving."


Jeff twisted his hands in the bottom of his shirt nervously as he stood outside the door to Adam's hotel room (it had been under Jay's name). He waited a few more seconds before raising a closed fist and knocking a couple times on the door.


Jeff pushed the door open, poking his head in. Adam was in the bathroom by the looks of the light and Kelly Kelly was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed and the TV remote in hand. "Hey, Jeffy," she said with a smile, patting the bed next to him. "Sit." Jeff hesitated slightly, but walked in and sat down next to the blonde.

"Glad to see you could make it."

Adam walked out of the bathroom, his hair tied back with a rubber band with a few unruly strands escaping to frame his face. He was in a pair of tight-fitting jeans with black and red sneakers and a tight white tanktop with a blue-checked shirt open over it, a leather wristband around one wrist and his 'Rated R Superstar' sweatband around the other. He grinned at the stare on the younger blonde's face. "Like what you see?" he teased.

Jeff blushed, averting his eyes to the ground. "Okay, sweetie, let's get started on you," Kelly said with a smile. She stood up and took Jeff's hand, pushing him gently into the bathroom. "I'll be in in just a second."

Adam pulled Kelly back. "Make him look as slutty as possible," he whispered.

The blonde diva smiled with a nod. "Give me a couple hours and he'll be good," she promised. Adam grinned and leaned back on the bed to watch a movie while he waited.

"Alright, Jeff-Jeff," Kelly said. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. "Ready to go?"

Jeff chewed on his lip, watching her open the bag on the counter next to them. "I really don't think I have a choice," he muttered.

"Actually, you do!" Adam called through the door. "If you want another strike to add to your first one!"

Jeff took a deep breath. "Go ahead."



Edge jolted awake from the nap he'd been taking when he heard his name. "I'm awake, I'm awake," he muttered, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked over to where Kelly was leaning against the wall outside the bathroom. "He ready?"

The diva smiled and pushed herself off the wall. "Presenting, Mr. Jeff Hardy," she introduced, motioning for the last blonde to come on out of the bathroom. Adam grinned and got off the bed the minute the youngest Hardy came into view.

Jeff's hair was stripped to its original blonde and was kept up in two high pigtails, the tips dyed a fire engine red. A black miniskirt that barely covered his ass was all that was covering his lower half save for a pair of knee-length stiletto boots, a red camisole with a black vest that barely reached below his navel over it covering his top half. Pink gloss shimmered on his lips, black eyeliner and smoky eye makeup covering his eyes to make them stand out even more than they usually did.

"Very nice work, Kelly," Adam congratulated, circling around his date for the night. "Well worth what I owe you. Alright, then." He pulled a folded piece of paper out of the back pocket of his jeans. "Here you go." Kelly Kelly squealed in delight, snatching the paper and racing out of the room without another word.

"What did you give her?" Jeff asked in a timid voice.

"Punk's number," Adam replied in a bored tone of voice. He grinned and wrapped his arm securely around Jeff's waist, leading him out of the room and to their destination of the night.


"A-Adam? W-What is this place?"

Jeff clung to the Rated R Superstar tightly as they walked into the bar Adam had chosen for the night. It was full of guys big and small, the whole place smelling like alcohol and smoke. "This is where I decided we should go," Adam simply stated. "Just stick with me and you won't get hurt." He nodded at the bartender and led the blonde hanging on to him for dear life to a booth. "Come on, sit down. I won't hurt you." Jeff timidly slid into the booth, Adam sliding in right next to him and slinging an arm around his shoulders. "Come on, you're not going to stay quiet all night, are you?"

Jeff shook his head slightly. "Thank you," he said softly when he was handed a drink. It was pink and a sparkled a bit. Taking a sip, the blonde smiled slightly at the taste of strawberries.

"See? Told you it wouldn't be so bad to go to a bar with me," Adam teased, taking a drink of his own beverage.

"I wish I was wearing more clothes," Jeff said quietly, picking at the edge of the skirt he'd been forced to wear.

"You look pretty sexy to me, babe," Adam flirted, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "And I'm pretty sure your dear brother would rip my throat out if he knew where you are right now."

"He's not that bad," Jeff defended.

"Oh, yeah? Tell me then. How is he not that bad?"

"Well…he makes me soup when I'm not feeling good and he takes care of me like Daddy used to when I was little. He makes sure I eat what I need to and get enough exercise and he makes sure that I have enough Skittles to keep me awake on long days when there's lots of stuff to do."

"Okay, well, you're his baby brother. If he doesn't take care of you, there's not much left in his life."

"That's not true! Matty takes care of other people, I'm just first on the list!"

Adam laughed and took another drink.

By this time, Jeff had almost finished his drink and was fairly drunk. Or at least drunk enough to not care what happened to him when it came to Adam. "Addy-cakes, you're funny," Jeff giggled with a hiccup, snuggling up close to the blonde next to him.

"Well, according to your brother I'm a bastard who deserves much worse than the fires of hell," Adam contradicted.

Jeff giggled again. "Matty's stupid," he said. He stared up into the blonde's eyes with a goofy smile. "You're pretty, Addy."

"Okay, I think that's enough alcohol for you," Adam decided with a grin, taking his glass away.

"You wanna know something?" the Enigma asked. "People don't think I do, but I know every guy in the locker room wants to fuck me." He looked around and leaned up to whisper. "And so does Matty."

Adam laughed. "Well, that's interesting," he mused.

"Addy-cakes, he's so mean to me sometimes," Jeff whined. His pleasantly drunk mind was controlling him at the moment. The young Hardy moved until he was facing the older, straddling his lap. "You're so nice to me, Addy." He chewed cutely on his lower lip.

"What are you thinking about, baby?" Adam asked, nuzzling gently against the younger's neck.

"Everyone wants to fu—hic!—ck me, but you're the only one I'd let fuck me," Jeff admitted with a cute little smile.

Adam grinned, grinding his hips up into Jeff. "Glad to hear it," he groaned, grinding their hips together again. "But you still gotta tell Matthew what we'll be doing Friday." Jeff let out a sweet moan, his eyes closing as his head fell back.

Tell me do you wanna kick it in the backseat
I wanna get beside ya
In the backseat
So I can be your backseat driver

Jeff suddenly perked up and hopped off Adam's lap, bouncing excitedly on his heels. "I love this song!" he exclaimed excitedly. He grabbed his drink (since he was closer now) and downed the last bit of it, swaying just slightly. He grabbed Adam's arm and tried to pull him up. "Come on, Addy! Dance with me!"

"Ah, my leg hurts from Monday," Adam replied. "You go on and dance. I'll watch."

Jeff pouted. "But I don't want to dance alone!" he whined, stomping his foot in an act of child-like tempers. "I want to dance with you!"

"Hey, baby, I'll dance with you if your boyfriend won't."

Jeff looked over his shoulder at the tall muscular brunette standing behind him in jeans and a tight T-shirt. "Fine then, meanie!" Jeff stuck his tongue out at the older blonde, the brunette pulling him onto the dance floor with a grin.

"Name's Mike," the brunette said, wrapping his arms around Jeff's waist and bringing him close, grinding their hips together.

"I know a Mike," Jeff giggled. "He's really nice and really funny."

"I can be nice if you want me to, baby," Mike grinned.

Adam watched from the booth, fingers drumming angrily on the table. "That's it!" he yelled when Mike leaned down and started kissing the young Hardy. Despite the slight twinge in his leg, Adam stormed over and pulled the brunette off. "Stay away from him," he growled threateningly. "He's mine."

"Oh, yeah?" Mike laughed, crossing his arms. "Come on, blondie. What are you gonna do? Just give me the bitch and we'll be good."

Adam saw Jeff's eyes start to water and growled low in his throat. "No one calls Jeff a bitch in front of me and gets away with it," he growled. He braced himself as Mike kept laughing, finally running forward and spearing the brunette to the ground, throwing hits like he was in a match until someone pulled him off. He kept struggling against the arms holding him back, stumbling when he was forced out of the bar. He sat on the edge of the sidewalk, looking up when he heard something clicking closer. "Hey, Jeff."

Jeff hiccupped slightly, sitting next to Adam. "Thanks for—" hic! "—standing up for me, Addy," he said.

Adam gave a small grin. He slid his arm around Jeff's shoulders and brought him closer. "S'least I could do after what I made you go through tonight."

Jeff smiled, snuggling as close as he could to the older blonde. "I had a fun time tonight," he admitted softly. He gave a small yawn and closed his eyes, leaning his shoulder against Adam's chest. "I like being with you, Addy."

Adam smiled back, kissing the younger on the side of the head. "Me too," he replied softly, rubbing the blonde's bare arms to keep him warm.


"Here you go."

Jeff hesitantly took the folded piece of paper from Adam. "Are you sure I have to do this?" he asked in a soft voice.

"Do this one thing and you'll be done with all the tasks I asked you to do," Adam replied. "Then I'll make you feel so good you won't believe it." Jeff shifted slightly. "Ooh, did that comment turn you on a bit?"


"Your dear brother, calls," Adam teased. "Let's go."

Jeff bit his lip nervously as he followed Edge to the locker room he and Matt shared, playing with the paper in his hand. "M-Matty?" he asked timidly, poking his head into the room.

"Yeah?" Matt walked out of the showers in a tanktop and a pair of sweats, rubbing a towel over his head. "Hey, Jeffro, I—" He froze when he saw Adam walk in the room behind his brother. "What are you doing here, Copeland?"

"Matty, I have something to tell you," Jeff interrupted. Matt turned his attention to his baby brother, eyes glancing at Adam every so often. Jeff took a deep breath and opened the paper in his hands, blushing immediately. "Matt, after I read you this, I'm going to go with Adam to his dressing room and he is going to…" He stopped, blushing intensely.

"Go on, finish," Adam encouraged, nudging the blonde slightly.

"And he is going to…" Jeff swallowed thickly. "He is going to fuck me until I can't walk anymore. He's going to make me scream until my throat is raw and I lose my voice. Adam Copeland is going to fuck me and there's nothing you can do about it."

Matt looked like he was about to take a rifle and shoot Adam like a deer. "Jeffrey…Nero…Hardy…" he growled, seething mad now.

"Come on, Jeff," Adam said with a smirk at the eldest Hardy. "Let's go fulfill my little note, shall we?" He took Jeff's hand and stuck his middle finger in the air as he walked out of the locker room and towards his own.


"Adam, are you sure we should be doing this?" Jeff asked as he was pulled into the locker room, the older blonde shutting and locking the door behind them. "Matty sounded really mad."

"Let him be mad," Adam grinned. He kissed Jeff hard, leaving him breathless. "Besides, it's his own damn fault he couldn't keep track of you." He pulled him toward the showers. "Come on, time for you to get wet."

Jeff hesitated only slightly, still blushing like a virgin, before he stripped out of his clothes. He watched in rapture as Adam did the same, following the older into the bathroom where a hot shower was just starting. "Why, Jeffrey Hardy, are you still a virgin?" Adam teased when he noticed the blush.

"No!" Jeff shut his mouth when he realized how defensive he'd just sounded.

Adam just laughed. He pulled the younger into the shower, grinning at the yelp when the hot water touched his bare skin. Jeff glared slightly at the older still laughing at him, but it quickly disappeared when he was kissed again. Adam spun them around with their lips still locked and pushed Jeff against the shower wall, water still cascading over them. "Still want to back out?" he asked, gently caressing his soon-to-be-lover's side.

"What did I say?" Jeff asked as Adam placed soft butterfly kisses along his jaw. "At the bar two days ago? What did I tell you?"

Adam grinned. He moved down to his knees, trailing bites and kisses down the younger's chest as he talked. "You said I was pretty and funny. You said that Matt was stupid for ever talking back to me and you know that everyone in the locker room, including Matt, wanted to fuck you, but you only wanted me. And I'm gonna go through with that."

Jeff moaned sweetly when Adam kissed along his lower abdomen, his breath blowing lightly on his hardening cock. The Ultimate Opportunist took Jeff's cock in hand and stroked it slowly, looking up at his partner with a grin. Jeff's lips were parted as he breathed, his eyes closed as water plastered his blonde red-tipped hair to his face. Adam leaned down slightly and licked lightly at the head, grinning at the taste.

"Adam," Jeff moaned when a hot mouth engulfed his cock. His hands tangled in the older's long hair, trying not to buck his hips at the sensations around him. Adam groaned when Jeff's fingers twisted his hair tightly and pulled. He sucked on the organ in his mouth, making a soft 'pop' when he released it. "Adam," Jeff whined. He tried to force Edge to suck him again but he stood up, stroking his cock as he kissed him.

"Patience, my little Enigma," Adam scolded softly, kissing him again. "Do you really think I'd just leave you hanging?"

"Yes!" Jeff glared at the older with an annoyed look.

Adam just laughed. "Then just wait for a couple more seconds, Hardy," he teased, poking his nose. "You're starting to act just like your brother."

"I'm nothing like Mat-TY!" Jeff's voice got high in a split second when a finger was inserted up his ass.

"Damn, Hardy," Adam groaned, forcing another finger into Jeff's hole. "You sure you're not a virgin?"

Jeff shook his head, hands grabbing for anything he could to keep himself on his feet. "M-More," he moaned. "More…want you…"

Adam grinned. Jeff whined when the fingers were removed. He tried to rub his aching cock against the shower wall when he was turned around, but Adam grabbed ahold of it to keep him from gaining any friction. "You're just a little slut, aren't you?" he purred.

Jeff didn't answer, whining softly as he pushed back against the man behind him. Adam took hold of his own cock and led it to Jeff's entrance, pushing just the tip in before pulling it back out.

"Adam!" Jeff whined, hands clenching against the tile wall the best he could. "Please!"

"What my baby wants, my baby gets," Adam promised. He thrust up into Jeff, the younger letting out a cry of pain-laced pleasure. He started up a fast rhythm, stroking the blonde's cock with his thrusts.

"Uhm…m-more…" Jeff moaned loudly, the sound of the water beating on their bodies drowning out the sounds of flesh smacking flesh and the loud moaning. "A-Adam…harder!"

"What would your brother say if he heard you begging for my cock?" Adam grunted as he thrusted faster.

"Uuh…Adam!" Jeff yelled, leaning his head forward against the cool tile. "I-I'm…!"

Adam grunted as Jeff came in his hand and over the wall, the walls around his own cock tightening considerably and drawing his own release out of him. Jeff panted as Adam pulled out of him, drawing him into his arms and bringing him back into the locker room when the shower was turned off.

"Your brother should be coming by in about 3…2…1," Adam counted down.


"Mhm…Addy, tell him to fuck off, I'm sleepy," Jeff said softly, snuggling against Adam's chest. He didn't seem to mind that he was naked, he just wanted to sleep.

"Hey, Matt, your brother said to fuck off, he's sleepy!" Adam called through the door, laughing. He gently kissed the top of the youngest Hardy's head when Matt didn't answer, hugging him closer. "Congratulations, Jeff. You made it through the week with only one strike."

Jeff gave a small smile and curled closer. "Matty's gonna kill you," he said. He suddenly frowned. "My ass hurts."

Adam laughed.


Wow, that was long. 8 and a quarter pages to be exact. It took me about a day to write that stupid sex scene. I still need to take a lot of breaks to write stuff like that…need to work on that…

Prom's on Saturday and I have everything now. Dress, shoes, nails, makeup, hair, dinner, date, tickets, pictures, flowers, and moonlight bowling at Minda Lanes after. Gonna be awesome!:)