Chapter 1 – Coming Home

"Jake slow down. We will never make it to La Push in one piece if you don't slow down."

"Nessie let me drive please." Jake grumbled.

Reneesmee quirked an eyebrow at her husband of 21 years, "I can still hear you when you talk under your breath mister."

Lacey stifled a giggle as she continued to stare out the window in the back seat of the Chevy Trail Blazer. She was getting hungry and knew she'd need to eat or hunt soon.

Jake rolled his eyes. He loved his wife, but knew her heightened half vampire/half human senses were super powerful and tended to irritate him a little when he was overly excited. He hadn't seen anyone in the pack since they'd moved away 20 years ago when she was pregnant with their twins, Lacey and Luca. The twins were complete opposites. Lacey immediately having the same 'gifts' as her mother. She had the ability to transmit thoughts to others by just touching their skin. Luca, well he had recently phased into a rather large gangly looking wolf.

Which was the whole reason for the move back to La Push. They were meeting up with their pack family to teach Luca the ways of the tribe. A few years back Lacey's mom had a falling out with her own parents Bella and Edward Cullen and they hadn't seen them since. But the kids were still seeing their great aunts and uncles, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, plus their great-grand parents Esme and Carlisle Cullen. Great granny Rene still lived in Florida and Great grand-dad Charlie had actually passed a few months prior to the move. Grandpa Billy had passed a few years ago. As well as Jake's mom having passed when he was still a boy.

The twins were 20 but soon to be 21.

Lacey looked at her parents, naturally they were holding hands on the middle arm rest as she gagged and made a face when her mother leaned over and kissed her dad's temple lovingly. Even after twenty-one years, her mom still looked seventeen and her dad still looked twenty. People had the hardest time believing that two people who looked as young as them had twin twenty year olds. Their dad continued to keep phasing because he didn't want to age and look like a dirty old man, because their mother stopped aging at seventeen.

Jake looked back at Lacey and smiled, "You excited about the move sweetheart?" Lacey shrugged, "It's cool because we get to see where you and mom grew up and we also get to see Uncle Quil and Uncle Embry." Jake chuckled, "Yea we haven't seen them in a couple of years, I guess the threat got pretty bad and they've all been pulling double and triple shifts." Lace smiled, "I miss Uncle Quil and Uncle Embry, plus they tell the best stories about when you guys were just boys."

Jake made a face as Reneesmee giggled, "Stop it! Your face is going to freeze like that...Why are you making that face anyways?" Jake grumbled, "I wish they would stop telling them stories." Nessie squeezed his hand, "Calm down...Those stories are a part of your history and the kids love them."

Lacey leaned between the front seats, "Hey dad I'm kind of…hungry." Jake looked at his daughter and knew what she was in dire need of. Jake pulled over on the side of the road, "Luca go with your sister." Luca tugged his t-shirt over his head, "Sure dad. I'll follow your scent to Emily and Sam's."

Lacey and Luca were running through the trees at top speeds. Since their dad had dropped them off on the side of the road so Lacey could hunt since she was getting hungry and Luca said he'd follow their parents scent to Sam and Emily's. Luca also stood guard as his sister ate. She could drink blood and eat human food, but like their mother she craved blood or raw meat. Their father was a shape shifter and their mother a vampire hybrid (half vampire/half human).

Jake and Reneesmee weren't sure how they ended up with a shape shifter son and a hybrid daughter because they were twins. Somehow Luca had gotten their fathers brown eyes, but Lacey had a combination of amber and brown which made for an interesting burnt orange eye color. Luca always said it looked like the sun was setting in her eyes. They came from the trees and skidded to stop outside of Sam and Emily's home.

Luca phased back into human and pulled shorts and a t-shirt on. Luca flipped Lacey over his shoulder and carried her piggyback style around to the backyard knowing that was where everyone was meeting. The twins had been living with their parents in Alaska since birth and they came back because Luca phased.

Jake was busy talking to Renesmee about something when he sensed his children from behind, slowly turning his head over his shoulder with a smile. He felt blessed to have a family, especially with his beautiful wife being a hybrid vampire – half vampire and half human. At one point, Jake had thought he was in love with Bella Swan, who was now Bella Cullen and married to Edward Cullen, both of them vampires. They ended up conceiving Renesmee on their honeymoon and when Jake went to visit Bella, he found out what happened and stood beside her.

It wasn't easy by any means because he still thought he was deeply in love with her and wanted to imprint on her in the worst way. Edward had asked permission to change Bella into a vampire because the baby was killing her, having the strength of a vampire, breaking her bones and damaging her internally. When the baby was born, which Jake thought he hated for destroying the woman he loved and slowly killed her, his eyes locked on the beautiful baby girl and instantly the imprinting commenced. Jake never loved anyone as much as his wife and never would; she was his everything just as she was his Nessie.

Lacey's jet black wavy hair bounced as Luca hopped around, she had a grip on his neck hoping he wouldn't drop her but knew he wouldn't. Luca finally squatted down and let Lacey stand on her bare feet. She drug a hand through her hair as she walked over and stood next to her dad who kissed the top of her head. A noise behind them made Lacey spin around as a huge smile adorned her face, "Uncle Embry! Uncle Quil!" She squealed as she ran over and Embry scooped her up and swung her in circles. A tap on Embry's shoulder brought him to a stop as he released Lacey as she turned and Uncle Quil was the next to hug her.

"Goddamn kiddo, you get big every time we see you!" Quil grinned, not believing how beautiful and rapidly growing his niece was, glancing over at Jake somewhat worriedly. He knew Lacey was probably done growing and aging, that's how it happened with Renesmee, though she stopped at the age of seventeen. Lacey was now twenty years old or something like that, Quil couldn't fully remember. "You look beautiful as always. Aunt Kim, Aunt Leah and Aunt Claire Bear will be along shortly." Even after all this time, Quil couldn't stop calling his imprint that, having done so when she was two.

"That would be Quil sucking up as always." Embry slugged him on the shoulder and pulled Lacey back into his arms, kissing the top of her head.

Lacey giggled at her uncles. They'd been to Alaska numerous times to see her dad and mom and her and her brother. A string of curse words came from the tree line as everyone turned, Lacey already knew it was going to be Paul, he was a volatile pack member, and his temper often forced him into wolf form. She remembered seeing him in a picture once and her dad explained who he was.

Lacey couldn't help but giggle as he continued to cuss and pull leaves and small twigs out of his hair. All giggling stopped as nearly blackened eyes peered into her burnt orange. Lacey let out a gasp as her hand went over her mouth and she felt Luca grab her. Her eyes were wide as she was suddenly aware she wasn't looking at Paul; but Paul's son. Paul Redson Jr. He looked exactly like his dad when he dad was 21. A perfect mirror image.

The magnetic feeling shot through Paul Redson Jr. as he stared back at Jacob's daughter, Lacey, watching as her twin brother, Luca, hold her steady. It was the most forceful yet divine gravitational feeling and spread throughout every part of his body. This hybrid vampire had forced his feet to glue to the ground, Paul knew exactly what just happened and felt his eyes narrow to slits.

How the hell could he imprint on a BLOODSUCKER?