A/N: Ok this is another Oneshot, I really hope you like it! I found this page on facebook called Robin (Dick Gayson) I was just wondering what Robin would think of it.

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It was just another day at Mt. Justice; Robin was updating the software on his glove when he heard "DUDE! Rob get over here!" it was Wally.

"What is it?" Robin asked as he ran into Wally's room.

"You have your own fan page on Facebook!"

"What!" Robin was shocked, he had heard of the big-league supers having fan pages but not a sideki-partner!

"Lemme see!" he scanned over the different status updates such as "Got hit by Riddler's staff in the stomach, now I have a question mark shaped bruise. Not feelin the aster."

"Can you believe it?" Wally was obviously jealous of all the hearts Robin got.

"Wait…how does this person know your secret ID?"

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