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Prologue: The Salona Forest

It was the world of magic and monsters. Mysterious beings and strange phenomenons. And in this world humans knew the dangers of walking alone. Because there are many strange creatures who manifested as beautiful beings who took them away for many reasons.

"Reborn! Why do I have to do this again?" Sawada Tsunayoshi, young Demon King whined once again as he was forced to follow his teacher, who wasn't too far ahead.

"Stop whining Dame-Tsuna." His royal Magician Reborn retorted as he whacked Tsuna with his all powerful staff.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Tsuna said while rubbing the sore spot.

"Demon King's don't whine. We need to find the sword and fast. Don't test my patience Dame-Tsuna." He said in a mater of factly and sped up his pace while his useless student trailed behind him.

Tsuna just sighed. Why did they have to go to this journey? Oh! Because Reborn told his father that he needed a sword to be the ruler. Who then told the current Demon King Timoteo who decided they should go on a journey to get the Legendary Sword Aeon. And now he's stuck here miles away from the Vongola Kingdom in search for that sword. And this wasn't the only time Tsuna was forced to do something too!

Tsuna was so shocked that day. He wanted to have a normal life. He was useless, he couldn't do anything. So he thought he'll forever be that way. Then came the Most Powerful Magician Reborn who decided that he'll teach him everything. Teach him? It was actually torture. He loved torturing him and forced him to do all kinds of things. Tsuna remembered and shuddered. Those were horrible times. But Tsuna somehow managed to survive that and was actually strong. Then that fateful day came.

The day they were choosing the successor of the Ninth king. Every demon with even a drop of Royal blood were present there. The seers of the kingdom would choose the one who was eligible to be the next king. Anyone could be chosen but everyone was sure it would be Prince Xanxus. He was after all the current King's son. Tsuna also had a bit of royal blood in him. So he had to attend too. But he didn't have the desire to be the Demon King in the first place so he ran away from the ceremony. It's not like he was going to be chosen anyway. But no, Reborn couldn't have that happen. He had to make him participate in the succession ceremony by pushing him in front of those people. It was the most embarrassing thing that happened to Tsuna.

The seers were a bit surprised to see a 14 year old child fall in front of them in a very spectacular (!) manner. Tsuna looked up from his position to see two pink haired women with black masks over their eyes. They smiled and for some odd reason they declared that he was the one eligible to be king.

That didn't go well with some people. Prince Xanxus was furious. He challenged Tsuna to a fight which he tried to run away from. He didn't want to be King in the first place why were people still forcing him to become one? Tsuna was sure Prince Xanxus was a better candidate. But then when he saw him mistreating everyone around him, especially the servants something sparked inside him.

And they fought. Tsuna thought he couldn't let this person be King. He just wanted to stop him. When he was fighting he had missed the all knowing smirk Reborn was giving. Against all odds Tsuna won and became the official successor. All his protests that he didn't do it to become King were pushed aside and everyone hailed him as the new King.

That was four years ago. He wasn't the official king yet but will be. Tsuna still didn't understand why he hasn't run away from this yet and why people still tolerated him. He was useless and couldn't do anything right?

Currently the two of them were walking through the Salona forest, home of the dangerous werewolves. Tsuna felt a chill. Suddenly his hyper intuition told him something was happening up ahead.

"Reborn, something's happening there." Tsuna said and rushed there before Reborn could say anything. Not that he was planning on saying anything. He just watched his Dame student rush to trouble.

Tsuna was very startled to see a pack of wolves attacking a giant cat. The cat had silver fur. It was badly inured. Blood was gushing out. It was a werecat. The wolves weren't ordinary ones either, they were werewolves. Tsuna just sighed. Great… he couldn't let the cat die as it was outnumbered. Tsuna quickly wore his woolen mitten's which turned into leather gloves with an X marking on them. His normally dull brown eyes became orange and a flame was lit on his forehead.

"This is what people call an unfair match." Tsuna said as he stepped in. The wolves growled and so did the cat to remind him to mind his own business. Unfortunately Tsuna was too much of a hero to do so.

The wolves put their attention on Tsuna. Who was standing in front of the cat in a protective manner. He stared at the wolves as to provoke them to attack. The wolves growled and lunged toward him. They weren't much of a challenge to Tsuna. He dispatched them quickly and turned to the injured cat. It growled for a bit and then collapsed.

"What did you do now Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn asked as he made his way toward the injured cat. Tsuna was inspecting the wounds.

"It's injured. Can't we do something Reborn?" He asked.

"Heh." Reborn smirked. "I'm the world's greatest magician. Do not doubt my skill." Reborn then used his staff to heal the wounds. After a while the cat looked good as new. The sky was darkening. They decided to call it a day for today.

Tsuna made a giant fire. They were dozing off when Tsuna felt a claw making its way to his throat. But thanks to his hyper intuition he knew there was danger. He turned to the possible assassin to see it was a beautiful woman who had silver hair that reached to her shoulders. Her eyes were an impressive shade of green.

"Why'd you do it?" The woman asked with unmasked fury in her voice.

"What are you talking about? Who are you?" Tsuna said as he was very startled to suddenly see someone who seemingly tried to kill him ask his strange questions.

"That's the warecat you saved Dame-Tsuna." Reborn said as he sat a little further away from the two of them and watched with interest. He was very amused.

"Eh?" Tsuna couldn't believe it. This woman was the warecat? Tsuna then observed closely. Her hair resembled the cat's unique silver fur. He wearily looked for the cat but it was gone from the place he had put it.

"Answer my question!" She threatened.

"Eh? Why did I do what?" Tsuna was very confused.

"Don't act dumb! Why'd you step in? Was it because you felt pity? Was it because I'm a woman?"

"What? No, it's just that they were many of them and only one of you. It wasn't fare. As for you being a woman I just noticed. Now can you move your claws?" Tsuna said being very uncomfortable as he stared at her open claws. The woman was a bit astonished. He would have done the same for anyone else!

"You are great!" The woman's face lit up. Tsuna only stared dumbly as her scowl turned into a grin. "I'm Gokudera Hayako…it would a great honor to become your wife!" she suddenly declared and bowed down.

"What wife? No! I don't need a wife." Tsuna tried to make her stop bowing.

"That won't do." Hayako said darkly. He flinched. She was too intimidating. He couldn't reply anything.

"Isn't that great Tsuna? You got your first wife." Reborn said as he smirked. His dame student never failed to be amusing.

"What? First wife? I don't need one!" Tsuna protests died out as Hayako started hunting for their engagement feast.

And to think Tsuna thought it was going to be a normal journey to find the Sword of Aeon too!

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