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Epilogue: New Beginning

"How can that be?" Yamamoto couldn't believe it. "I had always heard about the legend of the sword!"

"Yeah me too! I always extremely heard people of my village talk about this!" Ryoko couldn't believe it as well.

"All legends contain some truth." Reborn said.

"Indeed Arcobaleno. The Sword of Aeon exists but it is not a real sword." Giotto explained to them.

"Then? Why is it called that?" Chrome asked. "What is it?"

"It is actually a title given to someone because like a sword he plunged through the darkness that covered the land."

"Oya oya it seems all Vongola are the same." Mukuro shook her head in disappointment. "Who is that person then?"

Giotto smirked. "I was given that title."

"Eh?" Gokudera exclaimed.

"That doesn't make any sense." Lambo clutched her head. She never heard such a thing. "Why would you be called that?"

"It was a title given to me when I had defeated the tyrannical royals of our country and bestowed peace upon our land. The country known as Vongola didn't exist then. It was known as Aeon. When I won the war and combined all the scattered lands I renamed the country to Vongola." Primo finished explaining.

For some time no one could speak. The revelation was too shocking. Tsuna couldn't believe what he had just heard. All the pain and suffering he had to go through had been for nothing. There was no sword. He wobbled and fell on the ground on his knees.

"This is the sword that I came all the way for?" he was falling in despair.

"Tenth get a hold of yourself!"

Primo smiled. He didn't seem that much affected. "I deem you worthy as the Decimo of the Vongola Kingdom."

Yamamoto and Gokudera had forcefully pulled Tsuna to stand up. Just then the room lit up with six different flames. From there emerged the First generation guardians.

"You again!" Gokudera snarled and pointed her finger towards G who seemed like she could care less.

"These people again…" Lampo sighed. It seemed she was dying of annoyance.

"It is nice to see you all again." Asari Unmei smiled at the new generation. Then she noticed they all looked kind of down. "What has happened here? Why do you all look so disheartened?"

"Nu fu fu… I believe Unmei, Primo has told them about his title." Diana guessed.

Noel looked over them all. "Do not be discouraged. By the gods will you have come here and you shall most definitely get what you have come here for."

"What are you talking about?" G seemed annoyed. "They just heard that there was no sword of power."

"Why are you all wasting time?" Alodia glared at the other guardians.

"No need to get agitated." Diana smirked at her direction. Alodia just looked away.

"The journey you took to get here wasn't a waste." Primo told them. "You have gotten stronger and discovered things in a different way. You're knowledge have grown and you have found the path you want to walk in. That is a great achievement."

"That's true for them but there is something more right?" Reborn smirked. He was an Arcobaleno after all. He had extensive knowledge about the world. "They didn't come here for nothing right?"

"Indeed." Giotto looked at Reborn and nodded. "Since you are our true successors." Primo's hand started glowing with fire. "I bestow upon my powers to Vongola Decimo Sawada Tsunayoshi." He put his hand on Tsuna's ring. It started glowing.

"What's happening?" Tsuna could feel something going inside him though the ring.

"I have unlocked all the hidden potentials of the rings that had been sealed away by me long ago so that no one could abuse them. I believe that you have what it takes to be a great king and lead your people to happiness. Now that the limiter has been lifted you can use the rings to their full potential." Primo then put a small orange coloured box with the Vongola insignia on his hand. "And here. This is a magical container that manifests itself as something that is your heart."

Primo looked at his guardians and nodded. Then each of them went to their successor and did exactly as Primo. They too gave each of them a box with their insignia carved on them.

"Decimo wasn't the only one being judged in the trials." G seemed annoyed. "You were too."

"The hell is your problem woman." Gokudera grumbled as she took the box from her. She looked at G who was also grumbling about what an annoying brat she was.

"Yes. We were told to examine your behaviour and understanding of Decimo as well." Asari smiled as she gave the box to Yamamoto.

"Ha ha thank you Asari-san." She humbly accepted the box.

"No no it's nothing. You truly deserve this power." Asari bowed a bit.

"Such an annoying job I had." Lampo almost threw the box at Lambo's face.

Lambo smirked. "Says the old hag." Which only earned her a glare.

"By the power of God I think you are all extremely worthy of this power." Noel gave the box to Ryoko.

"It's Extreme!" Ryoko examined the box. "It's yellow as well!"

"Nu fu fu… but you all do seem to have an ulterior motive." Diana was very amused.

Mukuro examined the box. "Ku fu fu… rest assured I will make it into a reality."

"I shall see then." Diana was truly amused.

When Alodia went to give Hibari the box she took out her tonfa's. "Fight me."

"You are just kids still. You aren't strong enough yet." She glared. "I have no interest in kids."

Hibari put away her weapons but kept on glaring at her. Alodia completely ignored her.

Primo looked over them once again. When all his guardians stood next to him he started to speak. "But you have passed. And now the future belongs to you. If you need anything then remember our wills are in the rings. We will come to your aid when it is most needed."

Suddenly there was a rumbling noise which startled everyone. They all looked around but found nothing out of the ordinary.

"What's that noise?" Gokudera exclaimed in surprise.

Lambo suddenly looked horrified. "The ground is shaking."

Just then Primo seemed to have remembered something important. "Oops I forgot to tell you!"

"What?" Yamamoto questioned.

"This place was still standing because of my power." He smiled seeing the shocked faces. "Now that we are no longer bound to this place, it is collapsing."

Tsuna couldn't believe it and stared at the first King who didn't seem worried at all.

G shook her head. She was used to his antics. "You should hurry and try to get out of here."

"You can't be serious!" Gokudera shouted but it didn't seem the First generation cared much.

Asari bowed towards them. "Until we meet again." Then all the first generation guardians turned into flames and went back to the respective rings.

"Hii!" Tsuna was comically horrified. "I can't believe those people!"

Mukuro chuckled. "Ku fu fu… Interesting people."

Chrome looked at Tsuna. "Bossu we have to get out of here."

Tsuna nodded. "Maybe we can use the door." He looked back to see the door being closed. "What?"

Hibari walked up to him. "Herbivore we have to break though. The doors are all useless here." She pulled out her tonfa's once again and prepared break down the place. While taking a stance she noticed that the box that was given to her became warm and started glowing.

"Hibari-san I'll do it." Tsuna told her. He looked very determined. "Everyone brace yourselves!" He said as he put his left hand backwards. He was emitting soft orange flames. Then he put his right hand forward. From there a blast of hard pure orange flames burst through a wall. It created a hole and from there they could see the blue sky. The sun was already setting.

"What was that power? It's stronger than before." Mukuro seemed astonished. But she didn't have time to lament on it since the floor started crumbling down as well.

Hibari also noticed the increased power. It seemed like Primo had also upgraded his gloves. But it wasn't the time to dwell on such thoughts.

"Run for it!" Tsuna screamed as everyone started running to the direction if the giant hole that he had created earlier.

Reborn just teleported himself to the ground. Gokudera turned into a cat and started to run down the surface of the pyramid. Ryoko and Lambo did the same as her. Yamamoto jumped from one broken rock to the other slowly reaching the bottom. Hibari just jumped down from that height and landed softly as though she was a cat. Chrome turned into an owl while Mukuro sprouted her black small bat like wings and flapped them to fly down. Tsuna also got his own set of wings out and flew down.

When all of them came down and stood next to each other, side by side they looked up at the remains of the pyramid. Nothing was left there, other than the rubble.

"It's gone." Lambo muttered.

"Where do you think they went?" Ryoko looked at the others for answers.

Reborn looked at their direction. "They were the will of the First Generation that lived inside the temple. Since they went back into the rings the power that kept the tomb from falling most likely vanished."

"Wills huh?" Tsuna pulled out the box that Primo had given him. "I wonder what this contains…" He stared intently at it. Deciding to think about it later he turned to look at his friends. They all were also given a box. He smiled. They made it out of there safely. He then remembered about the other companions that they had left here. Slowly he got out the shogi piece that I-pin had given him.

"We need to regroup with the boys." Tsuna said.

"Yeah! I am extremely worried about Kyohei now!" Ryoko exclaimed.

"My my I don't think we have to get so worked up." Lambo yawned. She pointed at a direction. "Look they're already heading towards us."

They turned to that direction to see the boys running towards them. Then they noticed something amiss. Amidst the smoke they could see the silhouette of six people.

"There is another person with them!" Yamamoto exclaimed. "An ally or…" she drew her sword from the sheath.

Mukuro smiled. "Ku fu fu… interesting. I cannot sense anything."

Hibari just drew out her Tonfa's. They were still damaged. But she could still fight with them. Gokudera, still in her werecat form started growling threateningly. Everyone seemed to be on edge.

Slowly the cloud of dust cleared and the people could be clearly seen. Among their companions there was someone else. A woman. She had dirty blond hair that reached to her chest. Her eyes were aqua blue. She stood proudly. They stopped just before them.

"Hahi!" Haru was overjoyed. "Tsuna-sama and everyone was safe! Haru got worried when the Pyramid crumbled down!"

"Everyone was able to get out!" I-pin seemed glad. He couldn't see any visible injury in any of them.

"Mukuro-sama!" Chikusa worriedly walked up to her. Ken seemed to be worried as well.

"Mukuro-sama are you fine byon?"

Mukuro smiled. "I am fine. But..." she looked at the newcomer and narrowed her eyes.

Kyohei looked at his sister. "I'm glad everyone was safe." Then he noticed they were looking tense. "What's wrong everyone?"

"Who are you?" Yamamoto asked as Gokudera was ready to jump at her. She was growling like no tomorrow. The others seemed ready to fight as well.

"Basilia…" Tsuna whispered shocking everyone. Gokudera transformed back to her humanoid form.

"You know her tenth?" She asked.

"Yea… she's my childhood friend. She's not an enemy. She works at the castle." He explained to them so that they would calm down. They did but they were tense for another reason. "Why are you here?"


After the initial misunderstanding was cleared they regrouped and made camp near the ruins of the pyramid. Tsuna explained what had happened inside. The boys listened carefully to the story and seemed kind of frustrated that the legendary sword they thought was just someone's title. But they were glad that they had cleared the trials and gotten the power of the First generation.

The boys then decided to share their story. After Tsuna and the others went inside the pyramids they were staying on guard. But after a while they felt a foreign presence, who was Basilia. They were ready to exterminate the threat. They even fought. But eventually she was able to convince them after she showed them the official logo and signature of the current Vongola King. When they determined that she wasn't an enemy they all had waited for them to get back.

"So, what kind of documents did you bring?" Gokudera was on edge. She still hadn't trust her. Then again the only one she really trusts among them was Tsuna and Reborn.

They were sitting beside a giant campfire they had made. Everyone sat circling it. Hibari was sitting a bit further away from them and Mukuro was sitting beside a tree. The other Kokuyo members were sitting surrounding her. The girls were staring intently at Basilia. It was the first time they saw Tsuna being openly friendly with someone of his opposite gender without being shy at all. This annoyed most of them.

"Only Tsuna-dono will be able to open the documents." Basilia replied. She wasn't very good at reading people and was an airhead most of the times. But even she could feel the hostile feeling that the girls were radiating. She wasn't sure but she could guess. "It is about the Vongola Kingdom."

"It's okay." Tsuna just took the documents from Basilia's hand. It was a tightly wrapped scroll that had the Vongola seal carved on it with Sky flames. He touched the seal and it evaporated. He then opened it to read its contents. After reading his eyes went wide.

"What's wrong Tsuna?" Reborn asked. Tsuna handed him the scroll. He read it and his face became scrunched. "This isn't good."

"What's wrong Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked.

Gokudera looked worriedly. "Was it something very bad?"

Tsuna rubbed his forehead with his hand. "It seems like Vongola Kingdom is being attacked by the neighbouring Millefiore Kingdom. At this rate maybe we'll have an all out war with each other. I have to get back to my country."

"Ku fu fu… and what are we going to do now?" Mukuro smirked. She knew what she would do already. She just wanted to see what the others would do.

"What do you mean?" It seemed Tsuna wasn't thinking about that matter at all.

"You were on this journey only to get the sword right? You have already fulfilled your objective. You were going to go back anyway right." Mukuro explained. "Oya it seemed like you haven't thought about this at all."

Tsuna was confused. "Right… That's true…" He looked at Reborn who didn't seem like he would say anything to help him at all.

"Now what's going to happen to us?" Ryoko wondered out loud.

"I'll go back to my country. I have already fulfilled my obligation." Hibari suddenly spoke up. She was sure about what she would do anyway. There was nothing more she would gain from staying. Then again, she looked at the dejected face of Tsuna. Perhaps...

"Then… I…" Lambo was confused.

A painful silence enveloped the group. They were confused and uncertain.

"Anyway I think we should rest here tonight and think of what to do tomorrow." Tsuna gave a painful smile. "We'll have the whole night to think about our next move."

No one protested. They were all thinking about what they would do. Now that they had found the sword (sort of) they didn't have any clear goals ahead of them anymore. They all settled inside a big remnant house they found that was in good shape. Everyone lay on their makeshift beds thinking about what they would do unable to sleep. The girls were all staying inside the same area while the boys were on the other side of the room. Hibari was on the roof.

Gokudera was staring at the ceiling. She was sure about what she was going to do. She would follow Tenth of course! What other plans would she have? When she met him she was just travelling. She had no purpose, no goal, just wondering around. Then she got attacked by some werewolves. Tsuna saved him even though she was a stranger. After meeting Tenth she had a purpose. She was the Storm Guardian. She was going to protect him. She was in love with him. She would marry him for sure. With new found determination she closed her eyes and tried to sleep again.

Yamamoto couldn't sleep. She kept tossing and turning. Why couldn't sleep come to her? She remembered this feeling. After winning the championship several times she felt all her hard work was in vain. There was no purpose in anything anymore. She would walk around in the night aimlessly. Just like that she met him. Tsuna was an odd one. He was strong and reliable. He inspired her, saved her. She couldn't help but be attracted to him. At first it was just infatuation. But she didn't know when it had turned into something more. Something serious. She couldn't lose. She looked at her side to see Gokudera and the others sleeping. No matter who was the rival she would try her very best to win his heart.

Ryoko didn't usually think. She would always follow her instincts. And with those instincts she knew Sawada was an extreme guy. She could count on him. Usually he would be indecisive but when time needed he would be brave. He would always come to her and everyone's rescue. She was unbelievably attracted to him. She was never attracted to anyone else before. She was confused about everything but when she was with Sawada she couldn't feel fear or anxiety. Her hear would hurt but it wasn't painful. She closed her eyes and dreamt of a world where they were together and slept peacefully.

Lambo was lying on the ground holding her box. She started to think about all that had happen past these weeks. Lambo was used to people, especially men flocking around her. She liked to order them around. It made her feel powerful. But then Tsuna came and ignored her appeal completely. He wasn't a least bit interested in her. It was humiliating. It hurt her pride. She was going to make him fall for her. But things didn't happen the way she wanted them to. Somehow she ended up falling for him instead. He was amazing. Attractive, accepting and so unbelievably kind. She knew she was no match for him. He treated her like a child. But she hopelessly attracted to him. She would make him see her as a woman. She would be with… Lambo clutched her box closer to her heart.

Haru was a powerful magician. He was famed to be a genius. He knew how to do so many things in such a short time. Haru had weird habits. Haru was the best. Haru had no friends. Haru had an idol whom Haru worshipped. Haru's idol went away and Haru chased after him. Haru met Tsuna-sama. Haru knew he was an amazing person. Tsuna-sama was the one who pulled Haru up from Haru's loneliness. Haru could never leave him alone as he was Haru's true friend. Haru slept peacefully being very sure about what he would do.

Kyohei was very smart. He was just born with a weak body. He only had a few friends and his older sister. Going out to the world to get the grindger leaves was the best thing he had ever done. Because of that he met Tsuna-kun and Haru-kun and everyone else. He wasn't confused at all.

I-pin never had a warm family. He was always on the run and trying to survive. He met a wonderful person who became his master. She taught her how to fight and survive. He was forever grateful to his master. Then he met Tsuna-sama. He was a nice person who let him live even though he was trying to kill him, even though he was a prince. He asked him to join him. He was an assassin who decided to follow someone for life. Tsuna-sama was kind to everyone. He was like a big brother to him. He made him feel at home.

Tsuna couldn't sleep. He looked over everyone. They all seemed to be sleeping. Reborn had put a powerful barrier around them. If anyone tried to enter forcefully they would know immediately. Seeing that everyone was here and he couldn't sleep, he decided to go out of the building and at the front lawn. It was the edge of the barrier.

Hibari Kyomi was the most ruthless and powerful Vampire of all. She followed the rules of the jungle. Kill or be killed. She deemed pathetic people to be herbivores and the strong to be carnivores. She had no interest in the weak. Everyone was afraid of her. She was content the way everything was. But then an anomaly came. He was strong like a carnivore yet his personality was weak like an herbivores. He did things that constantly surprised her. He made her excited. Made her heart pound. He was interesting like no other. She wanted to bite him to death. She wanted to share her blood. But he was clueless and cute like a small animal. She didn't know what to do.

She was sitting on the roof when she noticed the herbivore walking out of the building. She didn't do anything and just watched.

Tsuna watched the starry night. He felt calm so he laid down on the lawn. The soft breeze and the cool atmosphere made him feel cozy and he fell asleep.

The herbivore fell asleep. She was sure about some things. She wanted him to be hers. And she would make it possible. She went back to sleep. Tomorrow she'll declare her intent.

Mukuro couldn't sleep. After a while of tossing and turning she sat up. She had to walk to clear her mind. When she got outside she saw Tsuna sleeping on the lawn. He was so defenseless. She smiled. This was too easy.

She hated him. She hated his smile and the kind way he treated everyone. She hated how he could make people follow him. She hated how naïve he was. He was too nice. Anyone would take advantage of that. Like her. She would kill him.

Mukuro slowly walked towards him. She slowly bent on all fours and put her hands on either side of his face. He looked peaceful as he slept. Fool. She slowly got their faces together. It was centimeters apart. She could feel his breath tickling her face. Their faces were so close. Their lips were almost touching. She tried to make them descend but somehow couldn't do it.

She wanted his heart to belong only to her. She was selfish but he could only give his heart to her and no one else. She got up. That was so stupid. She would make him kiss her on his own free will. She looked at her ring. This won't be the ring he would give her next time. She walked back to her own place and laid down. She would make sure of it.

Tsuna suddenly woke up. "What?! I fell asleep outside." He quickly got up and headed towards his bed. "Weird I felt like Mukuro was there or something." He shook his head he must have been dreaming. When he went inside he saw Reborn sitting up.

"Reborn!" he was visibly surprised. "You're not sleeping?"

He just smirked. "What about you? Sleeping in the lawn. How stupid."

Tsuna sighed. "You don't have to say it like that!" he walked back to his makeshift bed. "I couldn't sleep. I was too worried."

"Worried that everyone's going to leave?" Reborn's words stabbed the exact point.

Tsuna just rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah. I guess. It'll be lonely without everyone." He became quiet with a sad expression. "I'll just go back to sleep." Saying that he lay down to sleep.

When Reborn was sure he fell asleep, he smiled. "Dame-Tsuna don't doubt your own magnetic power."


"Let us go Tsuna-dono! We must go back to the Vongola kingdom!" Basilia urged everyone to get ready.

Tsuna nodded. He then looked at the others. He seemed hesitant. "What are you going to do?" he glanced aside for a second before looking back. "I will go back to my country. I am needed there."

"What are you talking about Tenth?" Gokudera seemed appalled. "Of course I'll follow you! I'm the tenths Storm guardian" she stopped and blushed and said in a quiet voice. "And fiancée"

"What? Tsuna-dono's fiancée?" Basilia was astonished. She hadn't heard any news of his marriage at all!

"No that's wrong!" Tsuna quickly denied.

"Ha ha Gokudera you don't have to make things up like that you know!" Yamamoto went to pat Gokudera's back which she quickly dodged. She looked at Tsuna with determination. "Tsuna I'll obviously go with you. I don't have anything to lose. Besides didn't you ask me to join you forever? So why are you confused?"

Her words moved him. "Yamamoto!" He somehow knew he could always count on her. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around. Ryoko and Kyohei were looking apologetic.

"Tsuna-kun we have to return to our village. We originally came here just to get the grindger leaves after all." Kyohei told him. Tsuna became a bit sad but he smiled anyway.

"That's right!" Ryoko seemed enthusiastic as usual. She gave a thumbs up towards him. "But we'll extremely come back. We won't be long!"

Kyohei agreed with her. "I did agree to become your vassal right?" he then smiled. "More than that we're friends Tsuna-kun."

"You two!" Tsuna was very delighted to hear that.

"Hahi!" Haru seemed saddened. "How can Tsuna-sama think Haru would leave? Haru had already decided to follow Tsuna-sama for life!"

"I am going with you as well Tsuna-sama." I-pin seemed sure. "I am a part of your secret service right?"

Lambo then stood next to her childhood friend. "I've joined that as well Vongola." She then glanced at other directions. It seemed she was embarrassed about something. "Besides I'm the Thunder guardian."

"Huh?" Tsuna had no idea when she joined any secret services. Then he remembered he did tell I-pin something like that on the spot. He sighed. Now it seemed like it really became something!

"Ku fu fu… My goal of killing all the royals have not ended. More than that I have another goal." Mukuro said with an odd gleam in her eye that creeped Tsuna out. "I cannot be satisfied if I don't fulfil it."

"We'll follow you bossu." Chrome said. Tsuna could see the unhappy faces of Chikusa and Ken. They grumbled but didn't complain.

Gokudera then quietly stood next to him and whispered. "Tenth we should just ditch that woman!"

Mukuro seemed to have heard that as she smirked at her direction. "Barking won't get you anywhere dog." She shrugged her shoulders.

"What did you say?" Gokudera became angry and got her claws ready for attack. But she was stopped by Yamamoto before she could jump at her.

"Now now, calm down!"

Tsuna just shook his head. They never change. He then noticed Hibari walking closer to him. He was confused as she had already said she would go back. Well they did kind of force her to come with them. She stopped just before him.


Hibari flipped her hair before she looked directly at Tsuna making him flinch. "I will go back to my own country." Tsuna nodded. But he already knew that. It seemed Hibari wasn't done yet. She kept talking. "But I will return again. I don't let anything get in the way of getting what is mine." She looked determined as she looked into his eyes. Tsuna gulped. "I will win."

Somehow the tension around them escalated. Even Basilia seemed to be sacred. He tried to laugh it off. "Ha ha … Is that so?"

Hibari just turned around and walk away. He visibly relaxed. Then he couldn't help but smile.

"So what do we do now Dame-Tsuna?" He turned to see his teacher Reborn. He seemed oddly amused as usual.

"Just move forward." Tsuna replied with determination as he looked at the ring on his hand. He then clutched his knuckles and turned to look at the others.

"Let's go Everyone!"


In front of an altar a woman was sitting there praying. She had Crimson red coloured hair. Her white robes were lying on the ground. The temple was small but there was a spiritual presence all around. There was a sudden creaking nose. She opened her red eyes and turned to see who it was.

The door to the temple was opened by a man who had long black hair tied in a ponytail. A few strands fell on his face which he pushed to a side. His eyes were red. He wore clothes that were of a military personal.

"Emma, what's wrong?" he asked.

The woman looked back at the altar and then at the ceiling. "The skies are resonating. They are beginning to move. We have to go to them."

"What?" The man seemed surprised. "You mean?"

She closed her eyes as she breathed out the name. "Vongola."


"Byakuran-sama is it wise to attack like this?" A red haired girl asked. She was wearing white clothes which highlighted her short shoulder length hair well. She was standing next to a sofa where another woman was sitting and eating white fluffy candy. They were watching the fight that was happening on the borders of the Vongola and Millefiore kingdom.

"It'll be alright Sho-chan." She smiled merrily as she flipped her long waist length white hair aside. Her violet eyes reflected amusement. "I'm sure the rings will be coming back now." She plopped another candy in her mouth. There was a violet tattoo under her left eye.


"Don't worry. We'll win." She bit one candy and ripped it apart by her teeth and chewed, taking her time. "I'll get the powers of the other Skies as well." She crushed the other half with her hands.


"Luce-sama did something happen?" A blond man asked. He looked very worried.

Luce just slowly walked to the edge of the cliff. Her clothes started fluttering but she still looked ahead. She gave a radiant smile. "No, it will happen. Seems like someone wants disturb the balance of power. I wonder what will happen now. It all going to begin." She looked at her neck. The orange pacifier was still hanging around her neck. It was resonating. She clutched it with her hand. "Soon."

To be continued…

Thank You for Reading this story! I'm so happy this has finally ended. But it is actually the beginning. The next part should be out after I make up the whole plot. Since this is over I'll be updating my other stories now. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions you can ask me. There is going to be a bonus chapter I hope you will read it. Look Forward to the sequel.

A sneak peak

The Journey of The Demon King:

Tsuna has come back from his journey and gotten the sword with the help of his friends that he made on the way. But trouble is arising as the neighbouring Millefiore Kingdom is attacking them. They have to take the defensive stance. Tsuna has to help protect the country while trying to sort out his feelings for his guardians who are interested in him. What will happen when he meets the woman of his dreams? Will he choose her or choose someone from his Guardians?

The genres will be Romance/Drama/Action. There won't be much adventure there though. And I'll raise the rating to T. I hope people read that as well.