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I couldn't stop watching him. We were all at some nightclub with loud pulsing music, strobe lights, and hot sweaty bodies. Edward was included in those hot sweaty bodies. His shirt had been removed by his boyfriend long ago, and I hadn't been able to take my eyes off him ever since. I openly stared at his hard abs, pink dusky nipples, muscled and toned arms, broad shoulders, and narrowed hips.

Edward was a beautiful man. No one could deny that. I'd been forming a storyline around his beauty since he'd arrived tonight. I worked as an erotic fiction writer and often filled the pages of my novels with my own sexual escapades. I was to determined for Edward to be one of those escapades. From the way that he looked and the way that he moved I knew this man was designed to give and receive sexual pleasure. I wanted him in my bed so badly it hurt. My cock was literally in pain as it throbbed for him.

I usually preferred women, but in the past I'd slept with of men as well. I didn't subscribe to any labels and I liked to keep my options open. All sexes were attracted to me and while I usually went for the girls, a man would catch my eye from time to time. Now was such a time and Edward was that man. I'd met him just a couple of weeks ago. All I pretty much knew about him, was that he'd moved here to Chicago from some dinky little town in Washington state about two years ago. We'd met through my sister little Rosalie who he became friends with after assisting her every time she shopped at the high end clothing store where he worked. I hadn't known Edward was gay until tonight though when he showed up on the arm of this asshole named Royce.

"Who are you over there thinking about, Hale?" Emmett asked, elbowing me in the side as he and Rose came to sit down. I just glared at him in response. I loved Emmett. I really did. He was a good man and took good care of my sister. On the other hand, he was loud, crude, and often infantile. On top of that he was a beast of a man at 6'5, weighing about 250 of pure muscle, and he didn't know his own strength. I knew that his jab had been playful but I was certain there would be an ugly bruise on my side in the morning. "You got your eye on some girl?" he asked, trying to follow my line of sight and see who I was checking out.

I snorted a laugh and shrugged my shoulders, "You know me," I said. "I've got my eye on everybody."

"Whore," Rose accused after taking a shot of Patron.

I only smirked and turned back to Edward, whose swaying hips and insane bulge in front of his jeans were demanding my attention. I wanted to concentrate solely on him but that asshole he was dating was all over him and disrupting my gawking. The instant I set eyes on Royce I knew that I didn't like him and as the night progressed I started to hate him. I'd been watching Edward since they walked in and subsequently Royce as well. We'd been here for about an hour and I already knew what he was all about. He was possessive and, liked to flaunt Edward and show him off like a trophy, but would get pissy and jealous whenever anyone looked. He treated Edward like a child. He kept talking down to him and answering for Edward anytime someone directed a question toward him. I admit that a lot of it was jealousy. I wanted what he had, but at the same time Royce really was a dick and Edward deserved better.

Because I had been watching them so intently, I instantly knew when they were about to return to the table. I looked away not wanting Edward to think that I was a creeper. I wanted him to like me because even though I knew that he had a boyfriend, I had plans to fuck Edward sooner or later. When they slid into the booth, Royce ended up sitting next to me. I watched sadly as Edward put his shirt back on and then I had to hold back a groan as I watched him chug a bottle of water. Watching his throat move had my cock straining in my jeans and weeping with need. I palmed and adjusted myself under the table before signaling for the waitress and ordering everyone another round of shots.

"That's enough for us tonight," Royce interjected. "I have to work in the morning."

"What's that got to do with Edward?" Rose asked. I could hear the annoyance in her voice and I'm sure everyone else could as well. Clearly I wasn't the only one at this table who didn't think so highly of Royce.

"No, I'm pretty sure the real question is what does it have to do with you, Rosalie?" Royce shot back.

"Listen here you son of a…," she growled before Edward cut her off.

"Whoa! Whoa!" he said, putting his hand over Rose's hand that had balled into a fist on the table. "Everybody just calm down. It's not a big deal. I'm tired anyway. We should be heading home," Edward said.

"Are you fucking kidding me, E? We just got here! I haven't seen you in two weeks and I wanted to hang out with you tonight!" she said, pulling the puppy dogs eyes on him.

"I'm sorry, gorgeous," he replied, leaning over the table to kiss her lips in consolation. "Call me tomorrow. We'll do lunch or something, yeah?"

"Whatever," she sighed, looking away from him. I could see something akin to shame cross his features for a fleeting moment before Royce grabbed his hand and his smile returned.

"You two have a good night," Edward said to Rose and Emmett before turning to me and offering me his other hand. "And it was nice seeing you again, Jasper."

I grabbed his hand and shook it firmly. I held on longer than I should have, reveling his warm smooth skin. His hands were so large and I wanted to feel them on me. I held his emerald green gaze and hoped to make that desire clear to him. I knew that I'd succeeded when his eyes widened and his mouth fell open slightly in shock. I smirked as he wrenched his hand away from me and hurriedly left with Royce.

"Edward has the shittiest taste in men," Rose said once they were out of earshot. Her words were angry but her tone was dejected. "It's like the worse men possible are magnetized to from miles and miles around just to hurt him."

Even though Rose had no idea about me wanting Edward, I still felt affronted by her words. Maybe because I knew that while I wasn't an asshole in the Royce sense, I wasn't that better of a choice either. I didn't really want a relationship with Edward. I just wanted to have him writhing under me and find out what his cum face looked like.

"Don't worry about it, babe," Emmett said, kissing her cheek. "Edward can take care of himself."

I could tell that Rose wasn't convinced but she dropped the subject anyway.

"Come on, Em," she said, getting up from the booth. "Take me home and fuck me before I get too drunk."

I frowned in disgust and Emmett's huge ass nearly flipped over the table in his haste to get up.

"I'm so glad you said that in front of me," I snarked, taking another shot and trying to drown all the unwanted images from my head. Rose grinned placing the back of her hand under her chin and waggling her fingers at me like the kids from Little Rascals. I shook my head and shooed them both away, laughing. I was officially at the booth alone but I didn't plan on staying that way. Edward had left me with a boner that just wouldn't go away and I needed someone to take care of it. I scanned the crowd looking for a twink to take home. I hadn't been with a man in years and figured I needed to freshen up on my skills in preparation for Edward.

Girls kept approaching my table. They were drawn in by my chin length wheat blond waves, sky blues, full pink lips, and dimples so deep that I didn't even need to smile to show them off. I turned each and every last one of them away though. After so many brush-offs, my target audience started to get the picture. I wasn't looking for a woman. The first guy to approach me was good looking enough and I was too horny to be picky. He was tall, yet a couple inches shorter than my 6'3, kind of scrawny, had short dark hair, and hazel eyes. He stopped in front of my table and opened his mouth to speak but I didn't need to hear it. I grabbed his hand and placed it over my aching cock. He groaned and I smiled at his reaction.

"Think you can handle that?" I asked.

"Oh, I know I can," he breathed.

"What's your name?"


"Well, come to my place and prove it, Demetri."

I watched his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed. It wasn't half as appealing as watching Edward drink that water, but I had a feeling no one on earth would compare to that man. Demetri nodded his head and I threw some money on the table to cover the tab before leading him out of the club. Two hours and as many orgasms later, I was sprawled in my bed with Demetri's sleeping face in my crotch and smoking last my cigarette. While it had been good to have a release, I was still left unsatisfied. It was Edward that I wanted bouncing on my cock and I wouldn't rest until I got him.

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