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The Wedding Breaker

When Tai announced his engagement, Sora accepted to be the maid of honour. However, she only had one thing in mind: break up his wedding.

Chapter 1 – Tabloids

At the young age of 25, most people would think that Sora Takenouchi has it all: beauty, fame, fortune and endless gorgeous pursuers. Dubbed by the tabloids as the 'Fashion Prodigy of the Rising Sun', every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to nail her.

When Sora first stepped into the fashion industry, everyone in her entourage frowned upon her career choice. The sporty tomboy designing girly dresses? The idea sounded as absurd as when Matt announced that he was abandoning his music for astronomy. Yet somehow, in an inexplicable and spontaneous way, Sora decided to let her newfound artistic side kick in. That was one of the best decisions she has ever made, as she turned out to be one hell of a designer.

Standing at a newsstand with a baseball cap tugged down low on her brow and oversized shades snug to the bridge of her nose, the auburn-haired designer discreetly scanned through racks and racks of magazine covers. It was like looking at a hall of mirrors with different pictures of herself staring back at her. Images of herself posing as a professional entrepreneur, as the girl next door, as a sexy bombshell… her success story was featured on almost every tabloids.

Her attention was suddenly caught by the cover of one magazine in particular. She picked it up and saw a reflection of an attractive brunette young man embracing a beautiful girl. As she read the headline, her jaw dropped slightly.

"Soccer superstar Taichi Kamiya engaged to model Sumiko!"

'This has got to be some unreliable gossip that the editors made up to pick up their sales,' thought the young woman shaking her head. Sure Tai had been going out with this model of his for a few months now, but as far as she was concerned, Tai never mentioned anything about taking their relationship to the next level. Besides, the fact that Tai had a different bimbo every other month didn't help with the credibility of this headline either.

"Miss are you buying anything? You've been standing there reading for quite some time now," asked the salesman in an annoyed tone.

Unimpressed by his rudeness, Sora tossed him a few bills and shoved the magazine in her bag. 'Wait until Tai hears about this,' she thought to herself.

Exhausted after a long day at work, Sora stepped into her luxurious penthouse and lazily dumped the mail which she collected on the living room counter, promising herself to go through them the next day. She then noticed the red light flashing on her phone, notifying new messages in her voicemail. She pressed the 'play' button and slumped heavily on her leather sofa.

"Honey, when are you coming to visit? You hardly drop by the flower shop anymore now that you're some big shot. Anyway honey, give your mother a call sometime. End of message 1."

'I should probably call her later tonight,' thought Sora feeling slightly guilty. As the end of the month, her work agenda has been overloaded with deadlines to meet and hence, endless overtime.

"Hi Ms. Takenouchi, I'm calling from Dr. Fujiwara's office to confirm your dentist appointment this Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Thank you and have a pleasant day. End of message 2."

Crap, crap, crap. She completely forgot that she scheduled the monthly board meeting at the exact same time slot. Oh well, that leaves her no choice but to call Dr. Fujiwara to delay her appointment again.

"Hey Sor, it's Tai! How's it going? It's been a while that we haven't caught up with each other. Listen, can you call me back when you'll have time? It's kinda important. Miss you and talk to you soon. End of Message 3."

Tai? He hasn't called in ages. In fact, the frequency of their meetings significant decreased ever since he has been appointed as a striker on the Japan national soccer team. While her bushy-haired best friend has been travelling around the globe to compete in tournaments, she remained in Tokyo buried in her work.

Even though she should probably call her mother first, Sora picked up her phone and started dialling Tai's number. Curiosity kills the cat.

"Hello, Tai speaking," muttered a cheerful voice on the other end of the receiver.

"Hey Tai it's me."

"Sora! How's my Fashion Queen doing? I've been trying to reach you all day! Every time I called your cellphone it just sent me straight to your voicemail."

"Sorry I've been kinda busy, and please don't call me by that tacky nickname."

"Why, I happen to find it very amusing! Sometimes I still can't get over that my tomboy best friend is now competing with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs," snickered Tai.

"I'm shocked that you know brands other than Adidas and Nike!"

"Always the tone of surprise. Don't forget that Susu is in the fashion industry too so naturally I hear all this from her!"

Susu. After all these months, Sora still flinched at Tai's affectionate nickname for his girlfriend.

"Right I forgot, my bad. Anyway, you won't believe what I read on JStar Magazine today! They wrote that you're getting married to Sumiko, ha! I had a good laugh!"

"… actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about…"

"The press is getting more and more outrageous every day, I mean who will believe that womanizer Tai Kamiya is settling down? The shit they make up these days just to boost up their sales – "

"Sora I'm getting married."

"It's ridiculous right? Wait… what did you just say?"

For a few seconds Sora just simply stood there frozen in disbelief. She didn't even realize that she dropped the receiver.

"Sora are you okay? What was that loud thud I just heard?" exclaimed the voice on the other end.

"Oh er it was nothing… some bird just flew by and slammed right into my window…" 'Gosh my excuse can't get any lamer,' she thought to herself.

"Ok wow the bird must have hit it really hard judging by the crashing sound, for a second I thought you fainted there!"

"Ah haha," she chuckled nervously.

"Anyway, back to the main topic. The press is right for once, I'm engaged Sor. Sumiko and I are getting married in a month, and we want you to be the maid of honour."

Sora's voice failed her as her brain tried to comprehend his words.

"Sor? Are you still there?"

Giving herself a mental slap, she quickly recomposed herself.

"Yeah it's just that… it took me by surprise that's all… a month is right around the corner… Tai I don't want to sound judgemental, but are you sure about this?"

"My family had the same reaction too when I told them. I know this seems impulsive, but somehow it just feels right to be with Susu."

She couldn't help but feel a slight tug at her heart.

"Whatever makes you happy. How did the tabloids find out about this anyway?" she asked trying to push away her unhappy thoughts.

"Argh it must have been one of the waitresses who spilled the beans… I popped the question yesterday night when we were at a restaurant. I specifically reserved all the tables so there would be no interruption. So are you gonna be the maid of honour or not?"

"Is Sumiko okay with this? Doesn't she want to choose the maid of honour herself? I'm not exactly her closest friend you know."

"It was her idea actually, she said she wants to get to know my best friend since I talk about you so much. Besides, even if she did pick someone else I would make you my best man anyway."

She smiled at his comment.

"I'm really flattered that she chose me but my agenda is incredibly overloaded these days, I don't think I'll have time to do all the duties expected of the maid."

"Then just take a few weeks off and delegate your responsibilities to someone else temporarily."

"Yeah but – "

"Pleaseeee? It would really mean a lot to me to have my best friend by my side on my big day."

The young woman sighed. She hated when he begged. She could never resist him then.

"Alright, I guess I can take some time off."

"Really? So you'll be the maid of honour?"

"I can't really say no can I?"

"I knew you always had a soft spot for me! Anyway, I should probably let you get some rest, it's 11:00 p.m. after all. I'll call you tomorrow. I miss you."

"Miss you too."

After they hung up, Sora just sat in the living room contemplating what she has gotten herself into.

"HE'S GETTING WHAT?" yelled Mimi, Sora's other best friend, earning her several angry stares from customers in the coffee shop.

"I know, I was shocked myself when he told me. At first I thought he was being sarcastic after I told him about the article in JStar." Sora said as she retrieved the magazine from her Michael Kors tote bag.

Mimi grabbed it and skimmed through the article. "Dang, I can see why Tai is so head over heels for this Sumiko girl, she sure is hot!" exclaimed Mimi as she saw a picture of the model at a Victoria's Secret runway.

"Urgh, this still doesn't justify their speedy engagement. I mean, they've been dating for like what, three days? Guys can be so superficial," the designer spat sourly as she stirred her cappuccino.

Hearing the bitter tone in her best friend's voice, Mimi looked up from the magazine and watched Sora bemusedly. "Sounds like someone's a little jealous."

"Am not," Sora denied. Was she? Although she didn't want to admit it, she couldn't help but feel a surge of disappointment and melancholy upon hearing the engagement.

"You don't have to lie to me, I've known you for so long that I can read you like an open book. Now tell me honestly, do you still have feelings for Tai?"

"Why ask when you already know the answer?"

"So I can get you to admit your feelings to yourself. I can't let my best friend's happiness go down the drain without intervening. You know Sora, sometimes taking chances is a good thing. Talk to him before it's too late."

'It's already too late, he's getting married in a month for crying out loud!' The auburn haired girl shifted her gaze thoughtfully to the window and silently sipped her coffee.

Sora rolled and stirred in bed that night. She took a glance at the alarm clock on her night table. 2:36. 'What can't I stop thinking about it,' she groaned in frustration.

For the past few hours she had been keeping her eyes shut begging for Mr. Sandman to bring her a dream, yet her mind would relentlessly wander off to memories of a certain bushy haired someone. Finally, she gave up on trying to fall asleep and switched on her plasma TV.

She flicked through the channels settled on the movie network. Julia Roberts' My Best Friend's Wedding was playing. As the movie progressed, Sora couldn't help but think that the plot sounded awfully familiar. As the scenes continued to unravel, realization finally hit her. 'Oh my gosh I'm Julianne! I'm the desperate best friend!'

She couldn't believe it. She always thought that romantic comedies had the most unlikely and cliché plots, yet here she was, sitting on her bed at three o'clock in the morning relating herself to Julia Roberts.

"This is my only chance at happiness. I have to be ruthless," exclaimed Julianne passionately on TV, which only caused Sora to snort in return. 'Get a grip woman,' she thought mockingly.

Regardless of Julianne's pathetic attempts at ruining Michael's wedding, Sora kept on watching, wondering if there will be a happy end to all this nonsense. To her dismay… there wasn't. Suddenly, Mimi's advice sounded as grim as ever.