This is my first Robin Hood fic. So be nice and no flames please...also if you like The Losers I have a fic for them. I know that this is pretty much the same chapter but thanks to Sara0406, I realize that my story was severely lacking in much needed detail! THANKS SARA0406!

I made Fynnian's introduction more detailed and made it its own chapter, so here you go.

I am Fynnian Little, I am 18 years old...I think, I joined the crusades, even though I'm a girl, in France looking for my brother John. All I knew was that he was in France, I could remember what he looked like before he left but didn't know how much he had changed if at all. This is my story.

About six months ago I finally found my brother, John. I found where King Richard's army was in France by, well, chance. I knew that if I followed the rumors of where the army was, rumors which were spread by the angry French citizens. The rumors held true until I reached Nice. No one knew anything, few cared, and my journey was temporarily put on hold. I stayed in Nice for about a week so I could try to figure out what my next move would be. After I left all I could really do was wander. I had been walking for about two days before I heard it, the din of battle. I'd found them! There were hundreds of men fighting on the lands in front of a large castle. I could tell the sides apart. I stood on a hill overlooking the battle looking for some sign of John. I scanned the bedlam for what seemed like ages before I saw him. John had gotten even taller but still looked mostly the same. He was fighting near the middle of the battle, and was outnumbered and even though he was nearly twice the size of the French soldiers he was fighting, they seemed to be winning. I fired an arrow at a soldier who had gained the upper hand on John and then without thinking I ran down into the battle and somehow managed to get to him. As another French soldier was about to slice John in the back I strung another arrow and shot him. John quickly glanced over and thanked me (he didn't recognize me) and we continued to fight. Together we managed to gain control over our part of the battle. It seemed like a flash but when I took my next swing I was greeted by John's dagger. Shocked, I stopped and looked up at my brother.

"Thank you for your help lad," John looked me in the eye and a flash of recognition passed through his eyes. "Do I know you?" He bent closer to my face. "Wait….Fynnian?" He gasped, then he yelled, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" By then the surviving English soldiers were gathering around us and a man with short dark hair, an average build and an air of something I couldn't place stepped to the front of the crowd.

"Well Little, what is the name of your archer friend," then looking at me, "and why did he run into a battle when he could have taken out the French from his hill?" at the look on my face the man chuckled, "Yes lad, I saw that shot, quite impressive for one so young." John, still looking ready to murder someone, looks at the man, then to me and back to the man again.

"This is Fynnian," John stated and I thought for a second that he might reveal my secret. "He, is my little brother." I smirked at his next answer, "I don't know why he ran into battle, but Fynn fights just as well as he can shoot a bow." By the end of the day I was part of Richard the Lionheart's army and part of Robin's squad of archers. Yes, I finally learned the man's name.

Sorry it's short, my beta (celticcrossings) helped me get this far, the second chapter will be up after I add loads more details to that one