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It was my first day of sixth grade, I was walking through the halls, looking for my best friend Alfred, but he was no where to be found... Soon enough, I saw him; first waving at him, but my smiling face turned to confusion. He was with a new person I had never seen before, the kid had messy blond hair, green eyes, and bushy eyebrows. "Dude, Kiku, what's up? Meet Arthur Kirkland - he just transferred from London, England! Awesome, right?"

I smiled shyly at the Arthur, and then held out my hand politely, "Hello, my name is Kiku Honda; I am also a transfer student, from Tokyo, Japan. I came to America in fourth grade."

He shook my hand stiffly, "Arthur Kirkland, pleasure," he said with a curt British accent.

How rude! He could of at least made a full sentence! I pulled back my hand, and then looked at Alfred saying, "I guess I will talk to you later, I have to get to my homeroom."

I walked away, leaving the two alone - not even waiting for a response from Alfred.

At first, Arthur and I got along okay. Alfred included us both, but soon, Arthur and Alfred started to become more distant, and leave me out of a lot. I figured Alfred just wanted to get closer to Arthur, however, soon enough, Alfred and I weren't talking anymore. I was alone, no friends, except for my brother Xiang, but we hardly saw each other at school, anyway.

I was alone - always alone. A loser, now; a freak. Everyone else was laughing with their friends, and I was sitting alone, quietly.

It didn't bother me at first, until one day, when Alfred started talking to me again...

I was sitting at my usual lunch table, at the end of the lunchroom. Alfred and Arthur came over to me; I looked up, staring blankly, "Hello, Alfred, Arthur...I haven't talked to you guys in a while; what's up?"

"Listen, are you always this stupid or are you just making a special effort today?"

"What do you mean?"

"Kiku - we're not your friends, and we never will be, so stop acting like we are." Alfred took a soda he had been holding, and then dumped it all of me, getting me all wet, and soon I would be sticky.

I didn't reply, I just glared at Arthur. I thought I saw a glint of guilt in his eyes as he stared back at me, but after a second he looked away.

The duo walked away, leaving me there - soaking with soda. "My clothes are all ruined..." I muttered to myself.

As I walked out of the lunch room, everyone stared and laughed at me, the freak.

In the bathroom, as I washed off my hair with water, I realized the truth - I had been replaced.

The anger built inside of me, and all my other feelings were drowned in it.

Five Years Later -

I sat outside, eating my lunch at the picnic tables the high school had for us students. I was now attending International High School in New York City, USA. It was a high school that was full of ethnic diversity - there was a student from almost every country!

As I started to chew my sandwich, I looked at my two best friends. They had never let me down or replaced me - they were always loyal.

I looked at the contents of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it tasted different today... My friends stared at me, waiting for me to talk. "Hey, Miku-san, do you think this sandwhich tastes weird?"

"..." Miku Hatsune replied.

"Really? Maybe it's poisoned, and Light Yagami has written my name in the death note! Is this how I'm going to die?" I looked at my other friend, "What do you think, Haruhi-san?"

"..." Haruhi Suzumiya said back.

"Hm...maybe you're right, I probably am just imagining things," I laughed, but soon my laughter faded away as someone snatched Haruhi away.

I looked up at Alfred, standing before me with Arthur at his side, "This is really sad. Are you some kind of schizophrenic ? Talking to a doll? Really?" Alfred laughed while talking.

"It's not a doll...it's a limited edition figurine..." I said under my breath.

"What was that? I can't hear you!" Alfred threw Haruhi down, and then picked up Miku.

"No! Don't hurt her!" I couldn't control myself as I yelled that out.

Alfred laughed, and then said, "Look right here Kiku, because this is as close to getting a girlfriend as you're ever going to get!" As he was about to throw Miku down on the ground, Arthur grabbed up and reached for her.

"Gosh Alfred, you're always acting like an idiot," he turned to me, and handed me Miku-san, "There you go, sorry about him...just ignore it."

Alfred stared at Arthur with disbelief, practically mirroring my same expression, "What the hell was that all for?"

"Come on, let's go - we're going to be late for class," Arthur said, ignoring his question.

Before I could thank Arthur for saving Miku-san, they were gone... "Are you alright, Miku-san?"


"Good, now let's go to class," I put Haruhi-san and Miku-san in my backpack, and walked off to class.

The rest of the day, my mind kept going back to thoughts about Arthur. Even though I hated him, it was improper of me not to say thanks. After my last class, I decided I would have to tell him thank you for saving Miku-san.

At 4:00, when the ball rang, telling us school was over, I walked toward the front of the school, and when I got outside, I looked around, trying to spot Arthur. When I spotted him, I walked over warily, "Um, Arthur-san? I wanted to say thank you for saving Miku-san and Haruhi-san, they are both limited edition! To be proper, I was wondering if you would like to get something to eat with me?" It was the only method of thanks I could think of...

Arthur looked at me, surprised, "Well, it was nothing, really; but sure, I'd like that." He smiled at me, and I just stared back blankly.

"Fine, let's go." I walked forward, toward the subway. He followed obediently, almost like he was excited to go. Why? He hated me - and I hated him. I kept reminding myself of that as we walked silently together.

After the short subway ride, we got off at a station that was just down the street from Vargas Italiano Ristorante, Feliciano and Lovino Vargas's parent's restaurant. I decided we should go there, since I was an acquaintance of Feliciano's...he was actually one person who was nice to me.

As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted warmly. There was no wait, so we sat down immediately. Feliciano was our waiter. "Oh, hi~ It's nice to see Kiku and Arthur here, ve~" he smiled his usual innocent smile, and then pulled out a notepad, "What do you want to drink?"

Arthur spoke first, "Unsweetened iced tea, please."

"Can I please have orange soda?" I asked.

"Sure thing~ I'll have Lovi get them right away!"

Lovino must have heard his brother, "DON'T FUCKING CALL ME LOVI!" He screamed out at him. Soon, he came out with our drinks, "There," he said indifferently, walking away to go serve some dark-haired girl in the back. I could hear her laughs as he flirted...

Arthur looked at me awkwardly. "Um...so..."

I stared at him as I drank my soda. "..."

Feliciano came back, "What will we have to eat tonight?"

Arthur spoke first again, "I'll have eggplant parmigiana."

"I'll have cheese ravioli."

Feliciano smiled as he wrote down the orders, "Good choices~" I figured he would have said that no matter what we ordered, but whatever.

When Feliciano walked away again, the awkwardness returned. Neither of us knew what to say, do we just stared down at the table.

Eventually, Lovino delivered our food with the same indifferent, angry mood he always had.

Arthur ate quickly, devouring the dish. On the other hand, I ate slowly, chewing carefully.

When we both finished, Arthur said eagerly, "That was good...but my cooking is better. I love to cook. You know what? I should cook for you sometime!"

"Oh really."

Feliciano came with the bill. I jumped for it, "I'll pay!"

Arthur hadn't even had a chance to move a muscle, as I slipped my credit card into the folder, giving back to Feliciano.

When we got out of the restaurant, the sun was setting. "Thank you for dinner, Kiku."

"Your welcome, thank you for saving Miku-san."

We stopped for a traffic light, heading back towards the subway. Suddenly, I felt someone grab me by the back of my sweater vest, turning me around, and punching me in the side of my stomach.

Everything happened quickly, I barely noticed the pain in the stomach then. The man held me up, off the ground, "Give me your money."

Arthur acted quickly, "Put him down. Now," he said venomously. I'd never heard him like that.

The man wavered but didn't let me down. I couldn't move, and I figured fighting back wouldn't help me, so I hung there, useless.

Arthur suddenly swung his arm, punching with so much force the man let go me, and I fell to the ground on my back with a thud, knocking the little air I had out of me.

Arthur grabbed me up, and then pulled me by the wrist. When he touched me, it was like a burst of electricity ran through my veins... I ran as fast as I could go to the subway, and eventually passed him, walking into the subway train. Expecting him to have followed me, I turned around just as the doors closed, leaving him standing, looking into my eyes as the train pulled away. I pressed against the glass, looking back at him until I couldn't see him anymore.

As I walked slowly into my family's apartment, I was greeted with surprising silence. Only Xiang was there, playing a video game. He looked up when he saw me, "Oh, hey Kiku...where have you been?"

"Out with a friend," I said, avoiding eye contact.

"Oh, cool."

"Where is everyone?" I said, finally looking into his dark eyes.

"Hm...Mom and Dad are still at work, Yao is out drinking with Ivan, Mei is getting ready to go out with Alice and Elizabeta, Lan and Det are out on a date, and Yong Soo is over there in the corner crying - he just finished one of his dramas."

"Wait a minute," I said, looking at Yong Soo, "When did he get here?"

"He's been here the whole time..." said Xiang, "Anyway, do you want to play a video game with me?"

"Tempting, but, no thanks...I have other things to deal with."

I ran down the hall to my room, and then shut the door behind me. I peeled off my shirt, revealing the bruises all over my sides and back from when I was mugged. Ouch, that's going to hurt a lot in the morning.

I wondered what this feeling was inside of me. It was one of the weirdest feelings... I felt great, but it had hit me like I'd been hit by the subway train...

I took Miku-san out of my backpack, and then said, "Miku-san...what is this feeling?"


"Maybe it's anger?"

Yes, it was just anger, I tried to convince myself...yet, it felt different from the other feelings of anger I'd felt toward Arthur.

I tried to summon my deepest feelings of anger and hate, but the same odd emotion came running back to me, and I tried to run away.

How long can you hide your true feelings behind that mask, Kiku? The clock is ticking.

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