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After Kiku's train pulled away, I turned back around, heading back toward the direction of my apartment. I lived in the bad part of New York, where no one dared to look into to. My mum, well, she was a prostitute. She had come to America with Peter, my little brother, and me to find a better living than the one she had in England. However, she failed, and resorted to prostitution and a part time job at a bar.

Was I ashamed to be in my family? Yes, I was. My mum hated me. She was always screaming horrible things at me, and abusing Peter and me. I couldn't leave her house, though, because I was only 17. My 17th birthday had actually just been two days ago, on April 23rd. That meant I had a whole year before I turned 18, and could leave her, taking Peter with me. I couldn't stand to see him get hit by Mum, and that is how most of our fights started - by me protecting Peter.

When I finally reach our shabby apartment building, I walked upstairs to our apartment. Literally two seconds after I opened the door, Peter flew at me, almost tackling me. "Jeez! I haven't been in here for three seconds and you already have tackled me," I said, annoyed, "Have you eaten?"

He smiled and laughed, saying, "Yeah! I cooked it myself!"

I smiled, "I'm glad you got my gene for cooking!"

I started walking toward the kitchen, with him following me. Mum was sitting with her head down, an empty bottle of wine next to her. Peter looked up at me, "She's been drinking a lot again..." he said sadly.

"Mum?" I asked cautiously, making Peter stand behind me, in case she went into another rage.

She pulled her head up, glaring at me, "Where the hell have you been?"

"Out with a friend," I said with a steely tone.

"You don't have fucking time to go out, you bastard. You have to take care of fucking Peter."

Peter suddenly appear from behind me, saying, "Mum, you meanie! Don't call him that!"

She stood up clumsily, and then walked over to Peter, practically bitch-slapping him across the face.

I instantly grabbed Peter back, and then started shouting at her, "Don't do that you bitchy, drunk whore! You're fucking abusive!"

She turned to me, giving me the death glare, "Fucking get out of my home, Arthur, now."

I pulled Peter along, taking him to his room, "Stay in there, and lock your doors - don't let her in."

After shutting his door, I walked out of the small apartment, slamming the door.

I didn't know where to go...so I resorted to walking around town, thinking about Kiku. He had been so polite, paying for me. I knew that if I covered the bill, Mum would be pissed for spending money. However, I would have done it for him...

I would do a lot for him.


The time was about midnight when I finally came back to the apartment. Mum was gone, probably working...

I quietly walked into Peter's and my room. There were only two small bedrooms in the house, and so Peter and I shared one.

Peter had gone to sleep already, so I tried to be as quiet as I could.

As I lay there on my bed, thoughts of Kiku floated back. I wondered where he was right now...probably sleeping at home.

In truth, I have had a crush on him since sixth grade, that first day I met him... He was so cute, and polite. Perfect as far as a human goes.

However, I didn't know what to do, everything was so overwhelming that year. I let Alfred bully him, not saying a word. I let that go on for the five years I'd been best friends with Alfred.

I should have helped Kiku.


I groaned as my eyes fluttered open. Thankfully, it was Saturday, so that meant no school. However, the bruises had gotten much worse.

As I slowly sat up, I looked at my bruised side and back. I looked at Miku-san, "At least I don't have to deal with school, right?"

"..." she replied.

I got out of bed, and put on different clothes. After brushing my teeth and hair, I walked out into the living room. Xiang was again at the TV, playing video games.

I sat down next to him, "Have you been playing this game all night?"

He nodded, and then turned his attention back to the game. Jeez, that kid was dedicated... Then again, I watched anime all night sometimes...

My Saturday passed uneventfully, I mostly played video games with Xiang, and read manga.

On Sunday, I had to go to the discount mart to get grocery's. As I was shopping, I spotted Arthur.

Why was he here? Wouldn't he shop at somewhere...for rich people? Sure, my family had a lot of money, but why get something that costs more than the same thing for cheaper?

Sighing, I muttered, "Great way to ruin a weekend, Arthur..." I decided I would have to go say thank you for saving me. Reluctantly, I walked over to him, "Hello, Arthur."

He looked up in surprise, "Wow, Kiku...it's weird to see you here."

"I just wanted to say thank you for saving me from that random man who mugged me..." I trailed off, looking at the ground. What could I give him for a thank you this time? I definitely wasn't going to go buy him lunch...

He smiled, "Well, I would have done that for anyone."

I would have rolled my eyes, but I had to be polite to everyone...even if I hated them. "I have to repay you, what do you want?"

Arthur looked at me in surprise, "You don't have to do that! ...but...I would like something."

"It is the polite thing to do. What do you want?"

"Will you go to the fair with my next Saturday?"

I was surprised; the fair? Why that? Although, if it was what he wanted to do, I would go with him... "Fine. I'll meet you by the subway stop closest to the Vargas' restaurant at 9 AM, okay?"

"Thanks, Kiku! See you then!" As he walked away, he waved back to me, leaving me to finish shopping.


On Monday, my bruises were still as bad as they were during the weekend. Hopefully they would heal soon, because it was annoying to have pains in your back and sides all day. I felt somewhat like an old man...

As I walked out of the house after I had eaten and brushed my teeth, I thought about Saturday...I didn't really want to go, but Arthur did save me...

I decided the best thing to do for now was push the thought out of my head...

The first half of the day went by uneventfully, I pretty much sped through the classes. I tried my best to avoid Arthur and Alfred; for the most part, I succeeded.

However, lunch was a different story. As I was sitting by myself with Miku-san and Haruhi-san, as usual, suddenly, out of no where Arthur and Alfred came over.

Alfred was confused when he saw Arthur sit down next to me, "What the hell, Arthur? Why are you sitting with the loser today?"

Arthur looked up at Alfred, "He's not a loser."

Alfred stared at him for a moment, and then sighed, "I'm going to go sit with Matthew or someone...whatever." He walked away towards another table.

I glared at Arthur. Alfred was right, why was he sitting with me? "What are you doing here? Go sit with the popular people." The most popular people at International High were Alfred, Arthur, Antonio, Francis, Gilbert, and...what was his name, again? Mathias...no...MATTHEW! Matthew, Alfred's brother, the Canadian. The others at my school were average, and I was the 'loser', as Alfred had said.

Arthur smirked at me, "You looked lonely."

Really? He just noticed? I'd been sitting alone for six years, and he just decided today that I looked lonely? "Yeah, you are about six years late."

He looked down at his food, as if he felt guilty. "Sorry."

"Sorry won't cut it," I said under my breath, so he didn't hear me.

He ate his salad slowly, and I ate my sandwich just as slow. During most of the lunch, we didn't speak to each other.

That was how most of the week passed. He would sit with me, and we would eat in silence. Finally, on Friday, he tried to talk, "So, how was your week?"


"Are you excited to go to the fair?"

"...Sure," I lied. In truth, I didn't want to go still.

He didn't reply; and then the bell rang.

As he went to stand up, he said, "See you tomorrow at 9."



As I set the food I cooked down for dinner, Peter and Mum sat down, too. She was still giving me a cold shoulder...like every time after we fought.

We ate in silence, but then I decided to break it, "Hey, Mum, I'm going to the fair tomorrow with a friend, I'll be gone all day."

She looked up, finally looking into my eyes for the first time this week. I thought she was going to yell at me, but she didn't.

That was a first.


My alarm clock rang, waking me up at 8:00 AM Saturday. By then, my bruises had healed, my memory was the only one telling me I'd ever been hurt.

I got up out of bed, and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a banana to eat.

Xiang was playing video games, which didn't surprise me at all. However, he paused the game this time and looked at me in confusion, "Why are you up so early? Going on a date or something?"

"I'm going to the fair with a friend..." I trailed off, steering clear of answering the date question. It wasn't a date, I reminded myself, it was an act of gratitude.

He looked down for a moment, I thought I saw a hint of sadness in his eyes; but before I had a chance to confirm it, he was back to his video games. That kid...

I walked back into my room, and threw on jeans and a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt. I figured that would be okay for the fair. After that, I brushed my teeth and hair, then I was off toward the subway.

I arrived a few minutes early, so I waited for Arthur to come. Soon enough, he was walking my way, and waving at me.

"Hey, Kiku!" he said when he reached me.

"Hi," I mumbled.

We stood on the subway platform, waiting for it to come and pick us up. When it came, we walked on, and sat down by the door.

"So, how is your morning going?" he asked.

I wanted to say, 'great before I got here', but I ended up just lying again, "Fine."

"That's great!"

Day after day my patience with this guy was getting thinner and thinner...one day I was going to snap and punch him or something.

He looked at my t-shirt, and then asked, "What exactly is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep? Who are those guys with the blonde and brown hair? Who is the girl with the blue hair?"

I looked at him for a second, "How do you not know what Kingdom Hearts is? It's a video game. Birth by Sleep is just a title for one of the games. There are eight games, and another one is in the making. The blonde guy is Ventus, the brunette guy is Terra, and the girl with blue hair is Aqua."

"Oh, that's cool."

The rest of the ride was silent. Soon it was time to get off the subway, and walk the rest of the way.

When we finally reached the fair, Arthur looked at all the rides, "Wow, my little brother would love this..."

"You have a little brother?"

"Yeah, well, a half-brother, he has a different dad. His name is Peter."

"Cool, I have a lot of siblings."

We stopped at a game with some shooting thing. Arthur gave the person running it money, and then started the game.

Arthur actually won a gigantic Hello Kitty stuffed animal, he handed it to me, saying, "Here, Kiku, you can have it."

"Thanks, I'll give it to my older brother - he loves Hello Kitty...and cute things in general."

The first half of the day went on in a similar way. For lunch, we had hotdogs.

As we sat down, Arthur said, "Alfred brings hamburgers for lunch everyday. He goes to McDonald's before school and buys one. It's crazy."

"That's wonderful," I said sarcastically, which killed any conversation we ever had.

The second half of the day we rode the rides.

Soon enough, the sun was about to set. That was when Arthur said, "Hey! Let's go ride the Ferris wheel!"

"Wait - Arthur..." I didn't want to tell him I was afraid of heights...but...

He pulled me along, and we got on. I decided the best thing to do was close my eyes during the ride to get over my fear.

As we climbed to the top, the ride suddenly stopped. Arthur sighed in frustration, "Damn, looks like it broke...but...hey, Kiku, look at the sunset - it's beautiful!"

I had always liked sunsets, so I opened my eyes for the first time, and I turned around; yes, it was beautiful. I made the mistake of looking down at the ground, then, noticing we were on the very top of the gigantic Ferris wheel. I closed my eyes quickly, and then said, "Yes. It is beautiful."

Arthur must have noticed my fear, because he said, "Are you...afraid of heights?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am just blocking the sunlight from my eyes."

"We aren't even facing the sun."

"I have very sensitive eyes, and I don't want to become blind."

"That is the stupidest excuse I've ever heard."

"Kiku, open your eyes, you'll be fine," he touched my arm and leaned forward, and my first instinct was to jump out and punch him.

Before that happened, the ride started and stopped, making me fly forward - and of course, landing on top of him, with our lips touching.


I only wanted to comfort him and tell him it would be okay, but he jumped up.

The ride moved, making him fall forward on top of me, with his lips touching mine.

The kiss surprised me, and even if it only lasted a few seconds - it was great.


In shock, I just stayed there for a moment. As soon as I realized what I happening, I jumped back, off him.

Oh dear, what had I done. I was such an idiot. I put my head in my hands, and then said in a mumble, "I'm so sorry."

I could feel his stares of shock, "It's fine, Kiku...don't...cry or something."

The rest of the ride we didn't say a word. After we got off, we walked toward the exit of the fair.

We started walking toward the subway in silence, the street lights shining down on us.

It was the same thing on the subway - silence. I didn't even look at him the whole ride, but I knew that he was staring at me.

When we reached the exit that he usually got off, he did something different, "Kiku, I'll walk you home...I would feel weird to leave you now in the dark."

"Fine, whatever."

When we got off the subway at my stop, we walked toward my apartment, the only sound was our feet against the cement.

Suddenly, Arthur grabbed my arm, stopping me. I shook him off of me, "Get your hands off of me."

He let go, "Why do you hate me Kiku?"

I didn't move or turn around, I just said, "I don't hate you." I didn't even know if the words I spoke were the truth or a lie.

"Get real, whenever you talk to me, you are distant, like you don't want to be around me."

"Fine, you're right - I hate you."


I turned around to glare at him, "Why? You stole Alfred - he was my best friend! Then he left me all alone, to be with you. I have no friends because of you! You're a thieving bastard - that's what you are!" I screamed at him, letting my anger out by punching him in the chest.

He just looked down at me in shock, "Gee...Kiku...I didn't know it was like that...I'm so sincerely sorry..."

"Sorry will never cut it."

"Kiku, I really didn't mean to steal him from you. Honestly, I just want to be your friend."

"Really?" I looked up at the truth in his eyes, "Fine..."

"Friends, then?"

"Friends, I suppose." I stepped away from him, and then held out my hand; he shook it, and then kept walking with me.

When we reached my apartment, he said, "Wow, this is really nice."

"I guess..."

I walked up to the door, "I would feel weird not inviting you in, so, would you like to come in?"

He looked at his watch, and then his eyes grew wide in panic, "No...I have to go now... Bye!"

He ran off. That was odd...his reaction. It was almost like he was worried...


Oh shit! I'd lost track of time! I ran toward the subway.

How in the hell could I have forgotten about Peter?

I ran faster as I thought about the last time I'd left him alone.

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