"Hey Daff, you better hurry up! We are gonna be late doc!" exclaimed Bugs.

"Yeah alright, stop wetting your knickers! I'm coming!" the duck replied, as he jammed the last of his clothes into his small suitcase.

Bugs and Daffy were quite excited. They were going to meet Wile E Coyote's girlfriend. Yes, that's right! Wile E Coyote has a girlfriend! You see, Wile E was always the quiet one, the kind of guy who seemed to be more interested in his geeky gadgets rather than the girls. Bugs and Daffy seriously did not think he would ever get the confidence to even talk to a girl, let alone get a girlfriend!

It was only a few nights beforehand, in which Wile E had rang up Bugs and told him the good news. However, Bugs could not help but feel a little curious and concerned. The coyote did not exactly sound elevated. In fact he had sounded rather scared on the phone. His voice was shaky, and his words muffled, and the moment Bugs suggested that he and Daffy came to visit the coyote with his new girl, Wile E shrieked. From Bugs' perspective, it certainly did not seem like a shriek of excitement, gosh no, rather a shriek of sheer bloody fright.

However, after Bugs had talked through these odd events with his good friend, Daffy, they both concluded that Wile E had always been the nervous type and it had never taken much for him to have a complete fit over something.

"Hey Daff, you better set up the sat nav, we have not been to Wile E's for ages," suggested Bugs, as he got into the driver's seat of his Jeep.

Daffy, slumped in the passenger's seat, pulled an extremely offended face at his friend. "Err Bugs, aren't you forgetting, I am one of the best map reader's in the world. Don't you remember I won a golden certificate for my orientation skills in primary school?"

"And that was like….twenty years ago?"

"I still won that golden certificate didn't I?" snapped Daffy. "So, I think it's safe to say that we will not be needing the sat nav because I can do a much better job!"

"So…are you seriously suggesting that you can find your way around the desert without getting even a little bit lost?"

"Yes Bugs, that's exactly what I am suggesting!"

"Daff, are you sure…"

"Golden certificate Bugs! Just keep reminding yourself of who won that golden certificate."

Bugs rolled his eyes. There was no point in arguing. So instead, he started the engine, pulled out of his drive and their long journey began.

"Oh, I am bored! Are we there yet?" groaned Daffy.

"We've only been driving for thirty minutes!"

"That's long enough to get bored!"

"Surely the world's best map reader should never get bored. Boredom is not golden certificate worthy."

Daffy shot an evil look at his friend, whilst Bugs just smiled back. "Just pull into the next service station will ya? Nature's calling," ordered the duck.

It took another half an hour until Bugs pulled up, although there were plenty of earlier service stations he could have stopped at, he enjoyed winding up Daffy and seeing the extreme desperation on the duck's face. Daffy now really needed to use the toilet, a few minutes longer, he would have burst.

Bugs could not help but chuckle at the sight of his friend rushing into the service station shouting "Where's the loo, I need the loo!" Whilst Daffy was inside, Bugs got out of the Jeep and had a short ponder around the woods surrounding the station. He was very happy it was the summer holiday, as working at Warner Bros. Studios was hard work, especially as he was one of the main faces of WB. The summer break was well deserved by all and Bugs was looking forward to seeing Wile E, as he and the coyote generally do not see very much of each other in the studio. However when they did talk, they usually got on well.

As Bugs was in deep thought, the high pitched ringing tone from his mobile began. He glanced down to see 'Road Runner Calling' flashing on and off on his screen. Bugs answered, "Road Runner! What's up doc?"

Road Runner laughed, "Bugs, you have to stop saying that outside of work, you don't hear me say 'Beep Beep' all the time."

"Well, you know me Road Runner, I like to rehearse my lines 24/7."

There was slight laughter and then a pause from the other end of the line. "Road Runner? You still there doc?"

"Bugs, can you do me a favour?" replied Road Runner eventually.

"Yeah sure, what can I do for ya?"

"Please don't call me Road Runner, I really hate the name."

Bugs was a little surprised. "Oh ok doc, then what shall I call ya?"

"I'd like it if you called me….Damian."

Bugs nearly burst into laughter, but realised from Road Runner's tone that he was being utterly serious. "Err, ok doc…whatever you say."

"Thanks Bugs, I knew you'd be cool…I assume you are going to meet Wile E's new love?"

"Yeah, wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Cool. I am going to, so I guess I shall see you later. Thanks again Bugs."

"Sure, no problem…Damian." After Bugs' words, Road Runner hung up, leaving the bunny completely mystified about the conversation that had just occurred.

Road Runner was perhaps the most loved cast member at WB studios. His real character was extremely different to his goofy bird whose only lines were 'Beep Beep' on , Road Runner was such a gentlemen. He was kind, polite and never said a bad word against anybody. He always presented himself well and never turned up late to anything. His voice was low and very soothing and he spoke with such clarity and diction. Best of all, Road Runner knew all about his qualities, yet he never bragged, simply because he was secure and happy with whom he was. All the girls wanted him and all the guys wanted to be him.

After all these years of thinking that Road Runner was completely content with his own identity, coming to realise that he was actually very unhappy with his name seemed awfully strange to Bugs.

"Ahh that was so much better!" announced Daffy at the top of his voice. "Glad I got that out of my system." Daffy had returned from his loo break and was approaching Bugs.

"You washed yer hands didn't ya doc?"

"Of course I did!" There was a short pause, as Daffy pondered at his friend's expression. "You okay Bugs? You look a bit puzzled? Are you worrying about my map reading skills? For the last time Bugs I told ya, I won that golden certificate for a good reason…"

Bugs cut in. "No Daff, it's not that. I just got an odd call from Road Runner."

"Road Runner? What does he want?" spat Daffy, who was extremely envious of Road Runner.

"I'll tell you in the Jeep. We'd better get goin' we still got a way to go."