As Bugs got closer to the house, he heard sirens, shouting and saw lots of panicked looking people on the street. Despite all the drama that had been going on between the toons, he wanted them to be alive, although he knew the chances were slim.

He darted around the last corner and paused for a moment, as he saw the blown up house, the ambulance, the police cars and the gatherings of people at the end of the road. The area was blocked off by police tape, yet still Bugs ran to the scene pushing past people in hope to catch a glimpse of Lola or Road Runner. There were too many people blocking his vision and before he could get any closer, two policemen came and attempted to escort the crowds away.

"Alright, come on people, move along please!" one bellowed.

Daffy had lost track of time and the days. He had run away from that small desert town and was on the road for quite awhile. His feet burned from all the walking and the intense heat nearly killed him, but luckily he had stumbled across a small motel just in the nick of time. So whilst all this drama was happening with his fellow toons, which he was completely oblivious to, Daffy had been moping around in a tiny motel room drinking his sorrows away.

He didn't know if he was gay or not, his indefinable sexuality was gnawing away at him. The truth was, he quite enjoyed that night with Lottie, believe it or not, he was just too embarrassed to admit it. He thought that everybody would make a laughing stock out of him if it went public.

There was a knock at his door and Daffy was not in a sociable mood. "Go away! Clean the room another day please!" There was another knock. "Geez! Are you def? I said go away!" Despite Daffy's complaints the door opened. The duck was about to yell again, but stopped in his tracks, when he saw Wile E standing in his door way.

"Wile E? What are you doing here? How did you know I…,"

Wile E cut in. "I saw you heading south, when you left the café. This is the first motel you pass when heading south from my town…common sense told me you would be here."

There was then an awkward silence between them. Eventually, Daffy sighed, "Wile E, I wanted to apologise for what I said…"

"No, no, no," cut in Wile E once again. "It's fine…no need to apologise, I know deep down you didn't mean it."

Daffy pulled an awkward half smile. "I suppose Lottie told you everything."

Wile E smiled and nodded. "Oh yeah."

"Please don't judge me," muttered Daffy.

"Judge you?" exclaimed the coyote. "I'm a flippin' poofter myself, why would I judge you!" Daffy could not help but laugh at that comment and Wile E joined in.

"Why have you come here anyway, Wile E?"

"You're my only hope…you see…things have gone slightly bad back at home and I just wanted somebody to talk to…that's all."

Daffy lifted an eyebrow. "What do you mean 'things have gone bad?'"

"Oh…don't worry. It will blow over."

"Well…you said you wanted to talk, so I'm here to talk."

The coyote did not say anything, instead approached his fellow toon slowly, taking hold of his hands gently and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. The duck tensed up, it did not feel right that this was happening. He broke the kiss and freed his hands from Wile E's grip, "Whoa, whoa Wile E, this isn't right, you're with Road Runner, uh, I mean Damian!"

Wile E rolled his eyes. "I couldn't give a shit about Damian!"

A puzzled Daffy was about to reply, but was interrupted by the knocking down of his room door by a group of police officers. Daffy was startled and threw his hands in the air, "Eeep! You're arresting us because we're two guys and we just kissed, aren't you?"

The head policeman, a butch looking grey bulldog, frowned. "Errr, no! We just want the coyote." Wile E did not react to this. He was not even startled by the police bombarding the room. It was like he was expecting this the whole time. The police team all pointed their guns at Wile E and the head policeman spoke once again, "Wile Ethelbert Coyote, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Road Runner and Lola Bunny!"

Daffy's eyes widened. "What?"

Two police officers grabbed Wile E and handcuffed his hands behind his back. "Take him away," grunted the bulldog. He then looked towards Daffy, "Sorry for the disturbance sir."

Now for today's top story…this is the chaos that has broken out with several members of Warner Brothers Studios' Looney Toons. Popular toon and famous for his stunts with explosives, Wile Ethelbert Coyote has been charged with the attempted murder of fellow colleagues, Road Runner and Lola Bunny. It is believed that following an argument he had with the two in his home, he placed TNT by the side of the house, then walked into his local town so he was a safe distance away from the explosion. Fortunately Road Runner and Lola did not die, but have suffered severe burns and several broken bones. This event has quite likely ruined the acting careers of all three of the toons.

A few months later, Wile E was found guilty and was put into jail. Road Runner and Lola bunny were never going to return to Warner Bros. as they were now in wheel chairs for life. Road Runner got a job in Las Vegas, co-owning a night club, whereas Lola returned back to LA with Bugs. A lot of water had passed under the bridge between the two bunnies. After all the mayhem that had gone on between them, this was quite weirdly exactly what they needed to make them realise they loved each other. After work, Bugs would hastily make his way home to check on Lola and most of the time, because she was a strong woman, she was absolutely fine. Every now and then, she just needed help getting changed or going to the toilet, which Bugs would happily do.

Daffy had come out as bi-sexual to the whole studio and realised that he was not the only one, as several other toons would drag him aside to talk to him about their questionable sexualities. It boosted his self-confidence big time, because Daffy loved to feel important by offering help and support to his friends. He realised that he had been worrying over nothing, as the entire studio supported him when he came out.

It was a cold autumn morning and Bugs and Daffy had just arrived at the studio and were making their way in. "So, are the rumours true? That today we are having a new director on set?" asked Daffy.

Bugs shrugged. "Dunno, doc, we'll have to wait and see."

Together, they walked through the automatic double doors and strode down the wide and occupied corridor of the studio. "Oh, I forgot to ask you Bugs," said Daffy.


"I mean I know you're driving a suave new Bentley now, but whatever happened to your Jeep?"

Bugs awkwardly laughed. "Do you remember Coco?"

Daffy nodded. "Yes…I remember her."

"Well…when she found out Lola was with me after our night together, she went and trashed the thing up with a hammer…then set it alight."

"Geez! If there's one thing I learnt Bugs, it's that there are some real weirdos who live in the desert!"

"Ha! You can say that again, doc, I hope to never see her again."

Keith Baxter, one of the directors in WB was standing at the end of the long corridor waiting for the duck and bunny to join him. "Hey look, it's Keith."

"Looks like he wants to talk to us."

They both quickened their pace and soon were with Keith at the corridor's end. "Good to see you boys, hope you are well," said Baxter in a jolly manner. "Now, as you two are the stars of this studio, I thought I'd give you the pleasure of meeting our recently new recruited director."

"Ah, me and Daff thought the whole new director thing was a rumour," said Bugs.

"Oh no, no!" responded Baxter. "You are both quite wrong. She's with us right now, so without further ado let me introduce you to Miss Coco Bunny."

Bugs' body tensed, whilst Daffy gasped. Keith held out his hand in front of him and focused his eyes on Coco, who was standing behind the toons. They both slowly turned around and there she was, looking as glamorous as ever, Coco Bunny from the gay bar in Las Vegas.

"Hello Bugs," she said in a devious tone with an evil looking smile on her face.

"H, h, h, well hello…Coco," stuttered Bugs.

"Sucks to be you right now," muttered Daffy.

"Supportive as always doc," Bugs murmured back.

Keith smiled. "I'll leave you guys to get to know each other a little," and he dashed off.

There was a short silence, until suddenly Coco snapped, "Right!" This startled Daffy and Bugs. "Daffy! You are dismissed! Bugs, I would like to speak with you alone!"

"See ya wouldn't wanna be ya," whispered Daffy cheekily as he gladly ran off.

The two bunnies glared at each other. Bugs nervously gulped.

"Now don't worry," began Coco. "I know I said I would kill you if I ever saw you again, but…I've changed my mind. I decided that would be too easy…instead, I'm going to make your life a living hell."

Bugs swallowed again. "And how exactly do you intend to do that?"

Coco laughed. "Well, considering I am your superior, I can get you to do whatever the hell I want, like...all this paper work that I have to do, which is currently lying on my desk in my office."

"What?" exclaimed Bugs. "I'm not your bitch!"

The female bunny smiled. "Oh but I think you'll find that you are! Otherwise you're fired!" Bugs wanted to hit her, but refrained himself. "Well…what are you waiting for? That paper work won't be done all by itself…off you go to my office," she demanded. This time, Bugs did not bother to protest; instead he reluctantly made his way to the director's office. "Oh and make me a coffee whilst you're at it!" she added.

She smiled deviously as she watched Bugs leave. "Oh why can't people understand, you should never mess with Coco Bunny!"